She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 41 - They Came Too Late!

Chapter 41 - They Came Too Late!

Chapter 41 - They Came Too Late!

All three of them were facing the camera. However, ever since the two children realized the truth, they had deliberately started to wear face masks whenever they were in the hallways to prevent anyone from discovering anything.

The camera's resolution was also very low, so it was impossible to differentiate between the two children right away.

Justin hesitated for a moment. Then, he pointed to one of the children first and said, "This seems to be Pete."

Nora scoffed and said, "That's my daughter."

To be honest, not only were the two children exactly the same height, but their physiques were also identical. Nora was only able to recognize Cherry because of the Spider-Man outfit she was wearing.

Unconvinced, Justin asked, "Really?"

He couldn't tell. As such, he fixed his gaze on Chester instead. When he did, a fierce murderous aura immediately emerged from him!

Nora's sarcastic voice rang out beside him. "That seems to be your younger brother, Mr. Hunt."


Outside the door, three heads were lined up in turn. Their heads were turned sideways, and they had their ears against the door as they quietly listened to the sounds in the room.

Thud! Clang! Bam!

The commotion inside the room made all three of them bewildered.

A puzzled Cherry and Pete looked at Chester. "Uncle Chester, what are Mommy and Daddy doing? Are they tearing down the place?"

Chester replied triumphantly, "They are 'fighting' with each other! It's not something that children have to understand! In any case, their relationship will definitely improve after the fight!"

Cherry was a little worried. She asked, "Is the fight supposed to be this intense?"

Chester raised an eyebrow and answered, "Of course! Lives may even be 'at stake' here! The two of you are exactly the results of their fight in the past!"


Cherry was confused.

She frowned and asked, "But what if Mommy beats Daddy up so badly that he breaks?"

A sullen-looking Pete even became angry. "How can Daddy lift his hand against a woman? He's too ungentlemanly! No wonder he can't woo Mommy successfully."

Chester was confused.

Then, he continued to listen to the sounds in the room for a while with great interest while secretly being impressed—Justin really was Justin after all. The commotion they were making sure was huge.

However, the sounds stopped after just a short while.

He pressed his ear closer against the door and asked in a low voice, "I can't help but feel bad helping you guys hide the truth from Justin. When are you going to tell him the truth?"

Although Cherry was quick-witted, she didn't have any concrete opinion on this matter. Thus, she looked at her brother.

Pete pursed his lips and answered, "I'll tell him everything after Mommy cures Great-Grandma's illness."

Pete had thought it through very clearly. Blindly keeping this a secret was disrespectful toward his parents, especially when his mother was still searching all over the world for him while going through unimaginable mental torment.

If they didn't fall in love with each other even after spending the next few days together, then he wouldn't force them anymore.

Just as Chester was about to say something, the door suddenly shook—someone was banging on the door from inside.

A furious voice immediately came from within the room: "Chester, open this door right now!"


A minute later, the metal padlock was opened.

A furious Justin took Pete and Chester upstairs.

Nora didn't care how he was going to punish Chester. Instead, she was currently sitting on the sofa and staring at Cherry. She asked sternly and severely, "Why did you do that, Cherry?"

Cherry hung her head and stared at her fingers, so intimidated that she didn't dare speak.

Nora softened her tone and asked, "Do you want me to get together with Justin Hunt?"

Cherry nodded and replied, "Mommy, if you trick Da— I mean, Justin into becoming your husband, how impressive would it be when you take him out with you?! Not only is he handsome, but he's also rich! Don't you want that?"

Nora was rendered speechless.

She rubbed her temples and asked, "Whose lousy idea was this?"

Cherry unceremoniously sold her uncle out this time. "Chesty's!"


Chester looked at Justin, who was sitting on the sofa with a serious look, with trepidation. He swallowed and said, "J-Justin, I meant well. You haven't been with any woman for so many years. What if you go crazy from excessive abstinence?"

He was so frightened that his legs were jelly.

He had only just clamped his legs together when he heard Justin's deep voice: "As punishment, no living expenses for you for half a year."

His words stunned Chester, and he blurted, "That's it?"

He had thought that because he had plotted against Justin, going by the tyrant's way of doing things, he would have castrated him and made him an invalid from the waist down.

Justin raised an eyebrow. "What, do you find it too lenient?"

Chester immediately reacted and jumped back anxiously. He replied, "No, of course not! That's half a year's living expenses! How am I going to buy game credits?! It can't get any worse than that!"

After he fled, Justin leaned on the sofa. The scene that flashed across his mind, however, was him holding down the shoulders of the woman staying downstairs and kissing her.

He touched his lips—there, the smooth sensation still seemed to remain.

Then, he subconsciously thought of when the bath towel had suddenly dropped… Nope, he hadn't seen anything. Not at all.


The next day.

Nora got Mrs. Lewis to pack their belongings early in the morning. Then, she went to the airport at noon.

Knowing that she was going to New York with Justin, Simon and Melissa also decided to take the same flight back. Upon return, Simon would be transferred to Hospital Finest in New York. There, the standard of medical care was much better than in California.

It was only upon arriving at the airport that Nora found out that they were actually taking a private jet.

An impressed Melissa remarked with a sigh, "Private jets have to be scheduled in advance, so everyone else has to make reservations in advance. For Justin to arrange for all these so quickly, the Hunts live up to their reputation as the number one family indeed."

At the mention of the Hunts, Nora's eyes flickered awkwardly a little.

Thereafter, Nora also got a taste of how meticulous of a person Justin was.

Justin had arranged a room for her that not only had a large and comfortable bed but also came with a shower room so that her sleeping needs could be fully met.

She slept the whole way there.

Two hours later, they arrived in New York.

Melissa went home with Cherry and the luggage first, while Nora and the hospital staff who came to pick them up accompanied Simon and Justin to Hospital Finest.

When they arrived at the hospital, Nora helped Simon to settle down in the VIP ward first. Then, she went to the ICU ward.

Justin had already sent her the elderly Mrs. Hunt's medical records back in California when she first agreed to treat her illness.

Nora didn't want to waste time. The day she saved the elderly lady's life was the day that her son would return. As such, she wanted to go over and take a look and schedule surgery for her as early as possible.

But little did she expect to hear urgent beeping coming from the heart rate monitor inside the ICU ward the moment she reached!

At the door, a few people from Howard's side of the family were confronting Justin and Pete.

Pete, who was wearing a mask and a cap, was looking at the ward anxiously.

Justin's second uncle was pointing at Pete and yelling, "You jinx! Your Great-Grandma went into critical condition the moment you came back! Given her current condition, she won't be able to undergo surgery even if we find Anti! It's too late!"

Pete's eyes reddened as he clenched his tiny fists.

Great-Grandma, you have to hold on!

Justin frowned. He had a look of consternation all over his countenance. His grandmother had obviously been in stable condition. Why would her condition suddenly deteriorate so quickly?


Suddenly, a sharp voice reached them from inside the ICU ward.

"We're losing her!"

The doctor's shout also traveled out of the ward…