She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 384 - Karma

Chapter 384 - Karma

Chapter 384: Karma

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Yvonne shouted crazily. She pointed at Joel and scolded, “You adopted me only because you wanted to matchmake me. Now, you see that I’m useless. This woman is back and you already have a sister, so you’re planning to abandon me! Are you despising me for being a hindrance? You Smiths are all bad people! Bad people! From the moment you adopted me, you’ve been up to no good!”


She screamed hysterically. If someone did not know better, they would have thought that the Smiths were torturing her.

She did not know how long she had been shouting for before Nora stretched out her fingers and dug her ears. “Tsk, I really can’t listen to it anymore.”

Yvonne’s voice stopped as she looked at her angrily.

Nora squatted down and looked at her face to face. “Before you came, I investigated you.”

She wanted to see if this person could still be saved. Was her heart bad or was it really because she lacked love?

After all, she was an adopted daughter.

The result was shocking.

She took out her phone and opened the information she had saved in the photo album. “You said that he adopted you and treated you badly… Then do you know what the children who were with you at the orphanage are doing now?”

“This is the girl who slept on your top bunk. You should know her, right? She was adopted by an ordinary family, but she didn’t have the money to go to university after she went to high school. So she went out to work and met her boyfriend. The two of them are married now, but they have been fighting for their lives. She never knew in her life that someone’s clothes could be customized for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars because she had never seen that much money.”

“This is normal. Look at this girl. She’s also a girl from your dormitory. She was adopted by a beastly father and was placed under house arrest for 20 years. He got someone to come to her door and let her pick up guests to earn money. Her life was worse than death. Now that she has that kind of illness, she can’t see well and is waiting to die.”

“And this…”

The pictures were of all kinds of adopted children and their recent situations. Most of the children lived normally, but they were only middle-class.

A small portion of people lived miserably.

Nora looked at Yvonne. “So, why can’t you thank him for never mistreating you, for sending you to the best school, and even sending you overseas to study? The piano, violin, dance, computer, which of these don’t you need resources for? Some people have never come into contact with them. As for company and feelings, some people are just not good at talking, but he has never mocked you or ignored you, right?”

“We shouldn’t ask for too much. The thought of destroying what we can’t get is too terrifying.”

Yvonne still retorted, “I don’t ask for much. I just want a family! But the people in this family are too cold to me! I’m just a child!”

Nora saw that she was being stubborn and sneered. Before she could say anything, Joel’s voice suddenly came from the side. “I originally didn’t want to talk to you, but I don’t want to tarnish my reputation like you! Have you ever wondered why Uncle Ian is so distant and cold to you?”

Yvonne was startled. “What?”

Joel lowered his eyes. “When you were four years old, you had a fever once. Uncle Ian even guarded you for a night. At that time, he even played with you often… He was a perfect father!”

Four years old?

This was something that had happened too long ago, and Yvonne had long forgotten about it.

As she was thinking, she heard Joel say, “Uncle Ian doesn’t treat you well because when you were four years old, he saw you kill the little rabbit that you kept as a pet.”

Yvonne’s entire body froze.

Joel lowered his eyes. “Uncle Ian bought you all kinds of pets, but because you felt that he treated them too well, you indirectly caused their deaths. During that period of time, other than humans, there were no living things in the house! Uncle Ian tried to correct your thoughts, but you were born with bad roots. You were bad to the bone. If you felt the slightest dissatisfaction, you would poison them. At that time, I felt that you were mentally unstable, but at most, you would hurt the pets. But I didn’t expect you to dare to poison people now! A vicious woman like you probably has a black heart. How could Uncle Ian possibly treat you with love?!”

Yvonne narrowed her eyes.

She bit her lip. “Those pets stole my love. So what if I killed them? They’re just some animals! And that Old Maddy was just a lunatic adopted by our family. He didn’t even have any dignity when he was alive. So what if he died? He didn’t even have a family. What’s the point of such a person living in this world!”

Hearing her words, Nora narrowed her eyes.

Over the years, she had been used to seeing patients and lunatics. However, the person in front of her was the first person who made her feel terrified because she was a naturally bad person.

She did not want to be involved with her anymore. She only said one last sentence. “Actually, when he adopted you, he had never thought of giving up on you again. If you don’t believe me, you can look at your name.”


Yvonne was stunned before she reacted. Her name was Yvonne, and Ian loved Yvette.

She clenched her fists and sneered. “I already know what this name means. My existence is just him showing off his longing for his ex-girlfriend!”

Nora said softly, “But he has been longing for her all his life.”

So how could he chase the adopted daughter who represented Yvette out of the house?

Yvonne was stunned.

Nora did not give her a chance to speak again. Actually, she did not want to say anything to her here. She just did not want Yvonne to hate the person on the bed for no reason and let her tarnish his reputation.

Now that everything was clear, she looked at Joel. “Send her to the police station.”

Joel was silent.

Nora said, “Didn’t you say that he’s the most law-abiding? Then he’ll definitely send her to the police station and not torture her privately.”

When Joel heard this, he looked at the person on the hospital bed. In the end, he suppressed the anger in his heart and said to the bodyguard, “Send her to the police station. Also, send all the surveillance cameras footage. We’ll definitely convict her of attempted murder!”

“Yes, sir.”

When Yvonne was dragged out by the security guards, she no longer spoke. Her body was also soft.

Nora did not have time to sigh about her fate. She only told Joel that she was leaving first.

It had been a long time since she went to the underground arena. She was going to take a look tonight.

Otherwise, if she could not enter Class F, she would not be able to compete with Big Brother!

She parked the car at the martial arts arena and entered.

Quentin, who had been protecting her all along, followed closely behind. He was stunned when he entered the parking lot of the underground arena.

What was his little cousin doing here?