She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 398: I Won't Let Go This Time

Chapter 398: I Won't Let Go This Time

Chapter 398: I Won't Let Go This Time

Pete said, "Mommy, if I liked mathematics very much, would you stop me from learning it?"

Nora: "Of course not."

Everyone knew that Cherry liked to play games. In order to make Cherry happy, she had agreed to let her play. She only limited the time spent on playing games.

Pete nodded. "Mia's mother knows she likes to dance, but she doesn't let her learn. Moreover, Mia is very afraid of her mother."


No child should be afraid of their mother, right?

Nora felt that Pete might have used the wrong word. "Is it because her mommy is very strict?"

Pete shook his head. "No."

He thought for a moment and said, "The tyrant is very strict too, but I know that he does it for my own good. Sometimes, I go on a hunger strike to fight against him because I know he will eventually give in."

"But Mia's fear of her mommy comes from the fact that she's not sure her mommy would ever give in.

Nora was stunned.

Although Pete's words were messy, she understood them.

Because Justin was his father, even if he was stern every day or even hit Pete, Pete still respected Justin and was not afraid of him.

But Mia's mother was like a stranger and a bad person to Mia. Mia didn't even feel safe with her.

She frowned. "Did Mia tell you all this?"

Pete shook his head. "I observed it myself."

Nora frowned.

If what Pete said was true, Nora would really have to reconsider this matter. However, Pete was only five years old. His conclusion could not be trusted so easily.

Nora said seriously, "Okay, Pete. I understand. I'll take note of this and observe Mia. If it's true, I'll tell your uncle."

At the same time, she frowned.

Was there really a mother in this world who abused her own child?

In the suburbs.

Tanya drove in and looked at the shameless man.

After work, he took the opportunity while she had yet to lock the car to suddenly open the back door and sneak into her car.

She wanted to scold him back then, but his words made her shut her mouth. "Keep arguing If you want everyone to know about our relationship. If you don't, then drive."

Tanya: "…"

She was speechless and anxious.

However, as a kindergarten teacher, she did not want to make a scene in school. She gritted her teeth in anger, but she still drove home. On the way, she switched on her mocking mode. "Mr. Smith, may I ask what my relationship with you is?"

Joel: "I'm your ex-boyfriend."


"Or rather, it's because I can't forget my ex-girlfriend."

When Tanya heard this, for some reason, her face turned red. She shook her head and sneered. "Mr. Smith, you have a fiancée and daughter now. You're harassing me like this, understand?"

Joel lowered his eyes. "Tanya, you were so angry yesterday. Were you jealous?"


Tanya choked on his words.

However, she immediately realized that from the moment she saw Hillary's Facebook post, she had indeed started to feel angry and humiliated.

Previously, she had been deceived by Mia and Joel.

Even after the two of them had left, she still felt happy for a while.

It was Hillary's post that had brought her back to reality. She suddenly realized that Mia was Joel and Hillary's daughter, not hers!

Why was she so excited about Mia's birthday?

She did not sleep much that night.

Before she returned, as she thought about her plans after returning to the country, she had told herself not to contact Joel ever again. But why were they involved again?

She was angry with herself and even more furious with Joel for teasing her.

He was making her sink deeper into it step by step.

She did not say anything else along the way until they arrived at the villa. However, after stopping the car, she did not get out. Instead, she said calmly, "Yes, I was jealous."

Joel was taken aback.

Tanya lowered her head. He could not see the girl's expression, but he could see that her shoulders were trembling slightly. She had never cried much since she was young.

Why was she crying now?

As he was thinking, she chuckled. "I admit it. Are you satisfied?"

She looked up and asked with a smile, "Mr. Smith, are you satisfied with me admitting that I'm a b*tch who covets someone else's fiancé?"

"You just had to make me admit that I'll always be lowly in front of you. Are you satisfied?"

The three "are you satisfied?" encompassed everything she had suffered all these years!

In Switzerland, she had no lack of suitors, but she did not like anyone. What she was unwilling to admit was that she had never let go of this man.

Even if this man was with the sister she hated the most.

As she smiled, tears suddenly fell down.

The teardrop was crystal clear as it slid down the corner of her eye and landed on her leg.

At this moment, a warm hand pressed down on her shoulder. With a huge reaction, she suddenly reached out and pushed the hand away!

She got out of the car angrily.

Joel chased after her. "Tanya!"

Tanya pushed him away and opened the door.

Joel hugged her tightly. "Tanya."

Tanya was furious and shouted angrily, "Joel, what are you trying to do? Let me tell you, even if I haven't completely forgotten about you, I won't be your mistress! I may be spineless, but I still have this bottom line! Let go. If you don't, I'll call the police!"

However, the man behind her did not let go. Just as Tanya angrily picked up her phone and was about to call the police, Joel's voice suddenly sounded. "Uncle Ian is critically ill."

Tanya paused.

Tanya knew who his uncle was. She also knew how important this uncle was to Joel.

She said nothing.

Joel continued, "After Uncle Ian and Yvette separated more than twenty years ago, they never saw each other again. His greatest regret in this life is that he couldn't be with her. Even though he knows that Nora is his daughter, he still wants to follow Yvette to the afterlife."

"Tanya, we're so lucky to meet again. This time, I won't let go."

At the Smiths.

After taking a shower, Nora prepared to go downstairs to eat something.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw Quentin in front of it.

Although the man was already 26 years old, he still looked very young. His thin body leaned against the wall, and he instantly stood up when he saw her.

Nora raised her eyebrows. "What's the matter?"

Quentin nodded and asked curiously, "Nora, what did you tell Uncle Ian that suddenly gave him the will to survive?"