She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 386 - Teaming Up For The Tournament?

Chapter 386 - Teaming Up For The Tournament?

Chapter 386: Teaming Up For The Tournament?

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Quentin moved very quickly. Just as it seemed like he was about to take off her mask, and even Nora was caught somewhat off-guard, a large hand suddenly held her around her waist and pulled her back a couple of steps. She fell right into the man’s arms.

The man’s familiar testosterone-y aura took Nora by surprise.

She turned to see Justin staring at her. After quickly letting go of her waist, the man said in a low and deep voice, “You’re welcome.”

Nora: “…”

She actually wasn’t planning on thanking him.

She stood up straight and looked at Quentin. “What are you doing?”

Quentin felt rather regretful that he hadn’t managed to take off her mask. He said, “Sorry, Big Sister. I just wanted to see what you really look like.”

When he was walking over just now, he had seen Big Sister spacing out for once. On top of that, she had even seemed distracted and somewhat dazed, so he had reckoned that this was probably the best opportunity he would ever have.

Unexpectedly, it had actually failed.

He couldn’t help but glare at Justin, who was wearing a black mask.

What was he showing off how in love they were at a critical moment like that for?

Couldn’t he just hug her at home? To think he actually did that in public. Was it because he thought that he was single and didn’t have a girlfriend?

He curled his lips disdainfully and ignored Justin. Instead, he showed Nora a lot of admiration and asked, “Why didn’t you come the last two days, Big Sister?”

Nora: “?”

Didn’t he know exactly what she was doing?

She curled her lips into a smile and replied, “I had something on.”

Quentin nodded. “I just so happened to have something on too. My cousin was framed, so I went to save her. By the way, are we still taking part in the match today, Big Sister?”


Nora agreed to it without any hesitation.

Quentin looked around.

“Are you looking for someone?” asked Nora.

Quentin nodded. “I saw my cousin’s car outside. She must have heard about the tournament somewhere and come here to have some fun. I’m afraid she’ll offend someone because she doesn’t know the rules, so I’m looking around to see if I can find her. I don’t know where she’s hiding, though.”

Nora: “…”

Next to her, Cherry, who was holding her cell phone, swept her gaze across Quentin and shook her head a little. It would probably take that silly uncle of hers forever to realize that Mommy was Big Sister!

Nora and Justin were the two mainstays of the martial arts circle. With Quentin, the self-proclaimed third, with them, their team practically forged ahead unopposed.

Before they went into the ring, Quentin even said to Justin, “Remember to protect yourself later. You’re the weakest among us three. Don’t give the opponents any chance for a breakthrough.”

Justin: “…”

His words made Nora give Justin a close, scrutinizing look.

The two of them had fought each other a few times before, but she hadn’t been able to completely suppress Justin before. This showed that the man was very strong. Who exactly was he? Who had he learned his martial arts from?

Perhaps because he noticed her gaze, Justin came up to her and let out a low chuckle. With his beauty mark covered by his mask, the man’s eyes were dark and bottomless and looked a little less bewitching than usual. He said, “I’ll take off the mask and let you look at me for free after the fight is over and we go home. Don’t look anymore for now.”

Nora: “!!”

Quentin: “…”

For some reason, he felt like they were showing off how in love they were again. The two of them were too much!

Were they here to compete or to show off how deeply they were in love with each other?!

The triggered Quentin straight-up displayed his martial prowess to its fullest and utterly defeated his opponent.

With all the points they had accumulated recently, they had reached Class D.

The team of three fought two more matches. However, when they were about to leave at night, the organizer of the tournament came up to them with a troubled look on his face. He said, “Please wait a minute, the three of you.”

The trio stopped and looked at the organizer in confusion.

The organizer sighed and asked, “Can the three of you wait for a while and watch a certain match?”

Watch a certain match?

All three of them nodded.

Quentin had agreed because the tournament used to be organized by Ryan. At the bottom of it all, the Smiths had to take responsibility for the tournament.

As for Justin, as a leading figure in the martial arts circle, he had his responsibilities, of course.

Although Nora didn’t actively participate in the Quinn School of Martial Arts’ affairs, as Big Sister, she would play her part in maintaining order in the tournament, so she also agreed to it.

The organizer took the trio to Arena No. 5.

Once one-on-one matches were over, team matches were slotted in at intervals.

However, Nora was stunned when she saw the three people in the ring because…

The people in the ring were none other than Victor and his two fellow disciples!

The few of them were disciples of the Benevolence Hall, which had only been established for two years. Additionally, the owner of the Benevolence Hall was none other than the foreign boxing champion, Abigail!

Why had those three suddenly formed a team, though?

While she was wondering about it, the organizer standing beside them sighed and said, “That man called Victor, as well as his two fellow disciples, suddenly became very strong. Originally, we didn’t think much about it—after all, once they reach Class F, there are Big Brother and Big Sister who will teach them a lesson or two.”

While saying that, he secretly cast a glance at Justin.

Seeing that Justin was ignoring him, he continued and said, “But unexpectedly, those three have actually formed a team. Now that they’ve become a three-man team, it may really be true that no one can beat them anymore!”

Quentin snorted coldly at his words. “Why wouldn’t anyone be able to beat them? How can you put yourself down when you haven’t even fought them?! There’s still me and Big… my elder sister, isn’t it?”

He’d originally wanted to say ‘Big Sister’, but he suddenly remembered that Big Sister wanted to hide her identity, so he ended up saying ‘elder sister’ instead.

Nora: “??”

Her lips slowly curled into a smile. She couldn’t help but wonder if that fellow would still be able to bring himself to call her his ‘elder sister’ once he knew who she really was.

The organizer, however, misunderstood and thought that Quentin wanted to say ‘Big Brother’, so he didn’t think too much about it. He merely sighed and said, “There’s only the two of you. Besides, it’s one-on-one. To be honest, I’m not worried about Big Sister or Big Brother being up against Victor one-on-one. But there are three of them, so… it’s hard to say!”

The organizer glanced at Justin.

Victor and his two fellow disciples were comparable in strength to Big Sister and Big Brother now. Unfortunately, Team Third In The World only had Big Brother and Quentin, who was ranked third. How would they be able to beat them?

Quentin also heaved a sigh. “Yeah. I’m not trying to diss you, but you’re holding us back, bro.”

Nevertheless, he still said impartially, “Just try your best. It doesn’t matter even if you lose. We’re all Americans here, so it doesn’t matter.”

As soon as he said that, the organizer fell silent for a moment. At last, he heaved a huge sigh and asked, “Do you know what their team name is?”

“What is it?”

“Americans Are Incompetent.”

His words stunned the three of them.

Quentin shouted angrily, “What kind of ridiculous name is that? You guys actually allowed it?”

The organizer was also very angry. “We don’t have any rules in the tournament. It’s just like how no one would say anything even if you named your team First In The World.. They exploited that loophole. So, do you still think it’s okay to lose?”