She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 414: Revenge!!

Chapter 414: Revenge!!

Chapter 414: Revenge!!

Nora looked at him coldly. "The two of us can beat you until you kneel down and beg for mercy. You'll be looking for your teeth all over the ground!"

These two words were the original words in Quentin's text message.

Antoine sneered and said, "But this is against the rules."

He looked directly at the staff member. "The other team doesn't have enough people. We can't compete! We have to disqualify them! This competition can only be considered our victory! Unless they can immediately find someone!"

The three of them had been confident that they would win.

But when they found out that the two people opposite were the current Big Brother and Big Sister, who were at the top of the martial arts world, they became afraid!

Therefore, these were just excuses!

His sharp gaze swept across everyone present. "But does anyone dare to come forward and die?"

Victor and the other two fought very intensely. Those who had fought with them had suffered heavy injuries. It would take a month for them to go back on stage.

After Antoine said that, he warned everyone: Whoever dares to go on stage will be killed first!

Antoine's words were actually very intimidating, and he was not talking nonsense.

The strengths of Victor and the others were formidable. Even if they were unable to defeat Big Sister and Big Brother, they were still able to easily stop them for a while.

Therefore, whoever dared to pool numbers with Nora and Justin had to be prepared to be beaten up violently!

Moreover, Antoine took a step forward and said, "If anyone dares to come on stage to make up the numbers—Victor, stop that Big Brother. Shaun, stop that Big Sister. Leave the one on stage to me! I'll let him see what it means to live a life worse than death!"

With that, he reached out and clenched his fists, making terrifying cracking sounds.

His savage gaze swept down.

He had thought that not many people would dare to go on stage.

However, he did not expect Linda to be the first to speak after he threatened them. "I… I'll make up the numbers!"

Nora looked at her in surprise.

Linda scratched her honest head. "I'm fat and resistant to beatings. Big Sister, take care of the others first before helping me! I'll definitely hold on until you save me!"

Following that, someone else said:

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"Let me do it! Disciples of Irvin School of Martial Arts are agile and can run! I'll hide in the ring until Big Sister and Big Brother can save me!"

"I'm from the Quinn School of Martial Arts. I'll take the beating!"

"Big Sister, choose me!"

"Big Brother, look at me!"

Everyone recommended themselves and extended their hands one by one, letting Nora and Justin choose.

At this moment, in the face of a powerful foreign enemy, Quinn School of Martial Arts and Irvin School of Martial Arts had set aside their years of grudges and united against the enemy!

But how could Nora let them come up and die?

She lowered her eyes.

They had originally planned to kill these three people in the ring to avenge Quentin.

After all, the ring had no eyes, and accidents can happen anywhere, especially in a fighting match!

They had all signed an agreement before the competition.

However, if she ended up harming her own people instead… then she would rather lose this competition and break the law to kill these three people!

She had just said that today would be their death date!

She glanced at Justin and had yet to speak when Justin nodded. "We can admit defeat, they won't be able to get off this stage."

Obviously, he understood her choice.

At this moment, Nora seemed to have returned to the moment when she was in the police station.

This man clearly knew how big his offense was, but he still helped her escape without hesitation to save Old Maddy.

She clenched her fists and wanted to say something, but Justin said indifferently, "Don't worry and do it. I'll make it even."

In New York, in the underworld, Justin was not someone to be trifled with!

Nora nodded and suddenly said, "We admit…"

Before she could say the word "defeat," she heard another voice say, "I'll do it!"

The two of them turned their heads in unison and saw a stern-looking man walking into the ring. He was wearing an eagle face mask, and he seemed to have an aura of justice as he walked.


Someone recognized him and exclaimed, "He was the runner-up in the previous competition! In the finals, he didn't come because he had something on! He's damn good!"

Everyone stopped fighting to go on stage. One by one, they took a step back and left the stage for the team. Then, they shouted, "Team Third In The World! Destroy them!"


The mood of the onlookers instantly reached its peak.

This made Victor and the others feel oppressed. The three of them looked at each other in panic.

The situation tonight had exceeded their expectations.

Before this panic could subside, the referee took the opportunity to shout, "The competition between team Third In The World and team Americans Are Incompetent begins now!"

With his whistle, Nora took the initiative to attack for the first time!!

Previously, during the competition, Nora was more passive. She would only attack when the other party came to attack her. However, at this moment, she charged at Antoine aggressively!

Antoine was the fiercest and most powerful of the three.

Therefore, he never expected that this little girl would choose him. He quickly came back to his senses and calmed down. Even if she was some Big Sister, her skills were probably exaggerated. How powerful could she be?

He sneered and welcomed her. The two of them punched and kicked at the same time, grabbing hold of each other.

Antoine couldn't help but laugh when he saw her slender left hand grip his fist. "I broke Smithin's arm with three hits. What about yours? Do you want to try?"

Nora's eyes narrowed suddenly. Her voice was calm. "Then let's try."

"Try what?"

Antoine froze.

Nora suddenly retracted her hand. "See how many hits I need to break your bones!"

With that, she suddenly sped up and hammered his arm!

The punch was powerful and fast, stunning Antoine. However, when the punch hit his arm, it only caused him a sharp pain, and his bones did not feel like they were being broken.

After being stunned for a moment, he shook his arm and sneered. "Tsk, Big Sister, did you not eat? Is that all you have?"

Nora ignored him. She turned around and kicked him again!

Antoine dodged, but unfortunately, this kick landed on the spot where he had been hit.

The double pain made his arm feel a little numb, but he still did not care. He thought it was just a coincidence.

But when the third hit came, hitting the same spot, Antoine finally seemed to realize something.

Nora became faster and faster. Antoine's body was huge, and he had already lost his ability to attack. He could only dodge in all directions. However, the fourth, fifth, sixth time… they still hit the same spot!

Antoine's arm hurt more and more. Every time he was hit, the pain would double…