She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 397: Pete's Speculation

Chapter 397: Pete's Speculation

Chapter 397: Pete's Speculation

Nora would never allow such a thing to happen!

Quentin's eyes were red and swollen as he shouted, "Uncle Ian, take care of your daughter yourself! Live and get up. Otherwise, I'll beat her up every day…"

Joel, who had always been a steady person, could not help but say, "Uncle Ian, aren't you afraid that I will be selfish in the future and take over the Smiths without giving Nora anything? Also, Nora is going to marry Justin. Aren't you afraid that she will be bullied if she marries over? She's without her father and even comes from the countryside. Now, the Hunts look down on her! She needs your support!"

Ian muttered in a weak voice with his eyes closed, "Joel, Quentin, you won't…"

"I will! I really will! Uncle Ian, wake up. You can't die!"

"Uncle Ian! Get up…"

Joel and Quentin shouted as their tears fell like rain.

The person lying on the bed had been exceptionally powerful since they were young. But now, he was weak and had been sick most of the year, he was very dispirited and would not wake up. It was as if nothing gave him hope for life.

However, the two of them would never forget that when their parents had abandoned them, it was Uncle Ian who came forward to raise them, calling them good children!

Especially Joel…

If not for Uncle Ian, he would have been chased out of the Smiths when he was three years old. He would have become like a stray dog and starved to death on the streets!

It was Uncle Ian… Not only had he given him the honor of being a man of the Smiths, but he had also let him take over the Smiths.

Everything Joel had now was given to him by Uncle Ian.

Joel held Uncle Ian's hand tightly. "Uncle Ian…"

Just as the two of them were thinking of ways to make him stay, a cold voice suddenly sounded. "Can I speak to him alone?"

Joel and Quentin looked at the person in a daze. It was Nora.

She stood at the side. Perhaps it was because they had not known each other since they were young, but her current expression was a little cold and distant.

The stunned expression in her eyes had disappeared as she stared at the man on the bed.

Even though her voice was emotionless and she appeared too calm, Joel and Quentin looked at each other. The two of them stood up and walked out together.

Before leaving, Joel took one last look inside.

He watched as the girl suddenly walked to the bed and said, "You're very good to them."

Ian smiled bitterly. "I didn't do my part as a father."

Nora suddenly said, "Now, you have a chance to fulfill your responsibilities."

After saying this, she suddenly lowered her head and whispered into Ian's ear. Ian's eyes widened suddenly.

When Joel closed the door, he heard Ian's last sentence. His voice trembled as he asked, "Are… are you serious?"

Two minutes later.

The door to the operating room was opened. Nora pushed Ian's bed out of the operating room.

Ian was lying there with his eyes closed.

Joel's heart sank. He exchanged glances with Quentin and the two of them looked at Nora. Quentin even swallowed his saliva and asked, "Uncle Ian, he…"

"He's not dead."

Nora's words sounded very calm, making Joel and Quentin heave a sigh of relief.

Quentin asked tentatively, "Then he's…"

"I gave him two injections and he fell asleep. He needs to rest. In the next few days, don't disturb him in any case. No matter how powerful this lion is, his body has been hollowed out. His body needs to be raised from the roots."

With that, she looked at Joel. "I have a few medicinal recipes here. I'll write them down for you later."

Joel hurriedly nodded. "I'll arrange for someone to cook for Uncle Ian every day."

The three of them walked into the VIP ward together.

After entering the ward, Nora checked Ian's vital signs. After everything was normal, she said, "He won't die for the time being."

Joel probed, "Then… after the time being…"

Nora: "If you follow the schedule I'm giving you and are obedient, he can live out his natural life."

Joel heaved a sigh of relief.

Nora took out her phone and opened the memo. Her slender fingers quickly typed something on it for a while. She sent Joel the things to take note of and future treatment plans.

Joel took a look and realized that it was all basic care. The staff in the hospital could do it.

Quentin asked curiously, "Aren't you going to take care of Uncle Ian personally in the future?"

Nora glanced at him. "I don't know how to take care of people."

Quentin: "…"

After doing all this, Nora walked out. "I'm going to see Old Maddy."

Ever since Old Maddy was rescued, he had been in the hospital for treatment. After all, he had been too severely poisoned. Furthermore, Old Maddy had never recovered from his crazy illness.

Nora went to Old Maddy's ward again. When she was about to go home, she saw Quentin.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Quentin coughed. "I'm waiting for you to take you home."


Nora said helplessly, "Alright."

After the two of them returned home, Nora went upstairs and saw Pete. She kissed her son's forehead and was about to take a shower when Pete suddenly said mysteriously, "Mommy, did you know? Uncle Joel came to pick Mia and me up just now. But he then later got the chauffeur to bring us back and went to chase after God-mom Tanya."

Nora: "??"

When she went to see Old Maddy, Joel had arranged for the medical staff to pick up Mia and Pete from school. She did not expect him to go after Tanya?

Why was he looking for Tanya?

Nora raised her eyebrows.

She smiled and touched Pete's head. "I understand."

Pete blinked and suddenly said, "Mommy, is God-mom Tanya going to be my aunt soon?"

Nora: "?"

This little fellow knew quite a lot. She asked, "Do you want her to be your aunt?"


Pete nodded seriously. "God-mom treats Mia well."

Nora sensed something. "You mean, Mia's mommy isn't good to her?"

Pete thought for a moment. "No, she isn't."

Nora frowned and pulled a chair over casually. She sat in front of Pete with interest. "Come, talk properly."

Pete's expression was stern as he said seriously, "These are all my speculations."

Nora had always thought that Mia's mother treated her well. After all, who would be cruel to their own daughter? It was because Hillary and Joel were on bad terms that the two of them did not get together.

However, she did not expect Pete's next words to completely subvert her understanding.