She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 417: Arriving Late!

Chapter 417: Arriving Late!

Chapter 417: Arriving Late!

"… is a very important email."

It was at this point that Nora finally realized that she had immediately gone with them to search for Quentin after she woke up that morning, so she still hadn't seen the DNA test results.

She wanted to take out her cell phone to take a look, but as soon as she lowered her head, she blacked out.

Fortunately, Justin had already sensed her condition a long time ago, so he immediately held her waist and caught her. Otherwise, Nora might have fallen straight onto the ground the moment she lowered her head!



The two men exclaimed. Justin immediately picked up Nora in his arms while Joel took over the car from the chauffeur and sat in the driver's seat.

Justin got into the car. Joel stepped on the gas pedal and the car sped off. It usually took twenty minutes to get to the hospital, but Joel arrived in just five minutes.

Despite that, Justin was still urging him to go faster while they were on the way there.

When they arrived at the hospital, before the car even stopped, the doctors that Justin had assembled with a phone call were already waiting for them at the door.

Justin brought Nora out of the car in his arms and put her on the stretcher. It was only when they were taking her to the operating room that everyone discovered that her red dress was already covered in blood a long time ago!

She… Was she injured?!

Justin and Joel were awfully worried. They shouted at the doctor furiously, "Hurry up and check her injuries!"

At this point, Lily, who was watching over Quentin, came over. The woman wearing a white lab coat squeezed into the crowd and said, "Please step aside! Let me have a look at my boss!"

Justin gave a wave. The others stepped aside at once.

Lily stood in front of Nora. When she saw the bloodstains on her, she became even more anxious. "Why is she bleeding so much? Quick, take her to the operating room!"

The group of people entered the operating room with great momentum.

Five minutes later.

Lily walked out of the operating room. The moment she came out, Justin and Joel stood up and rushed up to her. "How is she?"

The corners of Lily's lips spasmed, seemingly not quite sure how she should answer him.

Justin became even more anxious. "What kind of injuries did she suffer? What are you in a daze for? Go and save her!"

"… She isn't hurt," said Lily.

Justin was taken aback.

Joel asked, "Then the blood on her is…?"

Lily's lip corners spasmed again as she answered, "She has bruises on her hands, likely from hitting people. But the blood on her dress is indeed someone else's."

"?? Then why did she faint?" asked Justin.

Lily was rendered speechless again. Then, she replied, "Boss fell asleep."


She thought back to the awkward scene in the operating room.

When she took out a pair of scissors and cut open her boss' clothes, she saw that the woman's skin was clean, fair, and delicate. There weren't any wounds on her at all.

In the end… she gave her boss a bath instead.


Her boss was a very clean person. How would she be able to sleep peacefully without taking a bath?

Justin: "…"

Joel: "…"

The way she fell asleep was simply too abrupt. Who would suddenly fall asleep while talking?

Seemingly because she saw that the two men were perplexed, Lily coughed and explained, "She's out of energy. This has happened to her before, too, when we were abroad. This one time she performed a 15-hour-long operation, which ended way beyond her usual sleeping hours. After she came out of the operating room, it seemed like something had gone wrong with Cherry's grandaunt, so she stayed up for another long period of time. In the end, she fainted and fell asleep."

Upon hearing that it had happened before, Joel breathed a sigh of relief.

Justin, however, was still worried. "How long will she be asleep for?"

Lily thought about it and said, "My conservative estimate is two days."

Justin frowned. "What about sustenance? She can't stay hungry, right?"

Lily sighed. "You won't be able to wake her up, especially when her exhaustion is even more serious this time. Her muscles didn't relax even once. She'll be out for at least two days. As for food, you don't have to worry. I will transfuse nutritional supplements to her drip regularly."

Justin: "…"

Joel: "…"

"Oh, there's a piece of good news, by the way." Lily said, "The person in the ICU that Boss asked me to observe is out of danger now. However, it will be difficult for him to ever stand up again in the future."

How was one going to stand when all their bones were broken?

He was still alive only because Anti had personally operated on him, merged modern and traditional medicine during the treatment process, and given him medical treatment in time!

When Joel heard this, he lowered his gaze and heaved a heavy sigh.

This huge incident in the martial arts circle in New York was earth-shattering.

However, it didn't impact the lives of ordinary people—or at least, only a handful of ordinary people were aware that Big Sister and Big Brother had defended the dignity of the martial arts scene in the States that night.

Even Tanya, Nora's friend, didn't know what had happened. As usual, she gave children classes in school, and also gave Mia an extra dance lesson in private.

When the Smiths came to pick up the three children from school in the evening after classes were over, there was no sign of Joel in the car. It was then that she finally realized that Joel hadn't contacted her at all the whole day.

Was it because she… had refused to be Mia's mother the night before?

Tanya lowered her gaze, her imagination running wild. Pete and Brandon got into the car and returned to the Smiths' manor.

Tanya took Mia to her place and gave her dance lessons.

At 9 pm, despite it already having reached Mia's bedtime, Joel still hadn't come over to pick her up.

Tanya left Joel a message.

Joel seemed busy at the moment. At last, he sent her the first message of the day: 'I have something to do today. Can Mia stay with you for a night?'

'Something to do'…

The man had never been one to force her to do anything against her will. Since he had said so, then something big must have happened.

Tanya hurriedly replied: 'No problem.'

She coaxed Mia to rest with her, and they fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, she suddenly felt like the area beside her was very hot.

She slowly opened her eyes and woke up. When she touched Mia's forehead, the burning heat made her realize that Mia was having a fever.

Tanya woke up in shock. Without saying anything, she picked up Mia, got into the car, and went straight to the hospital.

The doctor said it was a minor problem, and prescribed Mia medicine to bring the fever down. After Mia sweated it out, the fever gradually subsided. Tanya then sent a text message to Joel and told him the name of the hospital they were at.

Tanya watched over Mia the whole night in the VIP ward.

She waited until her fever subsided before she finally fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

Hillary and her mother were at the hospital for a checkup. While passing by a ward after the checkup, she noticed Tanya and the child on the bed.

Her eyes instantly widened. She charged into the ward and grabbed Tanya at once. "Tanya, what did you do to my daughter?! Why is she in the hospital? Are you trying to steal my daughter?!"

While speaking, she pushed Tanya, who had just woken up, and tried to drive her out of the ward. "I am the girl's mother! Get lost!"

At this point, Joel, who had finally finished all the matters he had to deal with, arrived at last!

As soon as he went upstairs, he was greeted by the sight of Hillary pushing Tanya out the door.