She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 415: Big Sister is Angry!

Chapter 415: Big Sister is Angry!

Chapter 415: Big Sister is Angry!

Cold sweat broke out on Antoine's forehead.

It was only when the pain in his arm reached its peak that he suddenly understood something.

He had hit Quentin's arm three times, which meant that his arm had been broken after being attacked three times. However, this woman clearly wanted to attack him many times to double the pain!!

He was furious and roared, "Shaun! Come and help! Switch!"

His body was huge and happened to be restrained by the petite but agile Nora!

Victor and Shaun could barely take care of themselves at this moment because they had already been entangled by Justin and 007.

Justin's attack was very light. It was obvious that he had only held back Shaun and did not attack ruthlessly.

007 was a little puzzled as he fought back and forth with Victor. Victor was indeed an expert, but 007 was not someone to be trifled with, either. The winner could not be determined among the two of them in a short period of time.



Upon 25th hit on the same spot on his arm, the bones in Antoine's arm finally shattered! The pain suddenly hit him and made him sway.

Then, Nora seemed to have finally had enough. She flew up and kicked his head!

He only felt a buzzing sound and his entire head shook. Then, Nora punched his other arm ruthlessly!


The bones in his arm cracked again!

Antoine was finally certain!

It was not that Nora could not knock him down with one punch. She was torturing him!

Antoine roared and flung his arm angrily as he rushed over to Nora. With his 150kg weight, he could still crush Nora half to death!

Before he could reach Nora, Nora had already attacked again. She kicked his calf heavily!



Antoine fell to the ground!

Immediately, Nora grabbed one of his arms and twisted it back forcefully!


His two arms limped by his sides as he fell onto the ring!

Antoine struggled to stand up, but he could not move at all. He lay there like a lump of meat.

Blood had already spurted out of his mouth as he muttered, "I admit defeat…"

However, Nora acted as if she did not hear him at all. She kicked him ruthlessly again and kept kicking him at the side!


Antoine's ribs were broken, and a bone had punctured his lungs. He could not breathe properly and fell to the ground twitching.

No one came forward to help him or save him in time.

After all, everyone knew that he could not be saved.

Nora no longer had the aftereffect of killing someone. She only glanced at Antoine coldly before turning around and walking toward Justin.


The woman's cold voice made Justin suddenly stop his fists and move away.

It was only at this moment that 007 and the audience realized that Justin had not been serious earlier because he wanted to leave this person to Nora!

Shaun clearly felt it too. He glanced at Antoine, who had collapsed on the ring, and looked at the woman in front of him again.

Her red dress made her look like a demon from hell!

All of his aura and courage seemed to have been sucked away in an instant. He turned around and ran. "I admit…"

Before he could finish speaking, Nora's fist had already arrived!


Shaun's nose broke from the punch.

Nora grabbed his shoulder and asked softly, "Tell me, where did you hit Quentin?"


Was it that guy from last night?

Shaun choked and finally understood something. He shouted in fear, "I didn't do anything. I only helped hold him down. I didn't do anything! The ones who really did it were Victor and Antoine! I really didn't do anything!"

However, the coldness in Nora's eyes did not disappear.

She lowered her eyes and acknowledged him calmly. Then, she straightened her body and suddenly grabbed his arm.

Shaun widened his eyes in panic. He heard Nora slowly say, "Then I won't let you move either."

With that, the girl exerted force!


Shaun's arm was broken.

The tearing pain made him open his mouth and scream!

The people watching below seemed to understand something from their conversation. Linda couldn't help but ask Justin, who was standing at the side, "Big Brother, what happened to Smithin?"

Justin lowered his eyes and said in a deep voice, "All the bones in his body have shattered. Although he managed to survive, he can't feel anything below his neck."

It was because of this that he understood Nora's anger.

Quentin had been tortured for an entire night before his bones broke inch by inch!


Everyone fell silent.

Five seconds later, Linda's choked voice was heard. "Kill them!"

"Kill them!"

Everyone began to roar. "Kill them! Kill these animals!!"

Only 007 understood something and immediately looked at Nora. He warned, "Murder is illegal!"

"I know."

Nora replied calmly, but under 007's gaze, she did not say anything else or make any unnecessary movements. She gave Shaun a quick death by breaking his neck!

Shaun fell.

Nora looked at Victor in the end.

007 was stunned.

At this moment, he and Victor were both injured. He'd always thought that this was only a showdown of honor, but he never expected that two lives would be lost so easily.

Victor was already in a panic and had lost all will to fight. At this moment, the girl was expressionless. In his eyes, she was like an alluring goddess from hell!

He trembled and retreated. "I… I admit defeat. Don't kill me! Don't kill me!"

However, before he could reach the edge of the ring, he was blocked by Nora.

When 007 saw this situation, he wanted to stop them, but Justin stopped him. "Captain Ford, you have to follow the rules here."

007's pupils shrank. He knew that Justin had recognized him.

It was just like how he had already recognized Justin and Nora.

However, as a member of the special department, he could not watch Nora kill people!

He was about to say something when Justin stopped him again. "Accidents happen inside fighting rings all the time!"

Morris: !!

His brows drew together tightly.

Before he could say anything, Nora had already grabbed Victor. Before Victor could react, she had broken one of his legs and two of his arms!

It was only at this moment that Victor finally understood the difference between him and Big Sister.

No one could stop the furious Big Sister.

But he did not want to die.

He suddenly looked at 007. He had just heard Justin call out 007's identity and immediately shouted, "Don't kill me. I… I can tell you a secret!"