She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 426: A Family of Three!

Chapter 426: A Family of Three!

Chapter 426: A Family of Three!

Justin had said that he had important information to tell Joel and Tanya.

Furthermore, the moment he entered, he pointed out that Tanya had been hiding something from Joel. Then, was that important matter the whereabouts of their child?!

Joel suddenly understood.

Justin sat by the side and watched the two of them confess to each other.

He did not know what had happened. He could only resolve the misunderstanding between Tanya and Joel before speaking the truth.

Seeing that the two of them were almost done talking and that Tanya was crying so badly, Justin touched his nose and hurriedly said, "Don't be in a hurry to cry… I have good news here."

If Nora woke up and found out that he had made her best friend cry for so long, she would definitely beat him up.

Tanya and Joel were still in a sad state. They opened their eyes and looked at him in confusion.

Justin coughed. "It was Nora who felt that something was wrong. She secretly took Tanya's DNA samples to compare with Mia's DNA…"

Joel and Tanya widened their eyes.

At this moment, Joel finally understood Justin's meaning!

Tanya was also surprised and anxious. Why was Nora comparing her and Mia's DNA?!

As she was thinking about this, she heard Justin continue, "You two are mother and daughter."


Tanya's mind exploded.

She looked at Justin in disbelief and felt that she recognized every word he said, but when she put them together, why could she suddenly not understand?

Wasn't Mia Hillary's daughter?

How could she be her daughter?

While she was in a daze, Joel narrowed his eyes and said sternly, "No wonder Hillary didn't appear when she was pregnant back then. In the end, she suddenly appeared in front of me with a child."

He looked at Tanya and said, "That night, I was the one who had drunk too much and was schemed against! In the hotel, she insisted that I had sex with her… In my head, the person that night was actually you… But when I woke up, Hillary was by my side instead."

Before he could finish, Tanya suddenly reacted. "Are you talking about October 25, six years ago?"

Joel was stunned and nodded. "Yes."

Tanya bit her lip. "That night, it was me…"

Joel was surprised.

Tanya's expression was a little unnatural when she mentioned that night. "Later on, when you were still asleep in the morning, my mother sent me a message asking me to come home. She said she had something to tell me, so I went back…"

When she returned home, she realized that it was a foreign acceptance letter.

Immediately after, she had taken out a photo of Tanya and Joel sleeping together and handed it to her. She had told her, "I told you long ago that your identity is not suitable for you to be with Mr. Smith! Only the eldest daughter of the Joneses has the right to become Mrs. Smith! Mr. Smith is just playing with you! Since you're my daughter, I'll remind you not to be treated as a plaything!"

At that time, she was stunned when she saw the photo. She called Joel, but she did not expect that Hillary would pick up his phone. "What are you doing? He's still sleeping."

Tanya was furious.

Two hours later, she called Joel, but his attitude was very cold.

She asked, "What am I to you?"

He sneered. "What am I to you? Tanya, we both know that you're not that important to me!"

At that time, Tanya's heart was in ashes as she left the country.

Joel was stunned. He thought about it carefully and knew that he had fallen into a trap. "When I woke up and realized that the person beside me was Hillary, I was shocked. I wanted to look for you and explain everything, but I saw the application form for your overseas study on Hillary's phone."

He was silent for a moment before saying, "Hillary told me that everything you did was to use me to go overseas."

At that time, he was young and impulsive. Just as he was looking at the application, he received a call from Tanya.

However, he had not expected Tanya to question her position in his heart so confidently over a phone call.

He also wanted to ask this question!

Later on, he watched helplessly as Tanya left the country without turning back. He believed Hillary even more and did not look for Tanya over the years.

Now that he thought about it…

It was obvious that he and Tanya had fallen into the other party's trap!!

Joel was momentarily vexed. How could he be so easily deceived? However, he did not expect that Hillary, who was only twenty years old back then, would do such a thing!

Tanya and Joel looked at each other.

After a moment, Tanya suddenly pushed him away and ran downstairs.

Joel knew what she was going to do, so he looked at Justin first and said slowly, "I'll remember this favor."

If it weren't for Justin, Tanya would have been afraid that Joel would be sad because of the child and would not have told him. But if Tanya hadn't told him, he probably wouldn't have imagined in his life that Mia was his and Tanya's daughter!

After all, how could he know that Tanya had given birth to a child for him?!

Justin nodded and Joel followed him downstairs.

Sure enough, he could already hear the cries downstairs. He went downstairs and saw Ian watching by the side. "Little brat, did you bully the little girl? Why is she suddenly crying so miserably while hugging Mia?"

Joel looked at the mother and daughter hugging each other.

Tanya was crying so hard that she couldn't speak. Mia, on the other hand, was frightened by her appearance. She looked at her with wide eyes, but she still reached out and patted her back, feeling helpless.

Joel's eyes turned red as well.

He took a step forward and said to Mia, "Mia, this is your mother."

Mia was stunned for a moment before nodding. "I know. Ms. Tanya will be my mother from now on."

When Joel saw the child's ignorance, his heart ached even more.

He reached out and hugged Tanya and Mia. "No, she's the mother who gave birth to you! Your biological mother!"

Mia didn't really understand this, but she still cried. "Mommy, don't cry. Don't cry…"

When she started crying, Tanya stopped crying immediately. She hugged Mia and said with tears in her eyes, "I won't cry. Mia, don't cry. I'm Mommy. Mommy loves you…"

She gently kissed Mia's cheek.

Ian was confused.

That night, Tanya hugged Mia and fell asleep. Joel was guarding the sofa in the room worriedly. He could see Tanya suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and staring at Mia for a while before hugging her tightly and falling asleep again…

It was a fear and unease of again losing what she had regained after so many hardships.

The next day, Joel was woken up by a soft knock on the door.

He walked out gently and heard the butler say, "Sir, Mr. Karl Moore is here!"

Karl Moore?

Joel narrowed his eyes.

Even if he had not come himself today, Joel was going to look for him!

Hillary had stolen his child. She had to pay the price!