She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 396 - Father And Daughter Acknowledge Each Other! Separated By Death?

Chapter 396 - Father And Daughter Acknowledge Each Other! Separated By Death?

Chapter 396: Father And Daughter Acknowledge Each Other! Separated By Death?

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Someone was following them?

Nora looked at the back through the rearview mirror—it was filled with cars.

Quentin lived up to his identity as a man in secret forces. His senses were sharper and keener than even hers. She also sensed it after Quentin brought it up.

“Can you throw them off?” Nora asked.

“Of course.” Quentin said triumphantly, “Don’t you know whose car you’re in right now? How dare they tail me. They sure think really highly of themselves!”

He sneered, “I’m the only one who can tail other people in New York. No one can tail me!”

He suddenly turned the steering wheel all the way to the side at the traffic light and drifted straight into a small side road.

Nora looked at the rearview mirror—two black cars clearly looked a little confused because they hadn’t expected him to suddenly break the traffic rules and go somewhere else.

However, another two cars soon followed after them from the side.

Quentin discovered their presence earlier than she did. He sneered, “Tsk, it seems like there are a lot of people interested in Big Sister, Nora! Don’t worry, I will definitely keep you safe!”

He changed the direction he was going in again.

The car went back and forth in the familiar New York streets. Quentin was very professional. Half an hour later, when he turned to another side road, there were no longer any cars following them at the back.

Obviously, Quentin had successfully thrown them all off.

Quentin looked at her. He looked as if he was asking for praise as he asked, “How was that?”

He lifted his chin.

Nora gave him a thumbs up. “Fantastic.”

Quentin couldn’t suppress the smile at the corners of his lips.

His idol was none other than Big Sister. It simply felt too blissful to be praised by his idol. He must do even better than this!

While Quentin was getting fired up, his cell phone suddenly rang.

When he answered, Joel’s voice came from the other side. “Where is Nora?”

Quentin looked at the woman in the backseat. “She’s in the car with me. What’s up?”

Joel said, “Come to the hospital right away!”

Quentin: “?”

He subconsciously asked, “Is there something wrong with Uncle Ian?”

Joel sighed. “You’ll know once you’re here.”


Quentin immediately took a U-turn and raced to the hospital.

When Nora heard the call from Joel, she knew at once that something must have happened in the hospital.

When the two arrived at the hospital, sure enough, they saw Joel pacing back and forth nervously in the corridor. When he heard their footsteps, he immediately looked at Nora and said, “Quick, Nora, go into the operating room and save him!”

Nora entered the operating room right away.

It was only after she went in that Quentin asked, “What happened?”

Joel replied, “Uncle Ian’s heart suddenly stopped beating. They are trying to save him now.”

Quentin was stunned. His heart sank.

In all honesty, he had never taken Ian’s illness seriously because Ian had always been ill for as long as he could remember.

Therefore, he hadn’t panicked even when Nora operated on Ian previously.

But when he heard that Ian had a cardiac arrest, he couldn’t help but blank out. He immediately said, “That’s impossible! It’s impossible that anything would go wrong when B… Nora’s the one operating on him!”

Had Nora just been Anti, Quentin might still have had doubts.

But she was Big Sister.

She was the famous Big Sister in the martial arts circle. There was no way she would do anything she wasn’t confident about!

Joel glanced at him when he heard him.

Based on his understanding of Quentin, Quentin should have already formed doubts about Nora a long time ago. Yet he was so sure about it at the moment…

It wasn’t the time for him to be thinking about that, though. He said, “It’s Uncle Ian himself who… suddenly pulled out the IV needle when he woke up.”

Quentin: “…”

Joel sighed. “Uncle Ian still doesn’t have any will to live. He doesn’t want to live anymore.”

Quentin was in such a panic that he was going around in circles. “What should we do? Didn’t you tell Uncle Ian that Nora is his daughter?”

Joel said, “That’s exactly why I asked you guys to come. I’m hoping that Nora can find a way to keep him alive.”

Quentin nodded.

It was unknown just how much time went by before the operating room’s lights finally went out.

The attending doctor then came out and looked at the two of them.

Both Joel and Quentin looked at him hopefully but instead saw the doctor shake his head instead.

Joel and Quentin were dumbfounded.

The doctor said, “Anti lives up to her name as a master surgeon. She once again pulled the old gentleman back from the brink of death. He’s awake now, but…”

The doctor sighed. “He still does not have the will to live.”

No will to live… even though he was awake…

Joel panicked. “Didn’t Nora tell him that she is his daughter?”

“She did, but it wasn’t of any use.”

The attending doctor then stepped aside. “You… Why don’t you go in and see him for the last time?”

Joel and Ian put on sterile gowns and entered the operating room.

Ian lay on the bed. The thin man looked just like a sheet of paper, which easily showed that he hadn’t been eating well. He was ridiculously thin.

Nora was standing next to him blankly. Her eyes were full of perplexity and doubts as if she couldn’t understand anything. She asked, “Why don’t you want to live? Even if it’s for my sake?”

Ian’s voice was very thin. He said weakly, “I’m sorry.”

He coughed and slowly said, “I’m very happy that Yvette didn’t betray me… but when I think of how she has been all by herself in that lonely world for so long, I feel so awful. I should have figured it out earlier. I should have gone to keep her company earlier. Nora…”

He reached out a trembling hand to Nora.

Nora pursed her lips and held his hand. He said, “Please forgive Dad for being so selfish. I was waiting all this time for the truth to surface, waiting to find out why she had left me back then. But now that I finally know it, I suddenly feel guilty and blame myself for it. It’s no longer important why she had done what she did. Back then, no matter what the reason for her departure was, I shouldn’t have doubted her. She must have had reasons that she couldn’t tell me. All I could do for her back then was to let go of her, and now, the only thing I can do for her is to go and keep her company…”

He looked at Joel and Quentin who had entered.

Joel and Quentin’s eyes were all red. They took a step forward. Ian said to the two of them, “Joel, Quentin, Nora is my daughter. I put her in your care now.”

Joel choked up and shouted, “Uncle Ian, you should take care of your daughter yourself!

Ian smiled wryly and said, “I’m tired. I really am. I’ve spent all these years like a walking dead. Leaving is the greatest relief I can ever have.”

All three youngsters looked at him blankly.

All of them were dumbfounded.

No one, no matter who, had ever imagined that letting Ian know that Nora was his daughter would be the last straw to break the camel’s back and send him to his death.

Nora clenched her fists.

Were they going to be separated by death when they had only just reunited as father and daughter?