She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 427: Another Identity~

Chapter 427: Another Identity~

Chapter 427: Another Identity~

Joel glanced at the mother and daughter sleeping on the bed. At this moment, the anger in his heart had reached its peak.

Last night, he counted that Tanya had woken up six times. Each time, it took more than half an hour before she could fall asleep again.

Compared to her… Mia had always been by his side, and he had never been neglected.

But what about Tanya?

How painful must her five years of psychological torture have been?!

Joel clenched his fists tightly. He regretted sending Hillary overseas yesterday, causing her to fall into Karl Moore's hands. Otherwise, she would be living a life worse than death right now.

He retracted his gaze and gently went out. After closing the door, he went downstairs.

In the living room downstairs.

Karl Moore was sitting on the sofa in a black suit. There was a tattoo on the back of his hand, and it was obvious that it spread up to his arm.

He was wearing sunglasses and was tall and strong. One could tell with just a look that he was from the mafia.

At this moment, he was sizing up the Smiths' house and said to the person beside him, "No wonder Black Cat insisted on returning to the country. Look, it's still better in the country. The renovations are very exquisite!"

Black Cat was the top mysterious expert in their assassin organization.

Karl Moore had never seen Black Cat before. He had only posted assassination missions on the Internet. Black Cat had very high requirements for assassination missions.

Black Cat would not kill if it was inconvenient.

The troublesome ones were not killed.

Those who did not commit heinous crimes were not killed.

Black Cat would not kill those who did not deserve to die.

Whether the person should die depended on Black Cat's personal judgment.

If it were anyone else, Karl Moore would have tamed such a troublesome killer long ago. But this person was Black Cat, the number one killer in their organization.

Three years ago, a triad organization appeared in Burundi. Wherever they went, not a blade of grass survived. They raped, killed, and plundered. They did not even let women and children off. It could be said that they committed all kinds of crimes!

They had a powerful armed force and occupied the land of kings. The people in that area were suffering.

At that time, the government was at a loss about this powerful armed force. They had tried to attack it a few times but were defeated. In the end, they had no choice but to post a kill order on the assassination network.

The reward for killing the organization's leader was in millions.

It was not much money, but it had attracted many people to go on missions. However, none of them returned.

At that time, Karl Moore had not planned to take on the mission in the Assassin Organization. After all, the mission was too difficult and almost impossible to complete. However, Black Cat in their organization had privately accepted this mission.

Karl Moore felt that Black Cat was dead meat.

In the end! Black Cat entered that organization alone, took the other party's head, and then retreated unscathed! Furthermore, even now, that assassination was a mysterious affair.

That was because no one knew how Black Cat had killed the other party. They only vaguely heard from the other party that Black Cat was American.

As for whether it was a man or a woman, they did not see clearly.

It was also the battle with Black Cat that allowed the assassins to gain a foothold internationally!

From then on, although Karl Moore was an honorary leader, he was extremely respectful to Black Cat. The entire organization followed his orders.

That was… until three months ago, when Black Cat suddenly said that they wanted to return to the country to settle some matters, and told everyone not to disturb them. Then, Black Cat disappeared without a trace.

Karl Moore decided to bring his subordinates back to New York. Firstly, he wanted to see if he could find out who Black Cat was. Secondly, he wanted to tour his hometown again.

Unexpectedly, they bumped into Hillary…

As he was thinking, Joel and Ian walked out at the same time.

When he saw Ian, Joel consciously stood behind him. Karl Moore was also stunned. "You're still alive?"

This familiar tone…

Joel looked at Ian and saw that although Uncle Ian looked thin, his aura was astonishing. He sat steadily in the wheelchair and retorted, "You're not even dead yet. How would I dare to die? How dare you bully us Smiths?"

When he heard this, Karl Moore chuckled. "What are you talking about? What bullying? I'm just stepping up for the Joneses. You guys are too much. Why can't they see their child?"

Ian did not answer. It was obvious that he already knew everything.

He said slowly, "Why are you helping them?"

When Karl Moore heard this, he frowned. "Ah, because I owe Jill a favor."

Jill was Hillary and Tanya's mother.

Because after she married the Joneses, everyone had always called her Madam Jones. Therefore, Joel only realized who this person was after a while.

He frowned and heard Ian laugh. "Love debt?"

Karl Moore coughed. "Damn, I was just playing back then. Who knew that she would take it seriously? Since I broke her innocence and left, I have to help my old lover this time."

Ian's lips twitched. "You're giving face to your old lover, but not to me?"

Karl Moore immediately said, "Over the years, I've given you a lot of face. Over the years, I've never touched the Smiths. Even if someone offered a high price, I never accepted an assassination! Now, give me some face and sit down to discuss this matter!"

He leaned forward and said, "The Joneses aren't a wealthy family. You gave them a way out. So what? If you ask me, let your nephew marry her daughter! What love? Young man, at my age, you'll realize that love is useless!"

Joel: "…That's impossible."

Karl Moore hesitated for a moment. "Then… worst-case scenario—you give her the child. At least she'll have someone to rely on."

Joel explained, "There's something else going on. Listen to me…"

"Slam!" Almost as soon as he said this, Karl Moore slapped the table, revealing a gun. He said aggressively, "What? I don't have time to listen to your chatter. Let me ask you something. Do the Smiths not intend to give face to the Assassin Organization?"

After offending such a person, their safety in the future would be uncertain.

Joel narrowed his eyes. Before they could collide, Ian sneered. "Karl Moore, you're so arrogant. Do you think I can't use my gun because I'm weak now?"

Karl Moore was not afraid at all. "Brother, I'm sorry this time! There's nothing I can do about it. I really owe Jill too much, so she asked me to do this. I don't care what secrets you have, but you have to give me face today!

Unless Black Cat is here, there's no room for negotiation!!"

In the bedroom upstairs.

Perhaps it was because the commotion downstairs was a little loud, but Nora frowned slightly in her sleep.

Black Cat…

Who the hell was shouting her code name non-stop?! It was so annoying! How could she sleep!