She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 409: The DNA Test Results Are Out!

Chapter 409: The DNA Test Results Are Out!

Chapter 409: The DNA Test Results Are Out!

The action was full of contempt.

Quentin's actions made everyone excited.

Everyone jumped onto their feet and pointed their middle fingers at the ring.

The audience came from all walks of life, but all of them were already part of the working society. Some of them were fathers, while some were mothers. All of their youthful passion had long been erased by society.

It was so difficult to even hold the tournament itself. Additionally, from the way how Nora had defeated all her opponents with just a single move in the beginning, one could easily see that the contestants in the martial arts tournament didn't actually have any real substance or skill.

In the current age of material desires, martial arts might already have become a thing of the past a long time ago.

No one wanted to practice and train hard from a young age just for the sake of such a martial arts tournament. That was why the Quinn School of Martial Arts and the Irvin School of Martial Arts had such a high status in the pugilistic world—because they were the only two sects who had financial support. Not only did they not charge any tuition fees for practicing martial arts, but they even provided financial subsidies and wages to support the disciples and give them confidence in training.

Big Brother and Big Sister had, therefore, become these martial arts practitioners' faith.

Now, everyone's thirst for blood was aroused in this instant.

It was as if those days when they were still young and cocky were right before their eyes.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the ring. All their indignation and humiliation from being insulted just now was gone, and only confidence and passion remained in this instant.

They firmly believed that the USA's martial arts would definitely beat the Benevolence Hall!

When Victor and the other two saw this, all of them frowned.

They, who were originally the victors, seemed to lose their momentum, and they got out of the ring pathetically.

"Get off the ring! You traitor!!"

"A treasonous traitor like you cannot live well for long!"

"A mere boxing champion actually dares to come here and provoke us? Team Third In The World will teach you how to behave!"

Amidst everyone's shouts, Quentin looked at Victor and the other two from the back, his expression turning serious.

From observing the match just now, he realized that Victor and his teammates had become stronger again.

Given how strong they were, unless Big Brother joined his team, with just him and Big Sister, they might not actually be able to win.

With that in mind, Quentin lowered his head, picked up his cell phone, and sent a text message to Nora: 'Nora, Victor and his teammates have become stronger again. Why don't we cooperate with Big Brother?'

After sending the message, he continued typing: 'They were simply too arrogant just now. We must kick their a*ses tomorrow night!'

After sending the message, he looked around. Seeing that there wasn't anything else happening anymore, he got ready to go home.

Suddenly, he received a text message: 'Boss, someone is investigating Ms. Nora again.'

The message was from someone in the Smiths' secret forces.

Quentin's participation in the tournament was his private affairs, so he hadn't brought them with him.

Quentin had instructed the Smiths' secret forces to keep an eye on Nora and protect her during this recent period of time. They were to report to him immediately if they found any unidentified people looking into her.

He replied: "I'm coming over right away."

He had to ensure his cousin's safety.

It might be Big Sister he was protecting, but it only meant that all the more nobodies like them shouldn't be bothering her!

After sending the message, he headed to the car park.


After Victor and his teammates got off the ring and got into the car, they received a call from Abigail.

"How did it go tonight?" He asked.

Antoine, the bald man, replied, "Piece of cake. It seems like they are very satisfied with Team Third In The World, though, and threatened to have them teach us a lesson tomorrow."

Abigail sneered, "Team Third In The World? The name alone already sounds weak. If they can only take third place, then isn't the champion title still ours in the end?"

Antoine burst out laughing at once. He looked very confident.

Victor, who was listening to their conversation, couldn't help but be a wet blanket. "That woman in the red dress from Team Third In The World is Big Sister."

His one-liner threw everyone in the car into silence.

Seemingly sensing the others' silence, Abigail sneered, "Has a mere woman frightened you guys witless? Victor, you have to believe in yourself. You're definitely a match for her now! Even if Big Brother joins them, the three of you can still beat them!"

Victor lowered his head. "I find that difficult."

Antoine sneered, "What's the matter with you, Vic? Are you actually putting yourself down at a time like this? No wonder people say that you Americans are incompetent. All of you are so thin and weak. It's obvious at a glance that none of you can put up a fight!"

The last person among the team of three was also a foreigner. When he heard what Antoine said, he looked at Victor brazenly and burst out laughing. "Hahahaha!"

Victor's face darkened. "How about a match between you and I, Antoine? I will show you who the strongest in this team is!"

Antoine sneered and said nothing.

Antoine was very strong. His strength was on par with Victor's. However, Victor fought in a way that threw caution to the wind and disregarded his own safety. How would he possibly dare to fight him?


Antoine found himself a fantastic excuse. "We will be up against Team Third In The World tomorrow. We should not be having an internal conflict at a time like this."

Victor wanted to speak, but Abigail interrupted him. "Vic, in your opinion, what are our chances of beating them?"

Victor slowly replied, "70 - 30."

Antoine broke into a grin at once. "That's more than enough! Victory is pretty much in the bag with a 70% chance of winning."

Victor raised his head. The look in his eyes was cold as he said, "What I meant was, our chances of winning are 30% and 70% theirs."

Antoine narrowed his eyes.

Victor said, "I'm the only one who has fought Big Sister before in the tournament. She isn't to be underestimated. Moreover, she hadn't used her full strength when she was beating me up that time. No one knows how strong she really is. Besides, there's also the crazy Smithin helping her out. The man wearing the black mask may look useless, but what if he is also a martial arts expert? We may not necessarily be their match!"

His analysis made a lot of sense. At last, Antoine and Abigail didn't dare to mock him anymore.

Abigail suddenly asked, "Vic, do you want the third dose of the drug?"

Victor's head whipped up. "Yes!"

Dim light flickered in the man's eagle-like eyes. He had to have it!

Abigail said, "Then think of a way to win the match. Or else, you can forget about ever getting the third dose!"

Victor clenched his fists.

He suddenly thought of something and said, "I have a plan…"

When he finished, Abigail and Antoine kept quiet for a while. The next moment, Abigail laughed and said, "Not bad, you have potential, kid! Do as Vic says!"


At the Smiths.

As Nora's mind was on Lily's test results, she practically opened her eyes and woke up the very instant Lily's message came.

Next to her, Pete even glanced at her in surprise because she had woken up.

Nora stretched and turned on the phone. Sure enough, she saw the message from Lily: "The test results are out. I've emailed them to you."