She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 425: Our Child...

Chapter 425: Our Child...

Chapter 425: Our Child...

When he forced Tanya to accept Mia, he no longer had the right to criticize her.

Even if he had never let any woman near him in the past five years!

He suddenly felt frustrated.

At this moment, he wanted to know who this man was who had been with Tanya. He wished he could capture him and beat him up.

With this thought in mind, he looked at Tanya.

He suddenly understood how Tanya must have felt when he and Hillary had gotten together back then.

After five years, he was with Tanya again and was still so sad and jealous, let alone her back then.

That was why she had decided to leave and go overseas, right?

Perhaps she had not gone overseas simply to pursue her dream of dancing. She had been hurt by him!

When Joel thought of this, his chest tightened even more.

He had been with her through junior high, high school, and university…

He had originally thought that the two of them would walk from their school uniforms to their wedding gowns, from their black hair to their white hair. He did not expect that they would go off track halfway.

When they returned to the same path, he had Mia, and she had another child.

Their love was no longer as perfect as before.

But he couldn't mind.

He did not even dare to ask Tanya if she had liked that man when she had a change of heart midway, only to like him again now.

He did not dare to ask, afraid that he would be dissatisfied with the answer.

He only knew that they had to be together, no matter what.

With this in mind, he walked towards Tanya.

Tanya was also in a daze. When she saw Joel walking over, her expression turned grave and she felt even more guilty. However, just as she thought Joel would question her, she heard him say, "Who is that man?"

Tanya: "?"

She was stunned and looked at Joel in confusion.

Joel sighed. "If you don't want to say it, then forget it. I'll try my best not to mind."

At this point, he turned his head away and did not look into Tanya's eyes. "Where is your child…? You can bring him over. I'll treat him as my own, just like… how you treat Mia… Even if I can't be sincere, I'll still work hard…"

Tanya: "!!!"

She finally understood what Joel meant and could not help but laugh.

As she smiled, tears welled up in her eyes.

This man, this silly man, actually thought that she had another man?

She thought of the past five years. Although she was alone overseas, she had interacted with many aristocrats because she was a dancer.

She did not lack suitors among those people.

But she had never accepted any of them.

At first, she had told herself, she had lost her child and had no right to start a new life. It was a form of punishment.

But it was only now that she realized that it was not because she did not want to look for a man. It was because, with someone in her heart, she could no longer look at anyone else.

Those aristocrats were all very outstanding, but she was blinded by Joel and could not see anyone else.

She looked at Joel with red eyes.

When Joel saw her like this, his heart ached even more.

How did that man hurt her? Was it so painful to recall?

He grabbed Tanya's arm and said in pain and anger, "Why did you split up? Did he hurt you?"

Tanya shook her head.

"Did he have a change of heart?"

Tanya continued to shake her head.

Joel was anxious. "Did you have a change of heart? What happened? Did he bully you? Tell me who he is and I'll kill him!"

Tanya still shook her head, but the smile on her face grew wider.

She said, "No, no. There's no such person."

Her voice was choked.

Joel was stunned. "There's no such person? Then your child…"

Tanya's cries became even louder. She looked at Joel and knew that she could no longer hide the child's existence.

However, she did not want to make Joel sad with her.

She clenched her fists. "Calm down. Listen to me."

Joel was extremely anxious, but when he saw Tanya's tear-stained face, he knew that he could not be anxious. He took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll calm down. Tell me, what's going on with that man and the child?"

Tanya looked at him and lowered her head again. She slowly said, "There's no other man… It's you. It has always been you!"

Joel froze on the spot.

He looked at Tanya in a daze.

A ridiculous thought suddenly occurred to him. "If it's me, then that child…"

Tanya looked at him and closed her eyes. Large tears rolled down her face again. "The child is yours."

It was his…

These three words stunned Joel.

Surprise surged in his heart as he grabbed Tanya. "You gave birth to my child? Our child?"

At this moment, he was as happy as a child.

He asked anxiously, "Where's the child? Where is he?"

When the two of them were together back then, they had once imagined what would happen if they had a child in the future. As it turned out, they really had a child!

But he did not expect that while he was wild with joy, Tanya would still have her eyes closed. Her tears rolled down her face like broken pearls. She did not speak.

Joel's ecstasy gradually calmed down. He looked at Tanya and finally sensed something strange.

They were already together. Why didn't Tanya tell him they had a child?

Also, when he asked if she could be Mia's mother, why did she resist and not say anything…

He pursed his lips and his heart suddenly sank. "That child…"

"…I lost our child."

Tanya said those words with difficulty as her tears flowed even more violently. She opened her eyes and sobbed as she shouted, "After I gave birth, I lost the child before I could even see the child clearly. I don't even know if our child is a girl or a boy!"

"I'm sorry… I didn't protect our child well! I feel guilty when I'm with you! Why should I be happy? I don't even know if my child is dead or alive…"

Following her words, Joel suddenly reached out and hugged her.

At this moment, Joel felt his heart ache so much that he could barely breathe.

How painful Tanya must have been all these years!

It was one thing to suffer through the pain of looking for her child every day, but to have to face his and Hillary's daughter after returning to the country.

Especially when he said that he wanted Tanya to become Mia's mother.

Mia's mother…

Joel suddenly thought of something and looked at Justin.