She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 385 - Big Sister, Show Me Your True Colors!

Chapter 385 - Big Sister, Show Me Your True Colors!

Chapter 385: Big Sister, Show Me Your True Colors!

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Nora entered the underground arena and saw Justin in the food section.

After all, a man holding a little girl was too eye-catching.

She walked over and Cherry, who was wearing a silver mask, said softly, “Mommy, I haven’t seen you in a few days. I missed you so much~ When I see you, I feel full of energy!”

Nora: “…”

The corners of her lips twitched. Seeing that Cherry still had the intention to continue talking, she quickly said, “Shhh.”

Cherry immediately shut her mouth obediently.

Nora walked over and fell onto the sofa. She immediately leaned against the sofa and closed her eyes to rest. In order to wait for Yvonne to go to the hospital tonight, she had not slept since the day before.

However, after closing her eyes, she could still hear Cherry mumbling at Justin’s ear. “Daddy, do you see that? Mommy is very scary if she hasn’t slept enough. You can’t provoke her now!”

Justin smiled. “…How scary is she?”

Cherry said softly, “When I was young, I was insensible once and woke her up. She spanked me a few times! It hurt so much!”


The man remained silent for a long time before saying, “I envy you.”


Nora: “??”

What did he envy Cherry for? Being spanked?

Was this dog man still a masochist?

She grimaced, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

At this moment, enthusiastic applause and sighs were suddenly heard on the nearest ring. Then, someone passed by them while still discussing fervently.

“Heavens, isn’t Victor too powerful? The last time he was injured, he was clearly more severely injured than Randy from Quinn School of Martial Arts, but Randy is still lying in the hospital and can’t get up. But look at Victor, he has already recovered, and he seems to be even more powerful than last time!”

“That’s right. He only used a few moves to defeat the fighter from Class E. He’s too powerful. I think his skills aren’t much different from those two!”

“No way? Big Brother and Big Sister are the representatives of martial arts. Victor is only the disciple of a foreign boxing champion and has only studied for two years. It can’t be…”

The two of them left while talking. Nora suddenly opened her eyes. At that moment, her dark eyes met Justin’s.

The mole under the man’s eye seemed to be flashing with the same question.

The moment the two of them looked at each other, neither of them spoke. They stood up and walked toward the arena.

Indeed, Victor was getting off the stage. On the other side, a man was being carried off the stage.

“That’s a Class E martial artist. He entered Class F last year, and his skills are not bad. He couldn’t even take a few moves from Victor?”

Justin was a little hesitant as he stared at Victor. He slowly analyzed in a deep voice, “Furthermore, from the way he walked, his injuries seem to have healed completely. But he only took four days to heal his muscles and bones! This is too fast!”

“There must be a reason why things are so abnormal.” Nora suddenly approached Justin. Her voice was very low. “Follow him and take a look?”

Justin nodded.

The two of them followed Victor out. When they saw him take two steps, he reached out and pressed his chest, his face filled with pain.

The last time, Nora taught him a good lesson. Even if his external injuries were healed, his internal injuries were still there.

The wound on his chest was the hardest to heal.

As the two of them were thinking, Victor suddenly took out a bag of strange-looking medicine, opened it, and drank it.

After he finished drinking, the pain in his chest seemed to have been relieved. Even his footsteps had become more vigorous. It looked like his martial arts skills had improved again?

“There’s something wrong with that medicine.”

Just as this sentence appeared in Nora’s mind, Justin had already spoken. Nora nodded. “Don’t disturb him. Let’s go over and take a look first.”

Victor finished the bag of medicine and did not throw the packaging into the trash can. Instead, he carefully folded the bag and placed it in his pocket.

Nora frowned.

Justin seemed to have sensed something and asked, “You want it?”


Justin handed her Cherry. “Wait a minute.”

Nora had just taken Cherry when she saw Justin walking towards Victor in the distance. When the two of them brushed past each other, Justin’s shoulder suddenly bumped into Victor.

Victor was furious. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Justin was wearing a black mask, and his thin lips curled up slightly. “I’m sorry.”

Victor still wanted to scold him. After all, his temper had always been bad. However, for some reason, when he met this man’s pitch-black eyes, he could not say anything else.

This was the pressure of an expert.

Victor could only snort and mutter something before lowering his head and leaving quickly.

After he left, Justin turned around and returned. He took out the bag of medicine, that Victor had drunk earlier, like a magic trick and handed it to Nora.

Nora took it and glanced at it. Indeed, she saw some residue inside.

She smirked. “I’ll let Lily see what’s in this medicine tonight. It shouldn’t be ordinary stimulants.”

Justin nodded.

Cherry, who had long been placed on the ground by Nora, reached out her small hand to Justin. “Daddy, hug.”

“Why do you need him to hug you? Don’t you have legs?”

Nora muttered in disdain, but Justin still bent down without any hesitation and picked Cherry up. When he saw Nora frowning, he subconsciously explained, “It’s too messy here. It’s better to keep her close, just to be safe.”

Nora: “…”

After a moment of silence, she asked, “Do you hug Pete this much too?”

Justin said without hesitation, “He doesn’t need it. As a man, this little danger is nothing.”


Why such double standards?

Nora ignored him and rolled her eyes at Cherry instead.

Cherry wrapped her arms around her father’s neck and praised, “Daddy, you looked so handsome when you were stealing!”


Justin: “…”

Cherry blinked. “Should we continue to steal things?”

Justin smiled. “We have everything you want at home. In this world…”

He suddenly looked at Nora and said meaningfully, “Other than the one thing that I want to steal, I can buy everything else for you.”

Cherry was curious. “Then what are you trying to steal, Daddy?”

Justin just smiled.

For some reason, Nora’s heart skipped a beat when he stared at her.

Her face was even slightly hot, so much so that she did not notice a figure quietly approaching her.

Just as Justin’s lips moved slightly and he was about to say something, a figure suddenly darted out from the side.

Quentin attacked Nora’s face very quickly and took off her mask. “Big Sister, let me see your true colors today!”