She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 421: Mr. Hunt Has Messed Up Again~

Chapter 421: Mr. Hunt Has Messed Up Again~

Chapter 421: Mr. Hunt Has Messed Up Again~

When Nora fell unconscious, Cherry lost her sense of security.

She didn't want to stay with her father at the Hunts' anymore and insisted on staying by Nora's side no matter what. She wheedled and acted cute, and even kicked up a fuss and rolled about on the floor in the Smiths' manor in the end. She simply refused to go with Justin.

Pete didn't say anything, either. He merely looked at him in silence, his intentions obvious:

'I am not leaving until Mommy wakes up!'

In the end, Justin had no choice but to ask Joel for permission to stay in a guest room at the Smiths' temporarily, so that he could work there and watch over the two children.

Joel's lip corners had spasmed when he received the call from the butler.

Justin was simply too devious.

Joel simply didn't believe it. Why wouldn't Justin be able to make a child do as he says? Besides, even if he really couldn't, why couldn't he just tell the Hunts that the little mister had come to the Smiths' to play?


As the head of the Hunts, Justin didn't need to report his whereabouts to anyone at all!

He remembered that Pete and Justin had once lived in a villa elsewhere before.

Why would the butler dare to refuse Justin, though? Thus, by the time Joel heard about it, Justin had already moved in.

He was pretty much just using the children for his own gains! How utterly shameless!

They weren't even married yet! It wasn't appropriate for them to be living together!

He had also come back with the intention to drive Justin out.

However, Cherry was currently seated on the sofa with her legs crossed, her mockery mode at full force.

Behind her were the two butlers in charge of external and internal affairs. They were standing there and looking at her.

"Ms. Cherry, you're so good at the game!"

"The way you diss people is such a work of art!"

"Huh? To think you can insult someone like that! Jumbo with a 'D'… that's Dumbo! Hahaha!"

The two of them had clearly become fans of Cherry.

Justin was seated on the sofa at the side, seemingly dealing with some documents. That leisurely appearance of his was practically as if he was in his own home!

The corners of Joel's lips spasmed.

He then looked at Pete. He was working seriously on his Mathematical Olympiad problems at the side, seeming completely unaffected by Cherry.

Cherry was reading the comments in her live-stream. Her brows knitted together and she said, "Daddy, all of them are saying that Sponsor Grandpa hasn't come to my live-stream for so long because I was dissing people, so he doesn't like me anymore. Sob, is that true?"

Justin was actually feeling very nervous.

Because he had just received news that Ian had come home.

His attitude toward the old man was merely respectful in the past. However, things were completely different now. Ian was Nora's father!

As a son-in-law, he mustn't embarrass himself in front of him.

He was racking his brains for a way to make Ian happy when he heard Cherry. As a slave to his daughter, he replied without any hesitation, "How can that be? You are so cute when you diss people!"

Cherry breathed a sigh of relief. However, she still said aggrievedly, "Then why isn't Sponsor Grandpa talking to me anymore? We haven't contacted each other on Messenger for so long. I asked Mommy to look for him, but she couldn't find him… Daddy, are you really not a hacker?"

Justin coughed.

He was Y. Of course he was a hacker.

But he didn't want to look for him.

Sponsor Grandpa? What the heck? How dare he fight with him for his daughter's love? Additionally, during the period Sponsor Grandpa was away, he had finally reached number one on the virtual gifts ranking!

Justin said, "I'm really not one. Daddy is a good, law-abiding citizen. Daddy's company also acts in accordance with the law."

Cherry sighed and lowered her head.

Next to them, Pete looked up and heaved a silent sigh. His father was simply too shameless!

He was lying to even his five-year-old younger sister!

Justin then said, "Why are you so insistent on looking for Sponsor Grandpa? The way I see it, his affection for you was only temporary. Otherwise, why would he suddenly disappear without a word? That's very rude behavior."

He secretly badmouthed Sponsor Grandpa and said, "Let's ignore him in the future, Cherry!"

Cherry asked, "… But what if Sponsor Grandpa was sick?"

"That's impossible. Considering how rich he is, it's impossible that he would suddenly disappear, no matter what kind of illness it is."

"Yeah, you're right, Daddy. I won't talk to Sponsor Grandpa ever again!"

At the door, Ian, who had immediately recognized that Cherry was sweetcherry, was bewildered.

When he'd first recognized Cherry, he had felt joy and anxiety from meeting an online friend for the first time. However, there was only anger left in him now.

What was Justin teaching the kids?

Ian entered the living room with mighty momentum.

Justin hurriedly stood up when he heard the sounds coming from the door. At the sight of him, he took a step forward earnestly and greeted him. "Hello, Uncle Ian," he said.

Ian stared at him with disdain all over his good-looking face. "I think you should call me Mr. Smith instead."

Justin: "?"

He was calling him Uncle Ian because he was Nora's fiancé!

He was stunned for a moment. Then, he said, "You must be joking, Uncle Ian. Nora will beat me up if she hears me addressing you as Mr. Smith."

Ian snorted. "Mr. Hunt, I, Ian Smith, have never been one to joke around. What kind of relationship do you share with Nora for you to be calling me Uncle Ian?"

"… We are engaged," said Justin.


Ian was very surprised. "How come I'm not aware that my daughter is engaged? When did the two of you hold the engagement ceremony?"

Justin: "???"

He had publicly announced that Nora was his fiancée at the Hunts' party the other time, so their relationship was already confirmed.

Why was Ian refusing to acknowledge it?

However, he soon felt that he had figured it out. "You are right, Uncle Ian. I will get it done."

Ian didn't look at him anymore. Instead, he looked at Cherry sitting on the sofa.

Cherry was also staring at him with her big dark eyes.

At the sight, Joel pushed Ian's wheelchair toward Cherry and said, "Uncle Ian, this is Nora's daughter. Her nickname is Cherry."

Ian's eyes reddened at once. His voice was even trembling a little as he called out, "Cherry?"

Cherry blinked. Then, she called out sweetly, "Grandpa~"

Ian instantly felt like his heart had been coated in honey.

In the past, when Cherry called him Sponsor Grandpa on Messenger, he had merely found her a sweet child. It was only now that he realized that the sweetness reached all the way into his heart.

He nodded. "Hello!"

As soon as he said that, Chester, who was also logged into the game, said, "Boss, look at your live-stream! They are all mocking you!"

Cherry immediately lowered her head when she heard him. She saw in the comments in the live-stream that everyone was laughing at her and saying that Sponsor Grandpa had abandoned her.