She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 408: The Passionate Young Man

Chapter 408: The Passionate Young Man

Chapter 408: The Passionate Young Man

Lily went back to her room, changed, and went out in a hurry.

She had only just reached the car park and was about to open the car door when she suddenly caught a glimpse of a shadow in the distance. Startled, she exclaimed, "Ahh! It's a ghost!"

Quentin: "…"

The corners of his lips spasmed. He walked into the open leisurely and said like the person afflicted with eighth-grader syndrome he was, "You're calling me a ghost when I was obviously standing there like the live human I am? Are your eyes bad?"

Lily, who was bolder than a lot of girls, took a close look at Quentin, upon which her eyes immediately lit up. She asked, "… Who are you? Why did you become a thief when you're so good-looking? Why aren't you being a good person instead? This is the Smiths' manor, you know!"

"… Who do you think you're calling a thief?" Quentin retorted.

Lily's eyes widened. The tall girl was not afraid of the man at all. "You, of course! If you are not a thief, then why are you hiding in the shadows so sneakily? I'll tell you this—I can take out weaklings like you three at a time by myself!"

Quentin: "??"

Who was she calling a goddamn weakling?

There must really be a problem with the woman's eyes!

He was about to speak when Lily took a good look at Quentin with the help of the car lights. Her eyes immediately brightened and she asked, "Say, why are you straying from the right path when you're such a good-looking man? Shall I help you out? "

Quentin: "?"

Lily coughed and asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Quentin: "??"

Wasn't the topic of their conversation changing a little too quickly?

How did they suddenly start talking about whether he had a girlfriend or not?

His brows drew together and he answered, "No, I don't."

Lily said excitedly, "I don't have a boyfriend, either!"

Quentin: "…"

The corners of his lips spasmed as Lily asked, "Do you earn a lot from stealing?"

Quentin: "??"

"It definitely isn't a lot, right? How about this, why don't you date me? I can give you money and a place to live in. I can even buy you a house in New York. I have an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars! That's nearly a million dollars, you know!"

Quentin: "!!!!"

The corners of his lips spasmed again. He felt a little like the conversation was getting more and more far-fetched.

Was she hitting on him???

He stared at Lily. If she weren't Big Sister's assistant, Quentin would have punched her and given her a taste of his martial arts prowess a long time ago!

He sneered, "Do you think I would be tempted by that bit of money you have?"

Lily thought for a moment. "Well, that's true. Someone like you who specializes in stealing from wealthy families must be a master thief, right? I guess that bit of money I have won't attract you, after all. By the way, I'm a doctor. If you get beaten up during a heist, you can come to me. Of course, if you ever decide to pull back and repent, and don't feel like working hard anymore, you can come to me then too~~"

Lily took out a business card from her pocket. When she looked back up to pass it to Quentin, the man was already gone!

Lily: "?"

He ran away so quickly?

What a shame! He was so handsome!

Lily sighed and got into her car.

Quentin was someone who belonged in the shadows.

Apart from a few of the Smiths, very few outsiders knew of him, even fewer had ever met him. Therefore, Lily had never seen Quentin before, despite having lived in the Smiths' manor for so long.

Quentin entered the living room. As he watched Lily drive off, he couldn't help but hold his forehead.

Never mind that his cousin was a weirdo… uh, a genius, but why was everyone around her also so weird?

The corners of his lips spasmed a little. It was at this moment that his cell phone vibrated. He took it out and saw that Nora had sent him a screenshot of a chat.

On the screenshot was a message that Lily had sent to Nora: "Boss, a thief just went into the Smiths' manor. By the way, if he gets caught, can you avoid hitting his face? He's pretty handsome, and he's my type. It'd be a real shame if anything happens to his face!"

After sending him the screenshot, Nora also sent him a question mark.

Quentin: "!!!"

Quentin was livid!

How could he possibly be a thief?! How could an inferior creature like a thief possibly be worthy of his position as the ruler of the secret forces?!

His cousin's assistant was simply too much!

Nora had received the message from Lily shortly after she brought Pete into the bedroom. When she saw her describe the thief as a very handsome man, and thought of how infatuated Lily had looked while looking at photos of young male celebrities in the past; she immediately knew that the 'thief' she was talking about was Quentin.

Lily had gone out too suddenly. Quentin had probably been in the car park, so the two of them must have bumped into each other.

After forwarding the screenshot to Quentin, she went to take a shower.

A short while later, she heard a light knock on the door. The person knocking on the door seemed very cautious.

Nora yawned and opened the door. It was Quentin. He asked sneakily, "Nora, are you going to the arena?"

Nora: "?"

She asked in surprise, "Didn't we already ask for a day off yesterday?"

She was taking her kids to the amusement park, so she had informed the arena's staff the day before that they wouldn't be competing in any matches that day.

Quentin replied, "But Victor and the others have matches today. As they say, know the enemy, know thyself, and you will fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat!"

Nora yawned again and said sleepily, "You're right."

Quentin was overjoyed. When he was about to say "Let's go", Nora clapped down hard on his shoulder and said, "Therefore, I'm leaving this arduous task to you! Only after you know the enemy inside out can you lead the two of us weaklings to beat them!"

Quentin: "!!!"

His lip corners couldn't help but spasm. "Nora, if I recall correctly, you fell asleep at ten last night and only woke up at eleven this morning. You slept for a whole thirteen hours…"

Nora was surprised. "Really? In that case, I did indeed sleep an hour longer than usual."

She yawned again.

For some reason, she had been feeling unusually sleepy lately.

Quentin: "…"

His lip corners spasmed again. "Alright, I'll go!"

There was no other way. Among the three-man team, one was there just to make up the numbers while the other was Big Sister, who didn't like to bother about such things. As such, the arduous task could only be entrusted to him now!

Quentin went to the underground tournament arena. The masked man walked around inside. After saying hi to Linda, he sat in the VIP dining area to watch the match.

There were three people on Victor's team.

They were already challenging Class E teams tonight.

However, they defeated their opponents in just ten minutes.

The emcee kept silent for a moment before he finally announced with displeasure, "Team Americans Are Incompetent wins!"

None of the spectators applauded or cheered.

Victor and his teammates stood in the ring and shouted arrogantly, "Is there no team that can fight in the USA?"

The people at the bottom of the ring shouted one after another:

"What are you being so arrogant about? You'll be up against Team Third In The World tomorrow! Victor, have you already forgotten how No. 028 sent you flying with a kick?"

"Hahaha, exactly!"

"Team Third In The World! Team Third In The World!"

These two powerful teams had shone the brightest in the tournament this year. Even though the two teams looked equally matched, everyone had placed their hopes in Team Third In The World.

Upon the audience calling out his team's name, Quentin suddenly stood up in the crowd. With a sharp look in his eyes, he stared at the stage. Then, he pointed his middle finger at Victor and the other two in the ring!