She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 42 - Mommy, Save Great-Grandma!

Chapter 42 - Mommy, Save Great-Grandma!

Chapter 42 - Mommy, Save Great-Grandma!

The place was in chaos. The sound of doctors and nurses administering emergency medical treatment could be heard coming from the room.




Justin's uncle's family burst into tears. All of them were crying and they acted as if they were terribly sad.

"Shut up!" Justin barked fiercely, causing their sobs to stop abruptly. Justin's second uncle, Raymond Hunt, immediately said reproachfully, "Never mind if you're not crying because you're cold-blooded, Justin. Why are you forbiddi—"

Justin shot him a glare and snapped, "Grandma isn't dead!"

Raymond was so frightened by him that the words he was about to utter became stuck in his throat. His family also gradually stopped crying.

Justin pressed his lips together and stared hard at the ward.

Pete's tiny body started to tremble. Even someone like him who was usually clever and quick-witted for his age was at a loss now. As if sensing his panic, Justin placed his large warm hand on his shoulder.

Pete gradually calmed down. When he turned to the side, he immediately saw Justin looking down at him from above. Justin's voice was rich and mellow as he said, "Don't be scared, Pete."

Pete's eyes reddened again and he nodded.

Nora had already walked over to the ward by then. She glanced at Pete. When she was on the plane, because she needed to sleep, she had stayed inside her room with Cherry the whole time and hadn't interacted with Justin and his son.

Now that she was observing him so closely, she realized that his physique really was very similar to Cherry's.

When she wanted to observe him a little more, the sounds in the ward caught her attention.

When Justin noticed that she didn't enter the ward immediately upon arriving but instead looked at him, his heart sank. Did Anti also think that Grandma was doomed?

His voice was very low. For the first time, there was helplessness and pleading in his voice. He said, "Miss Smith, pleas—"

However, before he could finish, Nora had already retracted her gaze and entered the ward.

Hospital Finest was indeed worthy of its reputation as a renowned hospital in the country. Ranging from their equipment to the doctors, it boasted the best medical conditions in the States. Even the nurses were highly professional.

Everyone moved in an orderly manner as they tried to save the patient.

"Prepare to apply electric shock!"

"200 volts!"



Beep, beep, beep! …Beep… beep…

When her heart finally started beating again, the doctors and nurses breathed sighs of relief.

Nora, however, frowned. She had observed the patient's various data previously…

"Mr. Hunt, the old Mrs. Hunt's body is already at its limit. The cardiac arrest just now has caused multiple organ failures. If she doesn't wake up in time, I'm afraid it'll be life-threatening."

The chief doctor, who was part of the emergency rescue efforts just now, took off her mask, revealing a bright and attractive face underneath. Her voice was calm and steady as she related the patient's condition.

A frowning Justin asked, "Dr. York, Grandma has always been healthy. Why did this suddenly happen?"

At his question, Tina York frowned and let out a sigh. She replied, "Mrs. Hunt is already 80 years old after all. Her body is no longer as healthy as before."

Justin looked at Nora and asked, "Do we proceed with surgery immediately?"

"No, you mustn't!"

Tina shook her head before Nora could reply. Her voice was mild and gentle as she spoke, making her seem like a reliable person. She said, "Mrs. Hunt is too weak at the moment. We've only just snatched her back from the jaws of death. If she undergoes surgery now, the operation will bring further harm to her."

Nora didn't speak. Instead, she was carefully observing the patient.

Mrs. Hunt's eyes were closed. She was thin and her face was filled with dense wrinkles. There was barely any sign of life in her as she laid on the bed.

Her body was indeed in an extremely weakened state.

However, if she didn't undergo surgery, resulting in the blood clot in her brain impeding blood circulation for a prolonged period of time, it was possible that the chances of her waking up in the future would become very low.

While she was thinking, another quarrel broke out outside the door.

Raymond and his family had also heard what Tina said. Infuriated, Raymond exclaimed, "Does that mean my mother is doomed?! Oh, why is your life so hard, Mom? We've already told you that the boy that Justin brought back is an ingrate, yet you refuse to believe us and insisted on keeping him by your side! But in the end, he so cruelly pushed you down the stairs instead! He might as well have killed you!"

Raymond was 55 years old this year. He looked thin but energetic, and had a shrewd look in his eyes that came from many years of life experience.

His son, Roger Hunt, had the Hunts' exclusive deep-set eyes. However, the look in his eyes wasn't as deep and unfathomable as Justin's. On the contrary, he was always smiling and gave off a feeling as if he was up to no good.

He sighed and choked on his sobs as he said, "Don't say that, Dad. Pete isn't a normal child after all. He's mentally ill. He didn't mean to suffer a relapse. He didn't want to hurt his grandma, either…"

There was a boy in their side of the family who was in the same generation as Pete. Because he was fat, he was nicknamed Fatty. His cheeks were so fleshy that even his eyes had disappeared. Fatty rushed up to Pete, stretched out his chubby hand, and sent it flying toward Pete's face fiercely while he shouted, "You little freak and murderer!"

Justin was about to ask Nora for her opinion after hearing what Tina said. However, at such a critical moment, his uncle and his family were actually ignoring his grandmother's condition and were starting to attack Pete again.

When he saw Fatty raise his hand and send it toward Pete's face,

Justin's eyes darkened and he couldn't restrain the anger that he had been suppressing anymore. He lifted his foot and knocked Fatty onto the ground as fast as he could!

The kick caused Fatty to slide a meter away on the ground. As he was fat, his blubber acted as a buffer. Moreover, Justin had also deliberately kept his strength under control, so he didn't suffer any internal injury.

However, the pain nevertheless made him burst into tears. He crawled and scrambled over to Raymond and hid behind him. "Save me, Grandpa! Uncle Justin's trying to kill me!"

Raymond shouted angrily, "Justin, what are you doing?!"

Anger roiled in Justin's deep-set eyes. The beauty mark at his eye was cold and ruthless as he said, "If you can't keep your grandson in check, then I'll do it for you."

Raymond yelled, "Why don't you keep your son in check first instead?! He caused his own grandmother's death! That's absolutely unforgivable!"

Justin, who had an imposing aura all around him, took a step forward and said, "Pete didn't kill anyone. I trust him."

Roger stood in between him and Fatty and his father. He let out a sigh that was as gentle as ever and said, "Justin, there's no use even if you trust him. It's obvious from the footage from the surveillance cameras in the living room that Pete had pushed Grandaunt. We've already given the footage to Grandpa, and they've decided that they'll hold a family meeting this weekend and expel Pete from the Hunts!"

Apart from the servants at home that testified that Pete had quarreled with his great-grandmother, the most fundamental evidence supporting the accusation that Pete had pushed her was the surveillance camera footage.

The video footage was taken from the back. In the video, the elderly Mrs. Hunt was falling while Pete's arm was outstretched… No matter how one looked at it, it simply looked as if Pete had pushed her down.

They had both witnesses' testimonies as well as material evidence.

Therefore, they had only one option left now, and that was to save Mrs. Hunt and have her regain consciousness. She was the only person who could prove Pete's innocence!

Although his son had never spoken up for himself, Justin trusted him from the beginning to the end!

Pete stared hard at the ward. He couldn't hear the others reprimanding him at all. The only thing he cared about was Great-Grandma.

Seeing the elderly lady lying motionless, his eyes reddened. He suddenly rushed into the ward, hugged Nora's leg, and pleaded, "Mommy, save Great-Grandma!"