She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 39 - Sharing The Same Room

Chapter 39 - Sharing The Same Room

Chapter 39 - Sharing The Same Room

Just as she thought so, Wayne answered, "Love and company."

Nora was rendered speechless.

Wayne went on. "Although she left us early, she has paved the way for you. She may not be around anymore, but her heart has always been with you."


After listening to Wayne blabber on and on about maternal love for over an hour, Nora, who had just eaten, couldn't help but yawn.

It was only then that Wayne realized that he was being too long-winded. He said, "You're already a grown-up now, Nora. When do you plan to take over the company?"

Although he had already come to care for and developed a sense of belonging to the company, the business was Nora's. He had to return it to her.

Nora replied detachedly, "You're taking care of it pretty well, so just continue with it."

A small company didn't have the usual few departments. The owner had to basically see to everything themselves. This took up too much time that she could spend sleeping!

Wayne was confused.

Nora asked, "Have the Grays shown any interest in buying over the company?"

If what the Grays were interested in was really the company's development potential, then there was no need to use Anthony's marital bliss as a bargaining chip. They could just buy over the company at a high price. It wasn't like they didn't have the money.

However, Wayne shook his head. "No, they haven't."

Nora frowned. However, since she couldn't figure it out, she decided that she won't think about it anymore. "If you ever think of anything that my mom instructed you to hand over to me, give me a call."

"Sure." Then, Wayne said, "Can I get your bank account number, Nora? I'll transfer all the company dividends directly to you in the future."

Back then, Nora was still a child. But when she grew up, she had gone abroad. That was why Wayne had paid the dividends to her guardian instead.

It was just five million dollars. While it was nothing to Nora, why should she give it to the Smiths?

She gave him her bank account number and left.

On the top floor of Hotel Finest.

Howard Hunt sat on the sofa arrogantly and watched Pete, who was in the study, contemptuously.

By this generation, the only direct descendants of the Hunts left were Justin's immediate family, as well as Howard's immediate family in New York.

As the head of the family's direct descendant and the eldest son, Justin had also inherited the position. However, his second uncle refused to accept this and ended up causing a lot of incidents.

The Hunts living in the family home didn't participate in the family's business disputes. They were only responsible for presiding over family issues. As for Howard, he was obsessed with martial arts.

He despised his family's ways and also admired Justin from the bottom of his heart. However, he simply disliked that child of unknown origin. It was him who brought shame to Justin's glorious life!

Moreover, not only was he mentally ill, but he was so small and weak. How could a child like that be worthy of becoming Justin's successor?

Howard snorted and withdrew his gaze disdainfully.

The door opened at this point—Justin was back.

As the man entered the room, his almost-solid presence rushed toward Howard, causing him to sit up in a hurry. He greeted him respectfully. "Justin."

Justin made a sound of acknowledgment and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Howard touched his hooked nose nervously and replied, "Grandpa heard that you're going to New York to have your grandma's condition treated, so he wants me to go with you and act as a witness. At the same time, I also thought I would see if the old Mr. Quinn would be willing to take me in and teach me some traditional martial arts techniques."

It might seem like traditional martial arts were falling into decline as time went by, but in fact, there were still mysterious masters of the art among regular folks.

The Quinn School of Martial Arts and the Irvin School of Martial Arts ranked top in traditional martial arts. It was Howard's dream to become their apprentice.

Justin glanced at him. He knew that the part about him wanting to join the school was true, but not so much the part about him being a witness. But joining the Quinn School of Martial Arts and learning martial arts there?

His deep-set eyes looked toward the study. Dim light flickered in his eyes and he said, "Take Pete with you. Mr. Quinn is strict when it comes to enrollment, though. You may not meet his requirements. Pete, on the other hand, has a chance. "

He had already checked Pete's body when he was a toddler. Pete was very suitable to learn martial arts. However, he was reluctant to have his son go through hardship at that time, so he hadn't taught him any martial arts.

His son was behaving rather 'uniquely' lately, so it would be good to send him to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to pick up some martial arts. This way, he could 'straighten' him out!

Howard curled his lip disdainfully. "Him?"

However, when he made eye contact with Justin's sharp eyes, he shut up and swallowed whatever he wanted to say next.

Deep down, he was scoffing, though. With that small and weak body of his, why would Mr. Quinn ever pick him?

Nora returned to the hotel at this time.

Her cell phone started to ring. After she changed into slippers, leaned on the sofa, and picked up lazily, she heard an angry shout from the other end. "You little rascal, have you been slacking off again?! And skipping practice?!"

Nora rubbed her ears that were stinging from his volume. "I have to sleep, Quinn. I don't have time."

"Send me Cherry, then! She's your daughter, so her body must be even more suitable than yours. I'll take her as my apprentice and have her succeed me! Have you found your son yet? Our style ultimately still suits boys better. Bring them both if you've found him!"

Nora replied lazily, "Has the Quinn School of Martial Arts become that destitute that they have to rely on a five-year-old to breathe new life into the school?"

Quinn yelled, "…And who's to blame for that? It's all because I was blind enough to take someone as lazy as you as my apprentice! That Irvin fellow keeps showing off his apprentices to me. My apprentices can't fall behind, either! Come to New York and have a showdown with his apprentices if you're free!"

Quinn and Irvin were lifetime rivals.

Nora replied unhurriedly, "I'm not free."

Then, before Quinn got mad, she added, "But I am indeed coming to New York. I'll bring Cherry over and visit you."

"When, and what time? I'll send someone to pick you up!"

After Quinn eagerly said that, he immediately heard Nora's soft chuckle. The elderly man then said awkwardly, "The one I miss is Cherry, not you!"

Nora chuckled again. Then, she hung up after informing him about her arrival date and time.

She picked up a glass of water from the coffee table, took a couple of sips, and then went to take a bath.

Outside the house.

When Cherry, who was holding her cell phone, saw all this through the gap at the door, she said into the voice chat, "Chesty, Mommy's back!"

Pete said, "Hide, Cherry. Daddy's gone downstairs to look for Mommy!"

Cherry darted into the stairwell. Sure enough, she spotted her handsome Daddy coming out of the elevator. When he reached their suite and saw that the door was open, he went straight in.

As soon as he entered, Chester dashed over and locked the doors with a huge metal padlock.

After that, he sneaked into the stairwell and asked, "Did you make them drink what I gave you?"

Cherry replied, "Yes, she drank it! I put it in her glass of water!"

Pete also replied, "The tyrant also drank it."

Chester then said, "Perfect! Cherry, your mission now is to prevent Mrs. Lewis from coming back. Things will definitely heat up between your dad and mom tonight!"

Cherry asked suspiciously, "What kind of drug did you give to Mommy?"

Chester grinned. "Children shouldn't ask about things like that!"

It was


type of drug, of course! Additionally, because he knew that Justin had good self-control, he had given them a luxurious, upgraded version!

Inside the room.

Nora was taking a bath when she suddenly heard a sound outside. She walked out in a bath towel and asked lazily, "Cherry, Mrs. Lewis, are you back?"

As she spoke, she noticed the man sitting on the sofa.