She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 411: Saving Him!

Chapter 411: Saving Him!

Chapter 411: Saving Him!


Nora drove the jeep like it was a sports car, and rushed to the Hunt Corporation's Hospital Finest. She went straight to the VIP operating room.

Quentin had been placed on a stretcher and was being carried into the operating room.

Although the man was already 25 years old, perhaps because he had been living in the shadows all year round, he was pale and looked very much like a young teen.

However, the eyes of the man, who was somewhat of an eighth-grader and whose chin was always lifted high, were closed. His long eyelashes were covered in crusted blood.

His arms and legs on either side of his body were bent weirdly. It was obvious at first glance that someone had broken his bones.

The man's chest didn't move as he lay there, as though he wasn't even breathing anymore.

Nora couldn't catch her breath at that moment. She slowly came forward.

"He's still alive."

Justin repeated what he had said on the phone. However, those three words were only a reflection of his current state.

Nora knew without even looking that all the bones in Quentin's limbs were probably broken. The bloodstains on his chest also indicated that several of his ribs were broken.

The young man merely lay there, but his appearance made the hearts of everyone present break.

Nora's jaw tensed up. As she took step after step and walked over, she practically shouted, "Who did it?"

Justin said, "We don't have any evidence."

They all knew very well who had done it, but since Abigail had the guts to do it, it meant that he had already done all the prep work and left no traces.

Nora clenched her fists.

At this point, Joel, who had been informed, also hurried over. When he saw Quentin, murderous intent instantly filled the man's eyes.

Was the reason why Joel didn't always bring eighteen bodyguards with him whenever he was out like Justin that he was not in as much danger as Justin?

Of course not!

As the heads of the two biggest families of New York, Joel and Justin were of equally high status and power! He had affected so many people's sources of income over the years that one couldn't even keep count anymore.

People who wanted him dead were everywhere!

The only reason why he could be so relaxed despite that was that he had Quentin secretly protecting him!

Quentin was a member of the Smiths' secret forces, but he was also one of the brothers he trusted the most!

Joel stared hard at him. Then, he suddenly looked at Nora and said, "Save him first. We'll talk later."


Given how serious his injuries were, they were fortunate that Nora was here, because ordinary doctors wouldn't have been able to treat his injuries at all! Nora took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

She tried her best to tell herself to keep calm.

Her hands, which were shaking from fury, slowly regained their steadiness. Her breathing also gradually became even.

Two minutes later, she finally opened her eyes suddenly and said straight to Joel, "Tell my medical team to come here right away!"

Only the most professional personnel could treat injuries as serious as Quentin's!

Quentin took top priority now!

Joel nodded.

Nora had already taken the lead and entered the operating room.

Quentin's bones all over his body were broken, and he was severely comatose. If they didn't fix his joints and clear the congested blood in his chest in time, Quentin's life would be at risk!

In the operating room.

When Lily entered, she saw her stony-faced boss operating on the patient seriously.

On the ECG monitor at the side, the patient's heart rate had already dropped to 40… 38… The ECG was sending out warning beeps.

"The patient's heart rate is decreasing!"

The insensible young nurse at the side exclaimed.

However, they couldn't perform CPR on Quentin because his ribs were broken! If they applied any more pressure there, the broken bones might pierce straight through his heart!

"It's hopeless…"

The doctor at the side murmured.

Lily was also astonished. He was the most seriously injured patient she had ever seen. He looked as if he had been run over by a truck. There probably wasn't any part of him that wasn't wounded!

This was definitely the hardest challenge in Anti's career so far!

Nora ignored them all. Instead, she ordered, "Lily, the cardiotonic drug!"

Lily finally came back to her senses. She took out the cardiotonic drug that her boss had developed, and injected it into the drip bottle. The cardiotonic drug she was using was different from the one commonly used in hospitals.

As soon as she injected the drug into the bottle, Quentin's heartbeat stabilized at 40…

As Nora made incision after incision and dealt with his injuries, Quentin's blood slowly flowed out of the wounds. Lily opened up another two blood transfusion channels in time.

Blood bags were constantly being sent in to the Hospital Finest's blood bank.

After the operation, when Lily calculated how much blood was involved, she found that they had actually changed the entire blood in Quentin's body twice!

Quentin also went into critical condition five times during the operation, but Nora calmly pulled him back from the otherworld each time! She made countless incisions and joined countless bones for him.

Innumerable metal nails were inserted into Quentin's bones to keep them in place.

The operation lasted from nine in the morning to half-past ten at night…

Thanks to Nora's solid skills, Quentin managed to survive.

However, he was not out of danger yet. After exiting the operating room, he was pushed into the ICU, where the hospital personnel monitored his condition 24 hours a day.

When Nora finally walked out of the operating room, she was close to collapsing.

Perspiration flowed out of the unbreathable surgical gown at the bottom. Her trousers were soaked through, and her shoes were wet. All of this showed that she hadn't actually been as calm and relaxed as how she had seemed.

The moment she came out, Justin held her arm and supported her.

He made her sit on a bench in the corridor and handed her a chocolate bar and bread that could quickly replenish her energy.

Nora took off her gloves, picked up the bread with her fingers that had turned pale from being soaked in sweat, and chomped into it fiercely.

Joel was currently directing his men to surround the Benevolence Hall. However, Abigail had called the police, so the police were protecting them at the moment. Unless the Smiths could produce evidence, they were not allowed to do anything rash.

Joel slammed his fist into the wall. "How dare he? How dare he?!"

No one dared to offend the Smiths or the Hunts in New York, especially in ways like this that tortured one to death!

The frowning Justin was also puzzled.

To be honest, when Nora had asked him in the day if Quentin would die, he had replied, "No, he won't. If they just want to win the tournament, breaking Quentin's leg would do. There isn't any need for them to create any extra trouble. If they kill him, this would thoroughly turn into a life and death feud!"

But based on Quentin's appearance, the Benevolence Hall had clearly shown no mercy!

Justin was also terribly perplexed—because Quentin's injuries didn't look like they wanted to kill him. Rather, it looked more like… they were interrogating him!

That's right! Such tricks were used only when one was interrogating criminals!

Breaking one's bones inch by inch to make them talk…

Just as he and Joel were both perplexed, Nora looked at them and said, "I know what's going on."

Both men looked at Nora.

Nora swallowed the last bite of the bread. The bread tore her throat, but it was as if she didn't feel it at all.

"When I was trying to save Quentin, he woke up for a moment and said a few words to me."