She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 383 - Was She Wrong?

Chapter 383 - Was She Wrong?

Chapter 383: Was She Wrong?

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Yvonne was shocked senseless.

She cried out in disbelief. “Ah!”

Then her hand trembled and the needle landed on the bed.

Her lips trembled. “Jo… Joel, what… what are you doing?”

Joel looked at her with deep eyes. “I should be the one asking you this. What are you doing?”

Yvonne bit her lips and refused to speak. “I-I was worried about Dad, so I came to see him.”

“Is that so?”

Joel lowered his head and looked at the needle on the bed. “What is this?”

Yvonne gulped and stuttered, “Vitamin.”

“Tsk, why didn’t I know this was vitamin?”

Suddenly, another deep voice sounded, causing Yvonne to turn her head again and see Nora walking over.

She picked up the syringe from the bed and sniffed it. After studying it carefully, she came to a conclusion. “This is potassium cyanide. As little as 0.1 grams injected into a person’s body would kill within thirty seconds!”

Yvonne stared at the needle and said in shock, “This, this isn’t, don’t talk nonsense…”



Nora handed the syringe to her. “There’s still some residue in here. If it’s vitamins, eat it and I’ll believe you.”

Yvonne: “!!”

She took the syringe with trembling fingers and stared at the liquid inside.

Of course, she knew best what was inside!

Potassium cyanide was medicine for euthanasia!

Her hands trembled, but she did not dare to really drink it. She threw the syringe on the ground. “Why should I drink it? I won’t! I refuse!”

Yvonne immediately shouted, “You’re slandering me! I didn’t want to poison Daddy!”

She suddenly came to a realization and said, “I know. Is it because you didn’t treat Daddy at all, so you deliberately said that he would wake up tomorrow and forced me to do it?! This way, it won’t show that your medical skills are bad. Nora, you’re really sinister and cunning!”


Nora heard her and lifted the blanket on Ian’s arm.

The bottle of drip was not even connected to his hand!

Yvonne was stunned.

Nora smiled. “Indeed, he won’t wake up tomorrow. Do you think he will wake up immediately after the surgery when his brain illness is so serious? He will need to rest for at least a week. However, I couldn’t wait another week.”

What could she not wait for?

Just as Yvonne was hesitating, Joel added, “The matter of you manipulating Florence to poison Old Maddy can’t be solved even if Florence sues you and makes a confession. As long as you refuse to admit it, there will be no evidence. We can’t convict you of instigating someone to murder, so we thought of this method.”

The moment Nora left the operating theater, Yvonne had nervously asked when Ian would wake up. Joel had given Nora a look.

Nora immediately said Ian would wake up tomorrow.

This only gave Yvonne a day to make a move.

When Yvonne heard that, she took a step back and looked at the two of them in disbelief. “Despicable! You’re too despicable!! You actually schemed against me!”

Joel lowered his eyes. “This is a setup, but we didn’t force you to come in. Before tonight, I thought that if you didn’t come, you would still have some conscience. Then, I would have given you a decent dowry and married you off since you’re the eldest daughter of the Smiths. From the looks of it, I was st