She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 424: Tanya, You Had a Child Once.

Chapter 424: Tanya, You Had a Child Once.

Chapter 424: Tanya, You Had a Child Once.

Could he reject his obedient granddaughter's request?

The answer was no.

Ian's lips twitched as he glared at Joel.

The news of Justin standing outside the door was reported to him by the butler when he came in. Cherry and Pete did not know at all.

During dinner, Cherry even looked at the door curiously and asked, "Why isn't Daddy here yet?"

Ian said coldly, "He's probably busy with work."

Cherry was still a little unhappy. "Okay~"

Ian took the opportunity to brainwash her. "It's most irresponsible of a parent to ignore the child when they're busy. Let's not like him anymore, okay?"

Cherry's eyes widened when she heard this.

Then, she looked at Ian and retorted, "Grandpa, I can't do that."

Ian was curious. "Why?"

Cherry sighed. "Mommy has been busy sleeping since we were young. She's even more irresponsible. At least Daddy spends twice as much time with me every day than Mommy does!"

Ian: "!!"

He had never seen the way Nora interacted with the two children. He did not expect that he would also have to bring his daughter into this.

At that time, he could only change the topic forcefully. "Yes, what I said just now was just a test for you. I didn't expect our Cherry to be so smart. You actually passed Grandpa's test."

Cherry immediately looked up and smiled. Her big black eyes swept past Pete. "Pete, did you see that? Grandpa doesn't like Daddy and wants to badmouth Daddy. I'm the best! He can't even say anything about Daddy!"

Pete: "…"

He sighed silently. He kept wondering ever since Cherry came home, why had the tyrant and this grandfather, who was rumored to be very serious, become so childish?

Ian had been hiding it from Cherry and did not tell her.

Moreover, he did not feel guilty at all. How dare Justin secretly tell her not to like her Sponsor Grandpa?!

However, now that Cherry had heard Joel's words, Ian could not stop her. Otherwise, wouldn't he become a bad grandfather?

Ian could only say to the butler indignantly, "Invite him in."

The butler glanced at Joel and left with a smile.

Joel was already the head of the Smiths now. After all, Ian had been on his deathbed in the past and had not cared about the family's matters at all.

However, Ian's wish was Joel's command.

When everyone saw how respectful Joel was to Ian, they did not dare to disrespect Ian either.

Soon, Justin entered.

Wearing a black suit, he walked in steadily. After entering, he greeted Ian respectfully, "Uncle Ian."

Ian snorted and looked at Joel. "Joel, the guest is here. Treat him well."

He looked like he wanted to ignore him.

Justin rubbed his nose awkwardly and looked at Cherry.

Cherry had already run over excitedly and hugged his leg. "Daddy, why are you just getting here now?! Didn't you agree to sleep here tonight? I'm still waiting for you to tuck me in!"

When she said this, Justin looked at Ian. When he saw Ian's eyes flicker, he chuckled softly and said, "Yes, Daddy was busy with work."

He did not expose Ian's lie.

This made Ian feel a little better. Then, he saw Justin looking at him mischievously. "As for sleeping with you tonight…"

He drawled, his eyes questioning.

Ian coughed and looked at the butler. "Have you prepared the guest room?"

The butler held in his laughter. "I've already prepared it. It's next to Miss Nora's room. The room is very big and comfortable."

Ever since Yvonne was arrested and Nora's identity as Ian's daughter was exposed, the people in the family had accepted Nora as the eldest daughter.

Ian waved her hand. "Alright, Joel. Take the guest upstairs to have a look."

Joel smiled as well. He let Mia play downstairs and took Justin upstairs. Halfway there, he looked at Tanya. "Tanya, you come too."

Tanya looked up in confusion and subconsciously stood up to follow him upstairs.

Ian couldn't help but say, "You guys have just reunited. Aren't you two being too mushy?"

Tanya's face couldn't help but turn red.

Joel coughed and smiled. "Uncle Ian, please understand."

Ian: "…"

Why was this kid's skin so thick?!

When the three of them went upstairs, Justin did not go to the guest room immediately.

Joel pointed to his study. "Chat in the study?"

Justin nodded. When they passed by Nora's room, he suddenly gestured for them to keep quiet and then gently opened the door.

The curtains in the room were drawn, and the light was dim.

The temperature in the room had also been adjusted very well. The woman on the bed was still asleep and did not move at all.

Justin approached her and checked her breathing and pulse. After confirming that Nora was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He covered her with a blanket and went out.

Seeing him tiptoeing as if he was afraid of waking Nora up, Joel and Tanya at the door were speechless.

The corners of Tanya's mouth twitched. "Mr. Hunt, Nora is sleeping so well. Even if the sky collapses, it probably won't wake her up. You don't have to be so… cautious?"

Justin didn't mind. "It's better to be gentle. Otherwise, she'll hear the noise in her sleep."

Tanya: "…"

Alright, he was of noble status. Whatever he says.

The three of them then followed Joel to the study.

In the study.

The housekeeper, Lucy, had already prepared tea. Joel looked at Justin. "Have you eaten dinner?"

Justin looked at him silently.

Brother-in-law, he had come over during lunchtime and had been kept outside the door. Didn't Joel know if he had eaten dinner or not?!

Joel coughed. "Go prepare some food for Mr. Hunt."

Lucy nodded.

After Lucy left, Joel saw Justin drinking tea and couldn't help but ask anxiously, "Tell me quickly. What's the matter?"

Tanya looked at him in confusion.

Justin drank a cup of tea before saying slowly, "Miss Tanya, you had a child overseas, right?"

His words were like a tidal wave. Joel looked at Tanya in disbelief, only to see that Tanya's eyes had also widened in shock.

She clenched her fists tightly.

This was her secret. Why did Justin say it out loud?

When he saw her like this, Joel's mind instantly started racing.

He lowered his eyes and smiled bitterly.

So in the past five years, Tanya had already had a boyfriend overseas?

However, he had no intention of blaming her.

After all, he had a child too, didn't he?