She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 430: Public Opinion!

Chapter 430: Public Opinion!

Chapter 430: Public Opinion!

Tanya did not know about Karl Moore.

She only knew that they were about to go to court with Hillary.

The next day was Monday. She brought Mia and Brandon to school as usual… As she had stayed with the Smiths last night, Joel personally took the three of them to kindergarten this morning.

At the door, Tanya was a little nervous. "I'll get out of the car first. Don't let the teachers see me!"

Joel stared at her in the driver's seat. "What are you afraid of? Or do you not want to be seen with Mia?"

Upon hearing this, Tanya immediately shook her head. "How could that be?!"

She had just acknowledged her daughter, and she did not want to be separated from her for even a moment.

Joel said, "Then be magnanimous and take your daughter to kindergarten!"

"Alright, then."

Tanya nodded.

The car arrived at the entrance of the kindergarten. Brandon got out of the car first and followed their teacher into the kindergarten. Tanya held Mia's hand and walked in.

When the teachers in the kindergarten saw them, their expressions changed. Someone asked awkwardly, "Ms. Turner, why are you here with Mia?"

Before Tanya could say anything, Mia answered timidly, "Mommy was at my house yesterday!"


This greeting made the other teachers even more puzzled.

They looked at each other and then came to a realization. They forced a smile at Tanya. "Okay, go in."

Tanya thought that the other party's gaze was too ambiguous. She lowered her head and brought Mia into the kindergarten.

Then, she sent Mia to her class and went to the dance studio.

Mia sat in her seat after entering the class.

Pete was worried about Nora, so he did not come to school. Mia sat alone in the corner, small and timid.

The other children kept their distance from her.

The adults at home had told them that Mia was weak and that they definitely couldn't bully her in the kindergarten or get too close.

If anything happened to Mia and her illness acted up, they would be blamed.

Therefore, Mia had always been alone.

It was just that recently, Pete had been closer to her and would bring her along every time they played. Cherry was the class's favorite, and everyone played around her. Therefore, Mia gradually got to play with everyone.

But today, the children were far away from her.

Mia looked at Fawn sitting beside her and said, "Fawn, let's go…"

Before she finished, Fawn waved her hand. "I don't want to. I don't want to play with you. My mother said that you are an ingrate!"

Mia: "???"

She was stunned and looked around in confusion.

All the children seemed to have heard this and began to point at Mia with disdain.

Someone even asked her, "Mia, don't you want your mother anymore? Do you want Ms. Turner to be your mother? Isn't your mother sad to see you like this?"

Mia bit her lip. "But Ms. Turner is my mother…"

However, the five-year-olds could not differentiate the truth at all. They only believed whatever their parents said.

They all began to isolate Mia.

On Mia's side, she was isolated from everyone. After all, she was a child of the Smiths and they didn't dare to bully her. However, Tanya's situation wasn't much better than hers.

After one class in the dance studio, she had no classes for the day, so she went to the office to rest.

Before she could enter, she heard voices coming from inside.

"She looks like a straightforward person. Why is she interfering in someone else's family?"

"Yes, you can't tell from her appearance that she's such a person…"

"Tsk, can a mistress carve the words "mistress" on her face? But Ms. Turner is indeed good-looking. She has the capital…"

"But Mr. Smith is too much. It's bad enough that he cheated on her, but he didn't even let the child's mother see her child. That's too much! Indeed, there are no good people in wealthy families."

"Look, it's on the trending searches again! Hillary has posted on Facebook!"

Tanya narrowed her eyes when she heard this.

She lowered her head and opened Facebook on her phone.

The top trending topic was indeed a long post on Hillary's Facebook. Tanya browsed through it. The other party's general meaning was that Joel had been two-timing back then. After she got pregnant and gave birth to a child, she finally got together with Joel. However, she did not expect the mistress to return and ruin her family. After the man changed his attitude, he became even more ruthless and asked her to go overseas and not meet his daughter again. Tanya even coaxed her daughter to call her "Mommy." Her only request now is to take her daughter away… She only hoped that the court would give her justice.

If someone not in the know saw this, they would definitely scold Tanya and Joel!

Furthermore, as a famous dancer and an artist, Tanya had her own Facebook. She already had more than a million followers.

Hillary had even tagged her, causing many people to privately message her. Some even cursed her to die a horrible death.

Tanya lowered her eyes at the various vicious words.

At that moment, a voice sounded from behind. "Ms. Turner, what are you standing here for?"

With this sentence, the female teachers in the room who had gathered together and were whispering suddenly stopped and looked at the door in surprise.

Seeing that she had been seen through, Tanya walked into the office.

She looked at the female teachers who were talking and their condemning gazes and said directly, "Sometimes, what you see isn't everything. Before you know the truth, I hope you can maintain your rationality. Furthermore, the case is about to start. There will always be an explanation!"

However, it would have been fine if she had not spoken. The moment she did, the righteous teachers began to attack her.

"Ms. Turner, I don't know what kind of emotional entanglements you had with Mr. Smith in the past, and it's true that Mia's mother and Mr. Smith are not married. If you get involved, calling you a third wheel is a little too much. But! You shouldn't have stopped the child's mother from seeing the child!"

"Yes, the child is still young. Do you think you can hide the truth by making her call you Mommy? When she grows up, she'll know who her biological mother is sooner or later."

"Yeah, this is too much…"

"The men in wealthy families are really heartless. If Mr. Smith can treat Mia's mother like this today, wouldn't he treat you like this too in the future when he finds someone else to love?"

"Ms. Turner, it's best to have a conscience."


Hearing those words, Tanya sneered. "Then do you know what the truth is?"