She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 431: Ferment

Chapter 431: Ferment

Chapter 431: Ferment

The truth?

Who would care about the truth at this point?

The teachers curled their lips disdainfully and said nothing.

After all, they had interacted with Mia a lot in school in the past, and Hillary had seemed like a good mother to outsiders.

Hillary hadn't dared to do anything too obvious all these years. At the very least, there was still Joel who had been keeping an eye on her. How would she possibly dare to abuse Mia?

Thus, no one had ever considered that Mia might not be her daughter.

However, these were the wealthy's private affairs. The teachers didn't dare to make overly-arrogant comments, either. After all, Mr. Smith could easily just make them lose their jobs.

Seeing that no one was saying anything anymore, Tanya didn't bother explaining anything else. After all, the fact that Mia was her daughter was a trump card that Joel was saving for the confrontation in court. Should they reveal it now, Karl might make other arrangements, or even straight-up send Hillary away.

Since no one was saying anything anymore, both parties could just live in peace.

In the afternoon, the principal of the kindergarten came up to them. With a worried look on his face, he said, "Ms. Turner, there are a few reporters outside…"


Tanya narrowed her eyes. In the end, she sighed and said, "Forget it. I'll go on leave for the next few days."

The principal was relieved. "Okay. Will you and Mia be leaving together? Or separately?"

Tanya thought for a while. She couldn't rest assured leaving her five-year-old daughter here. Moreover, the two had only just acknowledged each other, so it would be nice to stay at home together for a few days to bond with each other.

Therefore, Tanya replied, "I will leave with Mia."

She entered the classroom and told Mia to come out. Then, she decided to leave quietly from the back door to avoid attracting the attention of the reporters at the front door.

Unexpectedly, the moment she exited the back door, another group of reporters came forward and surrounded her and Mia.

"Ms. Turner, what are your thoughts about being called a mistress on the Internet?"

"Ms. Turner, are you really a third wheel in someone else's relationship?"

"Why are you forbidding the child's mother from visiting her? Don't you think it's too much of you guys to do that?!"

"Ms. Turner, a mother's relationship with her daughter is something you cannot stop or destroy. Mistresses can never completely take the position of a lawful wife! This will not end well for the two of you!"


Tanya frowned and pressed Mia's head against her chest as she hugged her tightly.

In spite of that, a sharp-eyed reporter still spotted her. She immediately pointed the microphone at the child in Tanya's arms, and even reached out and tapped the little girl. "You must be little Mia, right? Little girl, do you not want your mother anymore?"

Mia received a huge fright. There was a timid look in her eyes.

She looked over and glanced at the reporter, but Tanya pressed her head back against her chest. Tanya gave the reporter a warning look and said, "She is just a child. Don't target her!"

The rest of the reporters had moral boundaries to some extent, but that particular reporter remained aggressive. It was obvious at one glance that she had been bribed by Hillary. She sneered, "Are you afraid that the girl will say that she wants her mother if we ask her questions? Is that why you're not even letting her speak? Ms. Turner, you're too arrogant for a mistress!"

Tanya wanted to speak, but Mia, who was in her arms, suddenly lifted her head.

The little girl had always been timid and a pushover, but in this instant, she wanted to protect her mother. She shouted, "I want Daddy and Mommy Tanya! You're not allowed to badmouth Mommy Tanya!"


A child's reaction was the most genuine.

The rest of the reporters were stunned.

However, the same reporter said, "Little girl, where's your conscience? Your mom went through so much to give birth to you after ten months of pregnancy. Are you going to be an ingrate? What exactly did Tanya Turner give you for you to protect her like this?! Or is it because you think that your father is richer and more powerful than your mother, so you want to stay with your father instead? How can you be so practical when you're still a child? Or perhaps, you are being threatened by your father or Ms. Turner?"

Mia had never been questioned like that before. The reporter's questions made her dumbfounded.

Mist formed in her eyes, and she cried out while in tears, "Sob! Don't scold Mommy Tanya anymore!"

Tanya was infuriated.

Seeing that the reporter's microphone was about to jab right into Mia's face, and that there was even a camera filming Mia, she pushed the reporter angrily. Then, she grabbed the camera and smashed it onto the ground!


The camera shattered all over the ground.

At this point, in the distance, the bodyguards and kindergarten security guards, who had sensed something wrong, rushed over and separated Tanya from the reporters.

Tanya stared at the reporter and said, "Don't drag the children in the adults' affairs! I've already said that just now! As for the camera, I will compensate you for it!"

With Mia in her arms, Tanya strode toward the van nearby.

It was only after they got in the car that Tanya finally put Mia down.

The little girl was shaking. Her eyes were all red, and she had tears in them. She asked weakly, "Mommy, did I do something wrong? Why are those people being so fierce to me?"

Her words made Tanya's heart ache.

She thought of the situation just now, and she became so angry that she felt like she was about to explode.

She picked up her phone and dialed Joel's number at once. "Goddammit, I'm going to sue that reporter!"

When Joel heard her swearing, he asked, "What's the matter?"

After Tanya explained what had happened, Joel's voice was even colder than hers. "That reporter is going to jail for life!"

Joel hurried home and arrived just as Tanya and Mia reached home.

It was only when he saw that the two women were safe and sound that he finally breathed a sigh of relief. However, when he saw that both Tanya's and Mia's eyes were all red, Joel's eyes narrowed.

Fortunately, the trial would be commencing the next day, so his wife and daughter would no longer have to suffer such grievances.

He took a deep breath, took a step forward, and put his arms around Tanya's and Mia's shoulders.

He didn't expect the matter to ferment further in the evening, though.

His assistant handed his phone to Joel and showed him the news. When he looked at it, he found that the number one trending topic on social media right now was about that reporter.

The reporter was crying as she looked into the camera. "To cameramen and photographers, the camera is tantamount to their life, as well as their most precious partner. But Ms. Turner smashed my camera so arrogantly. She also said that the Smiths would compensate me for it…

"But they instead sued me after that. If it weren't for a certain someone who helped me out, I would probably be under investigation in the police station right now!

"Even so, I have received a lot of bloody packages in the mail. It is clear that they are threatening me! I am not afraid of threats, and I will fight against the power they hold to the death! I will not succumb to their threats! Even if the power they wield is too arrogant and too fearsome.

"My friends, if you don't see me tomorrow, then it must be because I've been attacked. I don't want to die! Please help me!"

The video's comments section was full of curses.