She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 422: DNA Report~

Chapter 422: DNA Report~

Chapter 422: DNA Report~

Everyone in the comments was laughing at her.

"Your wealthy grandfather must have found another dog. He doesn't love you anymore!"

"Hahaha, I'm suddenly very happy to see the host down."

"Sponsor Grandpa must be tired of you, right? All the big bosses are like this."


Cherry wilted. She pouted and stopped talking.

When Ian saw her like this, his heart ached badly. He quickly took out his phone and secretly charged it. Then, while the others were not paying attention, he quickly went to Cherry's live-stream and sent her gifts.

The overwhelming gifts suddenly covered the entire screen.

When Cherry saw that the person giving the gift was her Sponsor Grandpa, her eyes lit up.

She shouted happily, "My Sponsor Grandpa is here!"

Ian had surpassed second place and become first. He was satisfied.

However, just as he put down his phone, Justin, who was standing behind him, suddenly took out his phone and tipped a hundred gifts. The rankings instantly changed again.

Ian: "…"

Justin said, "Cherry, you can't let an outsider control your emotions. Whatever others have, Daddy will give it to you."

Cherry immediately looked up at him. "Thank you, Daddy!"


After Justin tipped the gifts, he put down his phone. For some reason, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere in the living room seemed a little off.

How much colder was it?

He composed himself and looked over. He realized that Ian was emitting coldness and looking at him gloomily.

Justin: "?"

He hesitated for a moment and asked, "Uncle Ian, what's wrong?"

Ian sneered. "Mr. Hunt, are you very free today?"

Justin: "…So-so, I guess."

Ian said, "Butler, Mr. Hunt still has to handle the company's matters. How can we keep him here at home for such a small matter? Quickly take him to work!"

Justin: !!

Confused, he looked at Joel pleadingly. However, not only did his brother-in-law not help, he even turned his head to look elsewhere. His eyes, which were usually smiling, were now gloating?

Joel really felt good.

He and Justin governed New York's economic lifeline. The two of them often interacted with each other and were both powerful people.

When had he ever seen him so aggrieved?

It felt… good.

When Justin saw that he was silent, and since Ian was the head of this family, he had to listen.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with Nora's body, he simply said, "Alright, I'll come and see Nora again tonight."

Ian snorted. "Nora is fine. You don't have to visit her so often. When she wakes up, she will contact you!"

Justin: "…"

He grimaced and looked at Pete. "Then I'll come and see Pete tonight."


Ian was stunned when he heard this. He turned to look at Pete, who had been sitting quietly the entire time. When he saw his face, he was stunned.

Why did Pete look exactly like Cherry?

While he was in a daze, Justin smiled brightly. "Uncle Ian, I forgot to tell you that Pete and Cherry are my and Nora's children."

He paused and added, "They're twins."

Ian: "…"

Justin, who finally had the upper hand, walked out when he saw his stunned look. "Uncle Ian, I'll take my leave then."

He should give his father-in-law more time to accept it!

After Justin left, Ian looked at Joel. "So these two kids have been together for a long time?"

He was talking about Nora and Justin.

Joel nodded. "The children are already five years old."

Ian paused. "He's better than you!"

Joel: "…"

He glanced at Mia silently. He was about to say that his child was five years old too, but when he saw Tanya standing beside him, he didn't say anything.

His child was not hers.

This might become his lifelong regret.


Ian went upstairs to look at Nora. After confirming that she was really asleep, he then went downstairs in relief.

Joel let him rest. He glanced at Cherry and nodded. After entering the bedroom, Ian let everyone out and secretly opened Cherry's live-stream.

Cherry had said earlier that she did not want to talk to her Sponsor Grandpa anymore, so he chose not to acknowledge her first. They could reunite after maintaining a peaceful relationship on the Internet!

Time passed very quickly. Soon, it was nighttime. Suddenly, two little cuties appeared at home, and the entire family became lively.

Joel realized that even Ian had a smile on his face.

Such happy times were always easily disturbed.

After dinner, the sky darkened.

He was about to call his assistant to ask if Hillary had gone overseas when his assistant's call arrived first. "Mr. Smith, something has happened."

Joel was stunned. "What?"

The assistant said, "After going overseas, Hillary sued you in Switzerland!"

Sued him?

Joel narrowed his eyes.

The assistant coughed. "She has filed a request for the custody of the child!"

Joel's voice instantly turned cold. "How dare she? Where are the Joneses?"

The assistant said, "Mr. Jones contacted her and asked her to withdraw the lawsuit, but she refused to listen. She insisted that the child is hers and only hers. Even if she can't be with you, she will still sue you for the child's custody!"

With that, the assistant coughed. "If this was in the country, we would definitely have been able to resolve it easily. But now, she's suing from overseas. It's not convenient for us to make a move there."

Of course, Joel understood this, but the problem was…

He narrowed his eyes and asked, "If she's not from Switzerland, how did she manage to press charges there? Why would the courts in Switzerland take on such a case?"

The assistant said, "We're still investigating that, but the court seems to be taking this case very seriously. They're already preparing to send you a subpoena!"

Joel vaguely felt that something was wrong. "Investigate properly!"


After hanging up, Joel looked at Mia.

The case was actually not complicated. If he didn't go overseas, there was nothing they could do about it. But Mia couldn't possibly stay in the country forever, right?

It had only been a day. Where did Hillary find the guts to sue him?!


Justin looked at the brightly lit Smith villa and was especially envious.

He really wanted to go in, but after getting the butler to inform him, his father-in-law refused to let him in. He even said that it was getting too late and he would not keep him as a guest.

Justin did not want to be ostracized.

Ian was not someone he could handle unless his future brother-in-law helped.

But to get his future brother-in-law to help him? He had to give him something powerful…

Something powerful…

Justin suddenly thought of the DNA test between Tanya and Mia…

His lips curled up slightly. He had it!