She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 423: Mia Is Tanya's Daughter!

Chapter 423: Mia Is Tanya's Daughter!

Chapter 423: Mia Is Tanya's Daughter!

In the limousine.

As Lawrence drove, he looked at his boss in the rearview mirror and vaguely felt that he was a little pitiful.

When had the famous Justin ever been rejected?

He sighed silently.

Ever since he got together with Miss Smith, Mr. Hunt had shown him his most patient side.

At this moment, Mr. Hunt was not in a hurry. He was still playing with his phone.

Lawrence almost couldn't help it and drove away!

It was so embarrassing to wait outside the door!

How could he know that Justin was hacking into Nora's email?

His slender fingers pressed on his phone with agility. He was about to enter Nora's email when he was suddenly blocked. The screen almost turned black.


Justin stared at the arrogant red words "get lost" and couldn't help but laugh.

Very good. It was her style.

However, the encryption measures in her inbox were really impressive. Perhaps only Q could do it.

He could not guess how she knew Q. How could she get Q to encrypt one of her mailboxes?

Justin smiled and decided to give up on attacking her email.

Otherwise, she would probably be angry when she woke up and realized that her email had been hacked.

He picked up his phone and called Lily.

The call was picked up quickly. Lily's formulaic voice came through. "Hello, this is Lily. May I know who you are?"


Lily was startled. "Boss's husband?"

Justin: "???"

Lily coughed and corrected him. "No, it's Mr. Hunt. It's so late, why are you calling?"

Justin raised his eyebrows.

Boss's husband? Was this his nickname now?

It actually made him a little happy.

Joy flashed across his deep eyes. He felt that Nora's assistant was very perceptive. He said slowly, "Nora asked you to produce a DNA report two days ago. What was the result?"

Lily subconsciously said, "I'll only report to Boss."

Justin: "?"

Just as he frowned, he heard Lily's tone change. "But your identity is special, so I can tell you. I'll only tell you~"

Justin smiled. "… Go ahead."

"The DNA results show that the two test subjects are confirmed to be mother and daughter."

Justin raised his eyebrows.

He didn't expect Nora to be right.

He lowered his eyes and said slowly, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mr. Hunt. Just let me know if you need anything."

After hanging up, Justin thought for a moment and called Sean again. "Five years ago, how was the investigation going on overseas?"

Back then, Nora had investigated her DNA and when he found out about her suspicions, he had said that he could help her investigate Hillary from five years ago.

Even if the DNA showed that Tanya and Mia were mother and daughter, they still had to provide enough evidence to prove that Hillary had stolen the child.

Justin handed the matter to Sean.

After all, it was five years ago. Furthermore, it was in Switzerland, so it was not as fast as investigating in the country.

Sean replied, "Give me another 12 hours and I'll have the answers."


After hanging up, Justin played with his phone.

He could not wait 12 hours to tell Joel such important news. Otherwise, how could he use it as a tactic?

Moreover, judging him by his own standards, it was as if he did not know that he had a daughter back then. He would definitely want to hear this news as soon as possible.

Therefore, he sent Joel a message: "Brother-in-law, let me in. I have an important message for you and Miss Tanya."

"Mr. Smith, we found some clues!"

Joel was on the phone at this moment. The assistant opposite him was in Switzerland, so the investigation was a little slow.

His eyes were cold, and his usual smile was gone. He glanced at Tanya, who was playing with Mia, and said simply, "Speak."

"Hillary did indeed receive help from others to sue you in Switzerland. Moreover, the Joneses' attitude suddenly became domineering after going overseas. They said that they will fight this lawsuit to the end with us!"

Joel's gaze turned even colder. "Whose help did they receive?"

The assistant said a name. "Karl Moore."

Joel narrowed his eyes.

Of course, he knew this person.

Karl Moore was an American Chinese.

Currently, the underground forces in Switzerland were very large, so he was very famous overseas. His name was often heard in the country.

Although the Smiths and Hunts were the top families which controlled the economic lifeline in the country, internationally, their impacts were still a little small.

But Karl Moore was different.

They were mercenaries, and the people in their team were all retired special forces from Switzerland. They privately accepted difficult missions, such as assassinations.

The name of their organization could be translated to "Assassin."

Ever since the organization was established, none of the assassination plans had failed!

They were an assassin allIance exceptionally vigilant in the world!

Therefore, the Swiss people maintained a good relationship with them. Even the major families in the country were wary of this organization.

Karl Moore was the leader of the organization. Whether the organization accepted the assassination mission or not was entirely up to him.

The Joneses had nothing to do with such a person. Why was he suddenly protecting them?

Joel frowned. "Why is he helping them?"

The other party might not even take a liking to the Joneses if they packed all their assets and gave them to Karl Moore. Furthermore, they were going against the Smiths. Karl Moore had always shown the Smiths respect.

The assistant said, "I'm still investigating."

Joel's gaze turned colder. "Yes. Investigate all that you can. If you can't, tell Karl Moore that the Smiths respect him, but we're not afraid of him! There's no room for negotiation regarding the child!"

The assistant took a deep breath. "Yes!"

After hanging up, Joel saw Justin's message and slowly frowned.

He had important news to tell him and Tanya?

He was probably telling him that he wanted to enter the house.

But if he was including Tanya… then something must have happened.

Could it be related to the email Nora had mentioned before she fainted?

He looked at Ian and said, "Uncle Ian, let's allow Mr. Hunt in."

Ian said unhappily, "No."

In the afternoon, when he gave Cherry tips, Justin had been suppressing him and had insisted on competing with him for the first place on the list. This made him even more unhappy.

Does he want to marry his daughter? Ha.

Joel looked at Cherry, and the little fellow immediately ran to Ian. "Grandpa, Grandpa~ Let Daddy in. I miss Daddy~"

Ian: "…"