She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 40 - Justin Eating His Own Words

Chapter 40 - Justin Eating His Own Words

Chapter 40 - Justin Eating His Own Words

Justin had immediately realized that something was amiss when he heard someone locking the door. A short while later, when he started feeling unwell, he realized that he had been drugged.

There were a lot of people in New York who wanted to become his woman, and they had tried various methods one after another over the years. It was hard for him to guard against all of them. During a moment of negligence half a year ago, someone had also successfully drugged him with the most potent drug in the world.

However, he had been practicing martial arts since he was a child, so his physical fitness was stronger than most. Thus, he had managed to stubbornly suppress it with his willpower.

Therefore, he was confident that everything would be fine this time as well.

With the door locked, when he heard the sound of splashing water coming from the bathroom, he simply sat on the sofa, intending to see what exactly that woman planned to do.

To be honest, he didn't quite understand her.

She frequently made contact with Pete and even allowed him to call her Mommy. It stood to reason that she intended to use his son to get near to him, yet every time she was faced with him, she would adopt an indifferent attitude. It almost made him think that he really was misunderstanding her!

But in the end, she suddenly colluded with his son this evening by drugging him first and then sending him a message asking him to come down. And now, the two of them were locked in here. Was she finally intending to go all the way and have the final showdown with him?

For some reason, he was actually looking forward to it a little.

Just as he thought so, the bathroom door opened and a woman walked out surrounded by mist and moisture. Through the portière, what entered his sight first was a pair of delicate feet.

Her feet were bare, and her toes were round and fair. They looked a little cute.

Justin felt his mouth going dry. The desire that he had suppressed emerged a little.

Next, he saw her slender ankles and her straight and fair calves. The portière was pushed aside, and the woman stood there wrapped in a white bath towel.

Perhaps because she had just come out of a warm bath, her cheeks were flushed and her hair was damp. They stuck to her fair and slender shoulders as water droplets slid down from her face to her collarbones before sliding further down and seeping into the bath towel…

In that instant, he felt a sudden surge of warmth in his lower abdomen, which made his brows draw together. He felt as if all the blood in him was surging into a certain place!

He clenched his fists and lost control a little for a moment.

His abnormal behavior also entered Nora's eyes.

The cheeks of the man on the sofa were abnormally red, and his deep-set eyes were stained with desire. He seemed a little less cold and standoffish than usual, and the mole at the corner of his eye gave him a bewitching allure that wasn't usually there. The sight of him slumped on the sofa was actually exuding a sense of enticement?

Nora frowned and asked, "Why are you here?"

She had only just spoken when the man on the sofa abruptly dived toward her. The huge force pushed her straight onto the wall behind!

Then, he suppressed his voice and said, "Since Miss Smith has already taken a bath and is exhibiting such enthusiasm, then I…"

Before he finished, he had already lowered his head and started kissing her neck. His scalding hot breath made Nora shiver.

The man's domineering pheromones entered her nose forcefully. As he was very tall and had pressed right up against her, his back was slightly arched as he bent over.

An indescribable heat permeated her whole body, making her mouth gradually feel dry and hot.

As a doctor, she instantly understood something.

She tried to push the man away, only to find that he was very strong. He was still kissing her neck haphazardly. Nora suddenly lifted her right knee and attacked the most delicate part of the man.

However, the man's large, scalding-hot hands grabbed her ankles the next moment. His voice was hoarse and he sounded puzzled as he asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

Nora snorted coldly. She leaped nimbly into the air and gave him a roundhouse kick with her left leg!


Justin reached out his arm and blocked the blow.

Nora came at him again with a punch.

Upon feeling the sharp momentum of her fist coming toward him, Justin turned and ducked. The woman's other fist then came toward him with a whoosh, scraping past his ear.

What speed!

In the blink of an eye, both of them backed away after exchanging a few blows and put some distance between themselves.

Nora frowned. There was concealed anger in her cat-like eyes. She was about to say something when the bath towel suddenly slipped off and she felt a chill all over her body.


Nora's brain stopped working for a second. Then, she quickly squatted down to pick up the bath towel, only to find that it was twisted into a clump and couldn't be straightened out quickly.

Seeing the man looking over in astonishment, Nora picked up the bath towel in a split second and flung it onto Justin's face.

Justin was about to grab the bath towel and remove it when he heard her shout coldly, "I won't let you out of this room alive if you take it off!"

Justin was astounded.

No one had ever threatened him like that in his whole life! However, the anger in the woman's voice made him pause his movements. She… didn't want to do it with him?

Nora took the opportunity to hurriedly pick up a nightgown from the side. With her back to him, she put it on while saying, "I've also been drugged."

Justin, who had keen senses, could hear the sounds. Judging from them, the other party had already put on her clothes. He took off the bath towel and stared at her with a frown. "Are you trying to say that it wasn't you?"

The corners of Nora's lips spasmed. Her gaze swept across a certain part of his body as she replied, "Don't be too confident of yourself, Mr. Hunt."

Justin was rendered speechless.

He used the bath towel, which he was holding with both hands, to block his body in a seemingly casual manner as he asked hesitantly, "If you weren't the one that did it, then who did?"

Seeing that he was no longer being impulsive, Nora turned and went to the study. "Wait a minute."

She dug out a set of clothes from the study and put it on. Then, she picked up her laptop and walked to the living room.

By the time she saw him again, the man had already returned to the sofa and sat back down. Apart from his cheeks that were still a little red, he looked fine. If it weren't for the bulge at the bath towel around his waist, the man would have seemed like his usual self.

An impressed Nora secretly sighed and thought—'What powerful self-control.'

If it weren't because she had been taking a lot of medicine since she was a child, making her immune to most drugs, Nora would probably have lost control!

Yet he had actually suppressed those distracting thoughts in just two minutes.

Justin's deep-set eyes flickered with dim light when he glimpsed the look in her eyes. He said, "You still have time to change your mind, Miss Smith."

Nora was puzzled.

That man was really overconfident of himself.

She said sarcastically, "I'm really not interested in you, Mr. Hunt. Even if both you and I fall victim to someone's schemes and you're standing completely naked in front of me, I still won't feel anything."

It really wasn't her?

Justin actually felt a vague sense of regret. In spite of that, he showed no verbal mercy. "… It seems that you were the one who was completely naked just now."

Nora was dumbfounded.

Her face tensed up instantly and she walked straight over. She placed her laptop on the table, opened it, and pushed it in front of him.

Justin was taken aback. "What?"

Nora slowly said, "Enter your account password and check the surveillance cameras, of course! Even if we don't know who the person that drugged us was, surely we can find out who locked the door just now?"

Seeing how sure she was, Justin became increasingly displeased. He tapped a few keys at random and then tapped the Enter key. Real-time surveillance camera footage instantly appeared on the computer.

Three people were currently standing at the door.

Their faces were nearly all pressed against the door, seemingly trying to hear what was going on inside…