She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 413: Big Brother and Big Sister Joining Forces!

Chapter 413: Big Brother and Big Sister Joining Forces!

Chapter 413: Big Brother and Big Sister Joining Forces!

The girl was wearing a red dress, a silver mask, and a pair of white flats. As she walked like she was dragging something, her waist moved lazily, making her look especially solemn.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. "028, you're finally here!"

The staff member looked behind her anxiously, but no one was following.

He was stunned. "Where's Smithin and Big… 820?"

Only then did the others notice that she was the only one who had come. The other two members of Third In The World did not come over.

Nora lowered her eyes.

When she thought of Quentin's appearance, her almond eyes flashed with coldness and bloodthirsty killing intent.

At this moment, there was another sound of footsteps.

Justin, who was wearing a black mask, walked in with big steps in a suit. When he entered and saw Nora, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"820 has arrived too!"

Everyone sighed. "Where's the other person?"

In a team competition, one definitely had to rely on the advantage in numbers. With one less person, the chances of winning would be very small. Furthermore, Victor and the other two were all very powerful. Unless it was Big Sister and Big Brother who went on stage, it was absolutely impossible to win.

The staff hesitated as well. "Why is there one less person?"

Victor knew the truth and sneered. "Big Sister, I'm afraid Smithin won't be able to come, right?"

Big Sister?

These three people caused a long uproar!

Everyone looked at Nora and whispered in disbelief.

"Is this Big Sister?"

"Oh my god, so she's Big Sister!"

"No wonder, no wonder 028 could defeat the enemy with one punch! She's actually Big Sister!"

"Big Sister! Big Sister!"

Everyone around shouted excitedly.

Nora clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes slightly. Although she had exposed her identity as Big Sister, she was still wearing a mask. It was nothing.

However, Victor's words made her gaze turn even colder.

Initially, Quentin's matter was only speculation and there was no evidence to confirm that it was done by Benevolence Hall. However, Victor's words convinced her.

She lowered her eyes and walked towards the ring step by step.

Each step seemed to carry the weight of two people.

When Quentin woke up, he had said two words.

The first sentence was, "Nora, they asked me who Big Sister is, but I didn't say."

The second sentence was, "You have to win."

Quentin took this competition very seriously because it not only concerned his personal honor, but also the entire martial arts world!

Nora's gaze gradually became firm as she stood on the familiar ring.

Since he wanted to win, she had to win it for him!

She would bring Quentin's anticipation and win a beautiful fight tonight!

When Victor saw this scene, he couldn't help but laugh. He'd intentionally exposed the other party's identity as Big Sister!

Because only by defeating Big Sister would they be able to defeat martial arts!

However, Big Sister was not enough!

Victor suddenly raised his voice and shouted, "Since Big Sister is already on the stage, where's Big Brother? Aren't you being rude if you don't come out? Or is Big Brother worse than a woman and doesn't dare to go on stage? Are you a man?"

Victor could not take it anymore. The pretty boy on the stage was not even worth mentioning.

If he didn't call Big Brother out to join in the fun at this moment, wouldn't he have schemed against Quentin for nothing?

If the three of them could defeat Big Brother and Big Sister, they would be famous!

The surrounding people looked at the lounge as someone shouted, "Big Brother, Smithin isn't here. Make up the numbers for Third In The World!"

"Big Brother, it's time to protect the honor of martial arts. Are you still not coming out?"

Big Brother… Big Brother… Big Brother…

Countless people were shouting the words "Big Brother", making the entire martial arts arena hot.

However, the door to the lounge did not open for a long time.

Antoine couldn't help but laugh. "The previous champion is terrified too. It looks like the three of us have really given martial arts some pressure. He's really inferior to Big Sister! The men in New York are all so cowardly!"

"Is that so?"

Accompanied by Antoine's mocking voice, Justin, who was following Nora, also went up the stage. His voice was very low and cold, but it was a little relaxed. "Later, I will make you unable to even call yourself a man."

With this sentence, Justin stood beside Nora. The two of them stood side by side.

The moment he spoke, everyone fell silent and looked at him in confusion.

The staff explained, "Everyone, the person in the lounge is indeed a mascot. The real Big Brother is 820!"


"Whoosh!" Suddenly, the entire venue fell silent!

Everyone looked at the stage in disbelief.

028 was Big Sister.

820 was Big Brother.

This world was too unreal?!

But for some reason, everyone felt their blood boil!

It was as if as long as Big Sister and Big Brother were around, tonight's competition would be a small matter!!

Nora was also slightly shocked.

Under such grief and indignation, she turned to look at Justin.

There was shock and hesitation in her eyes.

Justin thought of her various opinions about Big Brother and couldn't help but explain softly, "Nora, I…"

Before he could finish, Nora interrupted him. "If you don't win the competition, I'll break your legs!"

"…" Justin choked. "Okay."

"Long live Big Brother!"

"Big Sister is mighty and domineering!"

"Destroy them! Kill them! Show them the essence of martial arts!"

No one in the crowd below called their names, but they began to shout.

In the beginning, only one or two people were shouting. But gradually, all the spectators joined in.

The sound was loud and deafening!

Everyone looked at the two people on stage.

It was unusual that Big Brother did not carry the child to participate in the competition today. The two of them stood there alone, and the handsome man and beautiful woman were especially eye-catching.

The two of them looked thin on the outside but were actually very muscular. In particular, Justin took off his clothes to reveal his muscular body.

The three people standing opposite them, including Victor, had all trained their muscles well. Especially Antoine, who was 1.95 meters tall and weighed 150 kilograms. Every step he took seemed to be able to make the arena tremble.

Justin and Nora stood in front of the three of them, looking very thin.

However, just the two of them gave the opponents enough pressure.

Victor never expected that the pretty boy holding a child in team Third In The World and skiving in every competition would be Big Brother!

Was he shooting himself in the foot?!

He looked at the other two. Suddenly, Antoine smiled. "Tsk, do you not even have enough people to compete? How are you going to fight us?"