She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 378 - The Hospital

Chapter 378 - The Hospital

Chapter 378: The Hospital

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He had vomited blood?

Nora’s eyes narrowed. She hurriedly said, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

No matter what, saving Ian was more important!

In the hospital.

Joel was panicking outside the operating theater. Ian suddenly vomiting blood caught him off guard. At this moment, his vital signs had already calmed down and he was once again pulled back from death.

However, the attending doctor said, “Mr. Ian was saved this time, but next time, we can’t guarantee anything. He’s still in a coma. We have to think of a way to deal with the brain tumor.”

Joel said directly, “I’ve already called Anti over.”

When the attending doctor heard this, he hesitated. When Joel saw him like this, he could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

The attending doctor sighed. “A few days ago, Anti could still perform the surgery and barely save him. But now, Mr. Ian’s body is too weak. Just now, there was blood in his lungs, and we also performed the surgery on him. His body is no longer suitable for surgery. Sigh!”

No longer suitable for surgery…

What did this mean?

Joel grabbed his hand. “What did you say?”

The attending doctor slowly retracted his hand and said, “Mr. Joel, you… should prepare for a funeral!” before slowly retreating and leaving.

Joel stood there and frowned.

He looked at the ICU ward again.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from the end of the corridor.

Joel turned back and saw that the elders from the old residence had arrived.

He narrowed his eyes and welcomed them. “Granduncle, why are you here?”

This Granduncle was Ian’s third uncle. He used to be a glorious direct descendant, but ever since he moved to the old residence, he only took the Smiths’ dividend and did not ask about anything else.

Under normal circumstances, they would only appear if something unfair happened to the Smiths.

However, this Granduncle did not get along with Ian.

Back then, Ian refused to marry for the sake of Yvette. In granduncle’s eyes, he had already become an anomaly. Joel knew that granduncle had repeatedly scolded Ian for being selfish and completely disregarding his future generations. He did not even have a direct successor!

Granduncle even said that even if he did not get married, he could just have a child, but Ian had rejected all of them.

Back then, Ian’s methods were iron-blooded. The entire Smith family was exceptionally obedient under his thunderous methods. How could Granduncle be Ian’s match?

He had forcefully sent him back to the old residence and even sent him a message: “Take care of yourself. Don’t be a busybody.”

Granduncle had been furious, but he could not do anything to Ian.

According to what Joel knew, this Granduncle was guarding the ancestral old residence. The fun he had every day was cursing Ian. Every day, he would scold him. It had almost become his daily routine!

Ever since Ian fell ill, Granduncle had felt even more satisfied. Joel heard that he waited at home every day for news of his death.


Nothing good would come of him running here now!

Sure enough, the walking stick in the hands of this 80-year-old man hit him directly. “Unfilial son! Don’t you know why I’m here?”

Joel was not stupid. He dodged his attack, his eyes slightly cold. “Granduncle, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” The wrinkles on Granduncle’s face furrowed as he scolded, “Your Uncle Ian isn’t dead yet, but you can’t wait to chase his daughter out?”

When Joel heard this, his eyes narrowed.

With that, Granduncle moved aside to reveal Yvonne behind the crowd.

Yvonne’s eyes were red. She lowered her head and was crying silently. She looked up at Joel and said in a choked voice, “Joel, big brother, I was wrong. Let me go home!”

When he saw her, Joel narrowed his eyes.

His lips curled into a mocking smile.

Granduncle had always been at odds with Ian. Why would he be so righteous as to “help his adopted daughter?”

In fact, when Ian was seriously ill a few years ago, Granduncle had sent someone to contact him, hinting that he would take Ian down and control the Smiths.

This Granduncle had a stomach full of bad ideas for Uncle Ian, but he had stepped forward at this moment. Yvonne must have promised him something!

Joel retracted his thoughts. There was still a smile in his fox eyes. “What did you do wrong?”

What wrongdoings was she admitting to?

Yvonne lowered her head and said, “I shouldn’t have targeted Nora. But Joel, I really did treat her like this because I felt bad for Dad. Think about it. Who is the reason why Dad is lying in there hanging between life and death? Whose daughter is Nora?”

Joel sneered.

Yvonne was really good at finding excuses for herself.

Yvonne continued, “Big Brother, I’m doing this all for Dad! If you ask me, he should have just disowned her and prevented her from returning to the Smiths! Now that she’s back, Dad’s illness has worsened. Wasn’t it all because of her? Although I’m not Dad’s biological daughter, I’m Dad’s legal daughter. Dad raised me, so how can I not repay his kindness? I know that you and Nora are cousins and are related by blood. You’re biased toward Nora, but I’m not! My heart only favors Dad!”

Her words were self-righteous, but she had found an excuse for what she had done wrong.

When Granduncle heard this, he nodded slightly. “After all, he’s not Ian’s biological son. He’s just Ian’s nephew. If you don’t feel sorry for your Uncle Ian, his daughter will naturally feel sorry for him! Joel, no matter what, you shouldn’t have chased Yvonne out because of someone from the side family! I’m here today to tell you that you have to bring her back!”

Yvonne had gone to look for him and made a request to split the family.

As Ian’s only daughter, even if Joel inherited the Smiths, she could still get half of Ian’s assets!

At that time, she would give the two-thirds to Granduncle.

Granduncle knew very well how big Ian’s private fortune was!

He was immediately tempted.

Only then did he lick his lips and follow Yvonne here. Furthermore, he had called a few loyal members of the Smiths over.

Those people had created the Smiths’ legend with Ian back then and were very loyal to him.

They stood behind Yvonne and Granduncle and began to criticize Joel.

“Joel, how could you forget Mr. Smith’s kindness to you?”

“That’s right. Even an adopted daughter knows how to repay the kindness. What about you? Mr. Smith treats you very well!”

“I don’t care what mistake Miss Yvonne has made. Nora shouldn’t have acknowledged the Smiths! She should be chased out!! Bring Miss Yvonne home!”

“That’s right.. We need to get that illegitimate daughter out of the Smiths to live up to Mr. Smith’s nurturing!”