She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 416: Email!

Chapter 416: Email!

Chapter 416: Email!

Morris had come to the underground arena because he had heard that Victor's strength had increased drastically in a short time. Therefore, he had specially come to investigate thinking about the human experiments.

After Victor shouted, Morris understood what he meant. He immediately looked at Nora. "No… Big Sister, give me some face and spare his life!"

Spare his life?


Victor was the mastermind behind this matter!

Nora was thinking about it when Victor seemed to realize what she was thinking. He shouted, "Big Sister, it wasn't me. I did catch Quentin, but I just wanted to break one of his legs so that he can't participate in the competition! I have no grudges against him. Why would I be so ruthless and make the Smiths chase me down all over the world? It really wasn't me!"

Hearing this, Nora looked at him.

When Victor saw that Nora finally gave him a chance to speak, he continued, "Last night, the three of us stopped him. Later on, we received orders from our teacher to bring him back. That's why we brought him back!"

Victor collapsed on the ground. "Don't listen to Antoine's nonsense. I'm not the mastermind. I'm American, I know how powerful the Smiths are in New York. I still have my family here. At that time, I refused to let our teacher interrogate him no matter what. They chased me out…"

Victor cried bitterly. "I don't even know what they did in there… When dawn broke and I went in again, Smithin was already lying there unconscious. He seemed to have stopped breathing. I was so afraid back then and even secretly sent him out… Otherwise, you wouldn't have had the chance to find him!"

After saying that, he looked up at Nora and saw that the killing intent in the woman's eyes did not decrease.

Victor looked at Morris in shock. "Captain Ford, save me. I know my teacher's big secret, the big secret behind why I've improved so quickly! I can tell you everything!"

He crawled over to Morris.

However, halfway through, Nora stepped on his leg hard.

Victor looked at Morris with tears in his eyes.

Morris was silent for a moment before saying, "Big Sister, count it as me owing you a favor this time. In the future, I can help you do anything you want!"

Nora looked at him fixedly.

Morris looked at Antoine and Shaun again and said slowly, "I'll get someone to bury this matter here."

Nora knew that since she had killed two people here, it was a very troublesome matter.

Justin said that he could handle it, but he couldn't handle it as well as Morris.

She pondered for a moment and looked at Victor again.

Victor trembled in fear from her gaze.

Nora lowered her eyes. "Where is your teacher?"

When Victor heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. "In Benevolence Hall, its location is…"

He clearly told Nora the location of Benevolence Hall in New York.

Nora narrowed her eyes and kicked him, sending him flying under Morris's feet. Then, she looked at Morris and said, "Remember to return him to me."

In other words, she meant: Once you've interrogated him, he still has to be dealt with!

She could not forgive Victor.

If Victor had not mentioned teaching Quentin a lesson first, Quentin would not have ended up like this.

Those who bullied Quentin had to pay the price!!!

After saying this, Nora jumped off the stage and walked out.

Justin followed closely behind her and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Benevolence Hall."

In the thick air of the arena, only these two light words were left.


At Benevolence Hall.

The girl stood there at the door, exhausted. Her body had already reached its limit, but her gaze was still firm. "Don't you want to know who I am?"

Abigail stood in the courtyard and stared at the girl in front of her. "You're not my match. Let your teacher do it."

Nora lowered her eyes. "Then let's give this a try."

Half an hour later.

Abigail looked at his softened fist and knew that the girl did not kill him because this was in New York. Had they been overseas… He was uncertain what could've happened.

After seeing that the girl had defeated him, he walked to the side and picked up a ladder. Then, he climbed up and took down the plaque of Benevolence Hall.

He used his knee to hit the plaque hard, splitting it in two.

This was the consequence of losing a fight.

From then on, Benevolence Hall would never be able to raise its head in front of Nora.

Nora threw the plaque on the ground casually.

Abigail looked at the girl and mumbled, "Impossible, this is impossible… A little girl like you can't possibly have such strength and power!"

At this moment, the alarm outside rang.

Morris had interrogated Victor and found out about the human experiments from him. How could he not come and arrest Abigail?

As he watched the people from the special department wearing casual clothes enter the courtyard, Nora casually walked out.

Abigail suddenly shouted from behind, "I get it. You're the same kind of person as me! Hahaha, we're the same kind of people!"

Nora suddenly stopped in her tracks and slowly turned back.

Abigail stared at her, a vicious look in his eyes. Because his fists had been crippled, and his fingers were broken inch by inch, he was captured without any resistance. His head was pressed to the ground, and his hands were behind his back.

Abigail continued to stare at Nora. "They will find you. They will find you sooner or later. Hahahahahahaha…"

His laughter suddenly stopped.

Nora frowned. The others immediately went forward and saw that Abigail was already bleeding from his mouth, nose, and eyes. He had stopped breathing.

Nora walked forward quickly. After checking his body, she shook her head at the people from the special department. "This is a lethal poison. It will act up in thirty seconds. We can't save him."

With that, Morris walked in.

He said with a serious expression, "Victor is crazy."

Nora was taken aback. "What's the matter?"

Morris shook his head. "I don't know why. After they were arrested, the disciples recruited by Abigail all took some drugs to improve their genes. That's why they became so strong. Then they suddenly went crazy. Our leads were cut off again."

Nora lowered her eyes slightly and only said coldly to Morris, "That is your business."

With that, she strode out.

Outside the door.

Justin and Joel stood silently in the night as if waiting for her return.

Nora walked towards them step by step.

Her footsteps were as heavy as lead. When she finally reached them, she looked at them. "I've taken revenge for Quentin."

Joel nodded.

Justin held her arm.

However, Nora suddenly thought of something and looked at Joel. "By the way, my email…"