She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 428: Two Men Working Together

Chapter 428: Two Men Working Together

Chapter 428: Two Men Working Together

Nora flipped over in annoyance. She buried her head in the pillow angrily and covered her ears.

Cherry and Pete, who were sitting on the sofa in the room, instantly fell silent.

The characters in Cherry's game didn't dare to move anymore, as if they were afraid of disturbing her.

In fact, Pete did not even dare to write the Mathematical Olympiad questions as he was afraid that the sound of the pen rubbing against the paper would disturb his mother.

When Justin, who was sitting beside the two children, saw this scene, he lowered his eyes and suddenly stood up.

When he stood up, Cherry and Pete looked at him simultaneously and immediately made a "shh" gesture. It was as if even Justin's action of standing up would disturb Nora.

Justin did not think that the two children's performance was too exaggerated. Instead, he lightened his footsteps and slowly walked to the door. He bent down and opened the door before closing it again.

They did not know how he did it, but he did not make a sound at all.

After he left, the noise outside became even louder.

Karl Moore's voice was very loud, and the people standing behind him were all very powerful. They all stared at him.

Ian and Joel's expressions stiffened.

Ian said slowly, "Are you sure you want to fall out?"

Karl Moore snorted. "You're the ones who didn't give me face!"

Joel's voice became even colder. "I can give you face in other matters, but not in this matter!"

Tanya and Mia had just reunited. How could he give Mia to Hillary?!

The Smiths were not to be trifled with either!

If they had the ability, they could just come at them.

After saying that, he casually held Ian's wheelchair. Before Ian could speak, he slowly said, "Mr. Karl Moore, this is New York. Do you think this is a place where you can behave so atrociously?"

With this sentence, a few bodyguards and people from the dark forces hidden in the Smiths' servants slowly stood up and surged into the living room.

The group of people placed their hands on their waists. It was obvious what was inside.

Karl Moore narrowed his eyes.

He smiled without a trace of fear. "The entire assassin organization knows that I'm here. If I don't leave, do you think they will let the Smiths off?"

Joel was still smiling, but that smile did not reach his eyes.

Karl Moore sensed Ian and Joel's true killing intent and became vigilant. "Heh, we assassins will not be threatened by the small Smiths!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a deep voice suddenly sounded. "What if we include the Hunts?"

With that, the people in the room looked up in unison and saw Justin slowly walking down the corridor.

As he was at home, he did not wear a suit jacket.

He was wearing a black shirt and a black tie. Coupled with his black pants… he was dressed fully in black. He had one hand in his pocket and the other hanging casually by his side.

He looked arrogant as he came downstairs.

Joel and Ian looked at each other.

Karl Moore had come to the Smiths to settle Hillary's scores. It could be said that he was only here to look for Joel. However, because Joel was the head of the Smiths, it was inevitable that the family would be implicated.

The two of them knew that Justin was upstairs.

However, in this kind of direct confrontation with the assassin organization, they did not expect the Hunts to appear!

After all!

The Hunts were also a large family, and it did not belong to Justin alone!

Moreover, Justin was not engaged to Nora yet. Even if he interfered and became a messenger or a mediator between them, it was more appropriate for him not to offend Karl Moore directly.

However, neither Ian nor Joel expected that he would actually stand on their side and fight against Karl Moore!

Justin was not afraid of Karl Moore at all.

Or rather, Justin had a trump card, so he was not afraid of him.

Ian narrowed his eyes.

Joel's fox-like eyes revealed his deep thoughts.

They had long heard that Justin was just the head of the Hunts. Therefore, although the Smiths and Hunts were two large families with equal strength in New York, the Smiths had never had the intention to suppress the Hunts.

Someone had even warned them.

Even if they offended the Hunt Corporation, they shouldn't offend Justin!

As he was thinking, Karl Moore was stunned. "Mr. Hunt, why are you here?"

Justin went downstairs and walked to Ian and Joel's side step by step. He no longer had the arrogance he had when he faced Karl Moore earlier. He first called out, "Uncle Ian, Brother Joel."

Then, he looked at Karl Moore. "Because my fiancée is here."

Karl Moore was speechless.

Justin asked again, "Are you sure the assassin organization wants to become enemies with both the Smiths and the Hunts?"

Karl Moore thought about it carefully and frowned.

Of course, he did not want to make enemies of the two most powerful families in New York, but he had to return the favor for Jill.

After all, he was still someone who had tender feelings for the fairer sex.

Jill was crying like a pear blossom bathed in rain in front of his eyes. When he thought of how the two of them had been affectionate for a period of time many years ago, he snorted and looked up.

Seeing that he was about to say something that would shatter the relations between the three sides, Justin suddenly said, "Actually, Mr. Karl Moore, why don't we each take a step back?"

Karl Moore froze.

Justin glanced at Joel.

As the two men looked at each other, they understood each other's thoughts.

It turned out that they had thought of the same thing.

Joel nodded imperceptibly. Justin took a step forward and said, "The face of the Hunts and Smiths is enough to make Mr. Karl Moore take a step back, right?"

Karl Moore thought for a moment. "What do you propose?"

Justin said, "Why don't we leave this case over to the court to handle? Our two families promise not to use our power. We'll hire the best lawyers and fight a fair lawsuit in court! In the end, the court will determine who the child belongs to. Of course, this way, the Joneses will definitely have the right to visit."

Karl Moore pondered this for a moment.

He had come here today because Jill had said that the Smiths had suppressed them with their power, so they did not even have a chance to sue them.

Justin's words made sense.

He picked up the gun on the table. "Alright, let's do that! But even in New York, the influence of an assassin is unimaginable to you. Mr. Smith, Mr. Hunt, I hope you keep your word! I'll go back now and get Hillary to return to the country to prepare for a lawsuit."