She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 410: Blood For Blood!

Chapter 410: Blood For Blood!

Chapter 410: Blood For Blood!

Lily was very fast and efficient.

Nora was about to open her email inbox when violent knocking suddenly came from the door.

Nora was surprised.

Pete slipped out of the bed and ran over to open the door. It was Joel.

A puzzled Pete asked, "What's the matter, Uncle Joel?"

Joel was aware that Nora was always sleepy, and needed twelve hours of sleep a day. Why would he come over and disturb her rest when it was only seven o'clock in the morning?

Joel asked, "Is your Mommy awake? Can you wake her up? I have something very important to talk to her about."

Nora, who had also realized the urgency of the matter, quickly changed and walked over. "What's wrong, Joel?"

Joel frowned when he saw her. He asked, "Quentin is missing. Did you ask him to do anything for you?"

Nora's heart sank.

At last, she understood why Joel had come over so early in the morning.

A grave look came over her countenance. "I didn't, but he went to the tournament arena last night."

She picked up her cell phone at this point, upon which she saw the two messages that Quentin had sent her some time past eleven o'clock the previous night. However, the two messages didn't give her any clues.

She frowned. "Might he be resting somewhere?"


Joel spoke with certainty. "Quentin's identity is special. There aren't many people who know of his existence. Because he only comes into contact with the people from Smiths' secret forces, and everything he does is dangerous, he has to report his itinerary to me on time every day. When I didn't receive his report this morning, I knew at once that something has gone wrong. It was only when I contacted the people from the secret forces that I found out Quentin had already lost contact with them last night!"

The previous night…

Nora wanted to ask more questions, but Joel had turned and gone downstairs. "I'm going to the arena."

Nora did not dare to waste any time. She grabbed the baseball cap hanging at the side and put it on. Then, she took a face mask and followed him downstairs.

A man was standing downstairs respectfully. He looked relatively young, but he had an anxious look on his face at the moment. When he saw Joel coming downstairs, he asked anxiously, "Mr. Smith, is there any news about Boss?"

Joel shook his head.

Nora, however, paused slightly. By calling him 'boss'…

He must be Quentin's subordinate.

She immediately asked, "When did Quentin last contact you?"

The subordinate replied, "At 11 o'clock last night. After I told him that I had something to report to him, Boss said that he would come over immediately. I waited and waited, he didn't show up. Where did he go?"

Nora frowned. "Has this ever happened before?"

Joel and the subordinate both replied, "Never!"

Although Quentin looked like he had eighth-grader syndrome, he was actually a very responsible man deep down. Otherwise, he wouldn't have served the Smiths as a shadow hiding in the dark for so many years.

He handled things carefully and cautiously and had never made any mistake all these years.

But the more that was so, the deeper Nora's heart sank.

To be honest, she was hoping that Quentin had just irresponsibly gone to an Internet cafe somewhere to have fun, or hidden somewhere to sleep in.

She took a deep breath and exchanged a look with Joel. She said, "Let's split up and look for him."

Joel nodded.

Nora left the manor and drove straight to the arena. At the same time, she also made a call to the Quinn School of Martial Arts. It was Lucas, the person in charge of the Quinn School of Martial Arts's general affairs, who picked up. He said, "You're looking for me this early in the morning, Big Sister? What a rare occasion this is…"

But before he could finish, Nora had already interrupted him. She instructed, "Assemble everyone in the Quinn School of Martial Arts and launch a city-wide search for Quentin! Aka Smithin from the tournament!"

Lucas was taken aback. "What happened?"

Nora replied, "I suspect something has happened to him."

Lucas's voice immediately turned grave. He said promptly and decisively, "Understood."

Lucas then said, "I will also contact the martial arts association and ask their staff to search for him. We also have a lot of people taking part in the tournament. Someone may have seen something…"

"Okay. Let me know if you find out anything. Keep your phone reachable at all times!"


After hanging up, Nora thought for a moment and called Justin.

New York was the Smiths' and the Hunts' turf.

Everyone in the Smiths was already out looking for Quentin. If the Hunts also dispatched their men, they would have an even higher chance of finding Quentin.

She wasn't going to care about whether it would embarrass the Smiths or the Hunts at a time like this!

Justin picked up the call very quickly. He was likely very awake. He didn't sound as teasing as usual, either. Instead, his voice was low and deep as he asked seriously, "What's wrong?"

The fact that Nora had woken up so early was indicative that something must have gone wrong.

For some reason, Nora calmed down when she heard his voice. She stared ahead of her and slowly replied, "Quentin is missing."

Justin was undoubtedly one of the few who knew of Quentin's existence.

Moreover, Justin and Quentin had fought side by side so many times, so he was even more familiar with him than other people.

Justin didn't say anything unnecessary. He immediately said, "Don't worry, I will send everyone out to search for him right away."


After Nora responded, she hesitated for a moment and kept quiet.

Justin asked, "Are you suspecting something?"

Nora nodded, her eyes staring straight ahead of her in a daze. "He went missing at the tournament, but there are far and few there who can beat him in a fight. It's very likely that he has been abducted by people from the Benevolence Hall."

Upon hearing that, Justin immediately said, "I'll head to the Benevolence Hall and ask for him!"


At this point, Nora hesitated for a moment before she finally asked hoarsely, "Will… he be alright?"

If the Benevolence Hall wanted the champion title in the tournament, they could just attack any of the members of Team Third In The World when they were alone!

This was what Nora had concluded after analyzing the situation!

She suddenly became a little scared!

She was scared that something would really happen to Quentin…

After all, a whole night had already passed!

When she thought of that, she said, "He asked me to go with him to observe the match last night, but I didn't…"

For the first time, she hated the way she needed so much sleep, leading to her not being by his side.

Perhaps because he could sense what she was thinking, Justin said, "The three of us aren't joined at the hip. There will always be times when we are alone."

Nora knew that, but she simply couldn't convince herself otherwise.

She stared straight ahead of her, bloodthirsty murderous intent forming in her eyes. "If anything happens to Quentin, I will make the Benevolence Hall pay for it in blood!"

Justin did not comfort her. He merely said, "I will do it with you."

Half an hour after all their forces were dispatched.

Nora finally received a call from Justin. "We've found him."

His voice was so low that Nora's heart sank. For some reason, anxiety arose in her.

Her voice was practically trembling as she asked, "Where is he? Is he… still alive?"