She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 429: Returning to the Country!

Chapter 429: Returning to the Country!

Chapter 429: Returning to the Country!

Karl Moore came and went quickly.

He had always been an energetic man. He had the loyalty of one from the pugilistic world, and he was also frank and domineering. Being able to become the leader of the assassin organization was enough to prove his personal charm.

Actually, if he did not go against the Smiths, he would still be a respected big shot.

After he left, Joel looked at Justin and the two of them smiled at each other.

Ian looked at them and suddenly smiled. "The two brats are starting to scheme with each other!"

Joel smiled awkwardly. "Uncle Ian, it's not really a scheme."

Justin smiled faintly. The mole at the corner of his eye was glistening, and his appearance gave Ian a headache.

Why was the man so arrogant?

No wonder Nora had even given birth to his child. He indeed had the right to be proud of his looks. Sigh!

As he thought about this, Justin said, "Hillary is overseas. Switzerland is Karl Moore's territory. Only by bringing her back can she be executed."

Karl Moore was an unreasonable person.

Even if Joel told him the truth, he would protect the person he wanted to protect until the end.

Therefore, he might as well beat them at their own game!

As for offending the assassin organization… Ha, Joel and Justin had never considered that!

Hillary had to pay for bullying Mia and Tanya!

Joel smiled at Justin. This smile dispelled all his prejudices and he said directly, "Thank you."

Earlier, if Joel had said to take a step back, Karl Moore might have wondered if he had any suspicious intentions.

However, it was different when Justin suggested it. It was very easy for Karl Moore to trust him.

Justin smiled faintly, hiding his achievements and fame. "You're welcome."

The two men who had competed in the business industry many times had completely reconciled at this moment.

Ian glared at his nephew and could not help but cry in his heart. It's over. The Smiths have been conquered by this man again!


After Karl Moore left the Smiths, a row of people walked into a black car.

On the way, someone asked, "Boss, do you want to show the Smiths and Hunts some face? They actually dare to challenge you?"

Karl Moore instantly slapped the guy's head. "Kid, underestimating your enemy is your greatest mistake! Otherwise, you won't even know what hit you."

The guy shrank his neck and scratched his head. "Aren't they just two very rich families? With Black Cat on our side, we can just make a move and kill the two leaders!"

When Karl Moore heard this, he missed Black Cat a little. "Without Black Cat, I don't even have the confidence to challenge others. Seriously, where did Black Cat go?"

The subordinate was speechless.

They arrived at the hotel where Karl Moore was temporarily staying. As soon as they entered, they saw Jill running around the lobby anxiously.

When she saw him, she immediately walked forward. When she saw the people behind him, her eyes shook. But for her daughter… she mustered up the courage to ask, "How was it?"

Karl Moore said, "Hillary can return to the country. They promised to fight a court case fair and square in the country!"

A court case?

Jill heaved a sigh of relief and then became worried. "Why must we stay here? Isn't it your territory overseas?"

Karl Moore sneered. "It's indeed my territory overseas, but you will receive a court summons here. Whether you go or not is still a question. Anyway, don't worry. They have agreed not to use any tricks or power this time."

With that, he looked at Jill. "As long as it's a fair lawsuit, what are you afraid of? Isn't it only right and proper for a mother to get her child back? Even if the court takes into account the financial power of the Smiths, don't worry. With me around, nothing will happen to the Joneses' financial situation in the future!"

Upon hearing his words, Jill was relieved. "You're right. Hillary wants to return to the country. We can't let that adulterous couple live happily!"

Upon hearing this, Karl Moore looked at Jill and asked, "I heard that Tanya is also your daughter?"

Jill's eyes flickered. "No, she's my elder brother's illegitimate daughter. Back then, no one cared about her, so I adopted her. I didn't expect to raise such an ingrate! Hillary is my biological daughter!"

Karl Moore was enlightened when he heard this.

He had actually investigated Jill. There was less than a year between Tanya and Hillary's birth. Her pregnancy would take ten months, and with a month of confinement, this was too close!

It turned out that Tanya was not her biological daughter. That made sense.

Karl Moore did not care about these questions. Instead, he said, "I've already arranged for someone to bring Hillary back."

He looked at the time. "Your family will be reunited tonight. You don't have to be afraid of the Smiths. Since they promised me, they won't do anything to your family!"

Jill nodded and looked up at Karl Moore pitifully. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Thank you, thank you… Otherwise, we would really be bullied this time. I don't even know what to do…"

Jill was old, but she still had her own way of acting coquettishly.

Karl Moore found it a little strange.

The way she looked when she was young made people dote on her. When she became older, it was a little… disgusting.


Karl Moore moved his gaze away. "Alright, you can go back. Contact me if there's anything! Don't worry, I won't ignore you."

Jill nodded.

At night, Hillary returned home.

As soon as she arrived at the residence, she saw Mr. Jones pacing around anxiously in the living room. When he saw her, he instantly said, "What are you messing around for? For Mia's sake, the Smiths will always take care of our family! If you go against them like this, what will happen in the future if you lose?"

Hillary was scolded by him loudly.

Madam Jones scolded Mr. Jones, "What are you saying about the child? This is our daughter. Are you even human? If you don't care about her, I'll find someone who can compete with the Smiths. I won't let my daughter suffer!"

When Hillary heard this, she threw herself into Madam Jones's arms and cried. "Mom…"

Madam Jones touched Hillary's head. "Alright, alright. After you snatch the child back, go overseas. I believe he can help you."

Hillary nodded, but she was a little anxious. "But Mom, what if we lose this case?"


Jill shook her head. "How could we lose? After all, we already have the upper hand in public opinion!"

Hillary was taken aback.

Public opinion?