She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 420: Sponsor Grandpa Is here!

Chapter 420: Sponsor Grandpa Is here!

Chapter 420: Sponsor Grandpa Is here!

As expected, it diverted Tanya's attention. "Nora is injured? How did she become injured? Were you busy the whole day yesterday because of this? What exactly happened? What email are you talking about?"

Seeing that she wasn't refusing to go to the Smiths' anymore, Joel breathed a silent sigh of relief. Then, he slowly recounted what had happened the day before.

He didn't hide the truth from Tanya just because she wasn't part of their world.

Now that Tanya was going to be with him, she would have to face these issues sooner or later.

Upon hearing about the martial arts tournament, upon hearing how all of Quentin's bones had shattered, and upon hearing about how Nora had challenged the Benevolence Hall all by herself; Tanya frowned and ranted angrily. "They are too much! Nora did great by beating them all up! If I had practiced martial arts, I would definitely have gone with her to give them trouble, too!"

Then, she asked Joel accusingly, "Did you help her?"

Joel's lip corners spasmed. "I wanted to, but Justin stopped me."

Tanya was taken aback.

Joel thought back to the events from the day before. When Nora challenged the Benevolence Hall all by herself the day before, he had wanted to go in and help, but Justin had stopped him.

Justin had said, "She has a lot of pent-up anger right now, and needs to vent it out. Otherwise, she would feel very awful."

Therefore, Justin had only kept Shaun occupied in the arena so that Nora could kill him herself, and thereby vent her anger.

Joel had been rendered speechless at that time.

The one who had been beaten up was his younger brother, too!! He also had a whole load of pent-up anger that he had nowhere to vent!!

However, he had still given the chance to vent to Nora.

He'd thought that Tanya would praise him after he explained what had happened, but unexpectedly, Tanya instead said, "Mr. Hunt did the right thing! Nora is not in good health. If she doesn't vent her anger, it will definitely affect her health. Why are you fighting with her for it when you're so strong and muscular?"

Joel: "??"

Suddenly, he felt like his status in the family in the future was now clear at a glance.

Tanya then asked, "Is Quentin really unable to stand anymore?"

Joel's expression darkened at the question. "That's what Lily said. I have contacted all the orthopedic specialists in the country, as well as the Hunts' medical experts last night, but all of them said they couldn't do anything about it after they came and saw Quentin's condition."

Tanya didn't quite agree, though. "In my opinion, that may not necessarily be the case."

Joel was surprised.

Tanya then said, "Ask Nora about it after she wakes up! Only she can give you the most accurate answer."

Joel was puzzled. "Why do you say that?"

Tanya kept quiet for a while before she finally replied, "There was once someone broke my leg when I was abroad. All the doctors said that the bones were shattered, so I won't be able to ever dance again. It was Nora who cured me."

Joel was taken aback by her calm voice.

Joel had always known that Tanya's life abroad during the past five years wasn't a peaceful one. However, he never knew that someone had even broken her leg.

He suddenly thought of how deeply in despair Tanya, who loved dancing so much, must have been when she was told that she could not dance anymore.

But what had he been doing at that time?

He had probably been busy changing his daughter's diapers at home!

It was Nora who had stayed by Tanya's side, cured her, and gave her hope at that time!

When Joel thought of that, he suddenly felt that he still wasn't treating Nora well enough. He should be treating her even better!

In the midst of his thoughts, Tanya asked, "By the way, what email were you talking about just now?"

Joel smiled and replied, "I don't know. Before she fell asleep, she looked at me and said something about her email inbox. She didn't say what was in it, though."

Tanya instantly curled her lips disdainfully. "Tsk, to think she can't even relay information properly! Besides, how would we know what her email account password is?! Sigh!"

The two of them arrived at the Smiths' while they were talking.

The car had only just passed through the gates when they noticed a small van parking at the front. A few nurses and medical personnel got out of the van, and carefully helped Ian down.

Ian was too weak. He had only just returned from the jaws of death, so he couldn't even walk. After getting out of the van, the medical personnel helped him onto a wheelchair.

Joel got a huge shock and exchanged a look with Tanya. He hurriedly stopped the car, walked over, and called out, "Uncle Ian! Why are you back?"

Ian then noticed him. He sounded a little weak, but he pressed on and said, "How can you keep it from me when something so serious has happened?! I can't rest peacefully in the hospital when Nora is still unconscious, so I decided to come back and have a look at her!"

Joel glared at the people next to Ian.

Ian immediately said, "Don't look at them. I sensed something amiss because Quentin didn't visit me for so long, so I forced them to talk."

Ever since he knew that Nora was his daughter, he had specially instructed Quentin to follow Nora every day, and also give him a report of everyone else who was following her.

When Quentin simply didn't show up the day before, he had immediately sensed something. The people around him weren't the wily old fox's match at all, so he had easily sounded them out!

Upon knowing that Quentin had been hospitalized, he hastily went to visit Quentin.

Quentin hadn't woken up yet. Given the severity of his injuries, he wouldn't be waking up for quite a while, either.

After visiting Quentin, he became worried that the news about how Nora was sleeping was just their way of trying to comfort him. Thus, he had forcefully requested to come home. He would only be able to rest assured once he saw Nora with his own eyes.

Ian had always been a stubborn man. Joel knew that no one around him could talk him out of something he wanted to do.

It was just like how no one could do anything about him when he was determined to die.

Once he made up his mind, the decisions and beliefs often lasted a lifetime.

For example, Yvette.

Joel didn't say anything else. At this point, Tanya came over with Mia in her arms. When Ian glanced over and saw that it was Tanya, he made a sound of surprise and asked, "That girl has returned to the States?"

Tanya had often visited the Smiths when she was dating Joel back then, so it was very normal that Ian would know her.

Tanya greeted him respectfully. "Hi, Uncle Ian."

Ian nodded at her. Then, he looked at Joel and said, "Although you and I are not father and son, we have very similar personalities. This kid here has stayed single all these years because he was waiting for you." Ian then looked at Tanya and added, "Cherish him, girl!"

After he said that, seemingly because he had thought of himself, a contemplative look formed in his eyes.

Tanya looked at Joel, who had blushed a little.

To outsiders, he was the head of the Smiths whom everyone feared. But in the eyes of Ian, he would always be a junior. He even called him a 'kid'…

Joel touched his nose.

Tanya, who had sensed how embarrassed he was, smiled and nodded. "Okay."

With Joel pushing the wheelchair and Tanya carrying Mia in her arms, the four of them walked toward the living room.

Ian, however, suddenly became nervous. "Nora's little girl is also at home, right? This is the first time we're meeting. Should I give her a gift or something?"

The thought had only just formed when a familiar young and tender voice traveled over from the living room.

"Jumbo, does your name actually start with a 'D' instead? Do you really know how to play?

"What? Stop calling you names? It's because I keep dissing people that Sponsor Grandpa has stopped coming to my live-streams?"