She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 395 - The Strange Guy

Chapter 395 - The Strange Guy

Chapter 395: The Strange Guy

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Lily was referring to the chemical composition test for the solution that Victor and the others were drinking.

Nora sent a reply: ‘The results?’

Lily responded very quickly: “It’s just an ordinary sports drink. The only thing different about it from normal sports drinks is the fact that it’s more concentrated. Even martial arts practitioners wouldn’t need that many nutrients, no matter how much energy they use up, let alone the average person.”

The results didn’t disappoint Nora.

If Victor and the others had indeed only become this strong because they had taken some kind of drug, then said drug was undoubtedly a prohibited substance. On top of that, they were also acting very mysteriously about it. It was impossible for them to consume it at the arena itself.

But a highly-concentrated sports drink…

When she was thinking about it, elsewhere, No. 007 was looking around. Quentin asked, “Are you looking for Big Brother?”

There hadn’t been a winner between the two during the last tournament.

He would definitely be out for revenge this year, right?

Unexpectedly, No. 007 instead said, “I came late this year. Which of the contestants here is Big Sister?”

Nora abruptly raised her head and looked at him when she heard the words ‘Big Sister’.

Quentin subconsciously glanced at Nora before he replied, “Oh, Big Sister is resting in her lounge. You can look for her there if you need anything. She’s the very big and muscular woman in there.”

Nora: “…”

No. 007 was a little taken aback. “She’s very big and muscular? That’s impossible.”

Quentin: “?”

No. 007 went on. “Big Sister does regular martial arts training, so it’s impossible that she would be really big. All strong martial artists need physiques that move smoothly. I heard that there are people here who impersonate Big Sister to make money and stuff like that.”

No. 007 then looked at Nora. “Big Sister’s figure should be like No. 028’s instead.”

Nora: “…”

She took a long look at No. 007, thinking that it was likely that he might have already noticed something. However, he didn’t press the issue, so Nora didn’t say anything.

She still needed to keep her identity a secret.

Quentin lifted his chin and became very proud. “You have good foresight!”

No. 007 chuckled. Then, he pointed to the dining area next to them and suggested, “Let’s sit down and have a bite? I think it’s your match soon.”

Before Nora could say anything, another low and deep voice reached them. “No, it’s fine.”

The few of them looked over and saw Justin walking over with Cherry in his arms.

Cherry was still wearing her half-mask and was holding a lollipop. Her big eyes blinked as she looked at them.

Justin walked over, stopped in front of Nora, and faced No. 007. “Thanks.”

Then, he took out a chocolate bar and handed it to Nora. “This will replenish your energy quickly if you’re hungry.”

Nora: “…”

Next to them, Quentin’s lip corners spasmed.

Before this, he had felt that the pretty boy wasn’t worthy of Big Sister, but now that he knew that his cousin was Big Sister, his requirements for his cousin-in-law had immediately become even higher.


He tapped Justin’s shoulder.

Justin looked at him.

Quentin sneered, “Aren’t you being a little too jealous? I can sense it even from a long distance.”


Justin didn’t say anything. Quentin lowered his voice and said, “Kid, you’re pretty bold, huh!”

Justin raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

Quentin glanced at Nora. “Do you know her true identity?”


Quentin clicked his tongue a couple of times and said, “You’re pretty bold to have the guts to cuckold Justin Hunt. You gotta protect your personal information, though, get it? Otherwise, even my cousin won’t be able to protect you! There are only two people in New York whom no one must ever mess with—one of them is Joel Smith, my cousin, and the other is Justin Hunt!”

Justin: “…”

Him cuckolding himself… Yep, if it wasn’t because he was his cousin-in-law, he really felt like punching Quentin. But now… well, this was quite alright, too.

The next five matches they played sent them straight into Class E.

The five matches were no sweat for the three of them. After all, with Big Sister and Big Brother, as well as the third-best fighter in the world, they completely crushed everyone else.

While they were crushing their opponents here, Victor’s team also won two matches and gave their opponents crushing defeats.

After finishing the five matches in succession, Nora yawned and stepped out of the ring.

As soon as they got out, Quentin said, “B… Sis, No. 007 has been staring at you.”

Nora: “??”

She followed his gaze and looked over. Sure enough, Nora found No. 007 sitting at the bottom of the ring. However, he was staring straight at her and making no secret about it. There was admiration—as well as scrutiny—in his eyes.

Nora raised her brows.

Quentin then went to Justin. “It’s a love rival, bro!”

Justin was speechless when he saw how eager Quentin was to throw the world into chaos.

No. 007 got up and walked straight toward them after the match.

However, before he could even come close, Nora and Justin had turned around very naturally and walked to the door. They didn’t give him any chance to get close to them.

This took No. 007 by surprise. He smiled wryly, stopped in his tracks, and took the hint. He didn’t chase after them anymore.

But just as the two of them were about to leave the arena, Victor and the other two men in his team suddenly rushed over. They moved very quickly. When they were passing by, Victor suddenly whispered, “You’re the real Big Sister, aren’t you?”

Nora was taken aback. Then, she narrowed her eyes and looked at him. Her lips curled into a smile, but she didn’t admit to it. “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

However, Victor was sure of her identity. He sneered, “I can accept losing to you, then. But it won’t be the same next time!”

The few of them then left.

Nora ignored him. While she and Justin continued walking toward the exit, another man wearing a white feathered mask entered.

He looked rather unique, and coughed a few times with every two steps he took. He looked ill.

In addition, he coughed very hard. It sounded as though he was about to cough up his lungs.

A man was supporting him at the side.

Someone whispered, “He came to the arena even when he’s so sick and so weak? He must be here just to join in the fun and watch the show, right?”

Unexpectedly, the man walked up to the registration counter. As he coughed, a rich and mellow voice rang out. “Sorry, I have already signed up, but I only just came to participate in the tournament today. I wonder if my eligibility still stands?”

The staff member replied, “This is a little difficult. It’s already been so long…”

During the exchange, the black-clad bodyguard supporting the man handed the guy a check.

The guy accepted the check in a very practiced manner, and immediately changed his tone without any principles whatsoever. “Of course, it still stands… What’s your registration number?”


The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

The martial arts association must be as poor as church mice now, right? They really took all the money they could get.

After bidding farewell to Justin in the car park, Nora took Quentin’s car back home.

On the way, Quentin suddenly said, “Nora, someone’s following us.”