She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 377 - To the Hospital!

Chapter 377 - To the Hospital!

Chapter 377: To the Hospital!

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The Smith villa was in the suburbs. It was a three-story building, and each floor was about 100 square meters.

Yvonne sat in the living room and clenched her fists tightly as she watched the nanny unpacking her luggage.

She looked at the low floor and then at the living room, which was at the end of the hall. She felt a violent rage roaring in her heart.

She stood up suddenly and said to Lucy, who had come over to help her unpack her luggage, “This place is too small! Get Joel to move me somewhere else!”

Lucy did not even look at her and continued ordering the others to send her clothes upstairs. “Miss Yvonne, I think you should stop acting. Do you really think you’re here for a vacation?”

Yvonne sneered, “Even if it’s not a vacation, I’m still the eldest daughter of the Smiths! Joel won’t let you suppress me, right?”

Lucy pursed her lips. “Yes, you’re the eldest daughter. But Mr. Joel has instructed me not to allow you to go home for the time being. You should reflect on yourself here.”

Yvonne’s face turned red.

She clenched her fists and lowered her voice. “Tell Joel that I know I was wrong. Dad is still in the hospital. It’s not appropriate for me to stay in the suburbs like this. Let me go back.”

Lucy lowered her head. “Alright, I’ll help you deliver the message.”

Although she said that, she turned her head and pursed her lips.

Hearing Lucy’s words, Yvonne felt relieved and went upstairs. She entered the master bedroom and looked around. Although it couldn’t be compared to the one in the manor, it was still passable and could be considered clean.

She changed her clothes and went out. When she was about to go downstairs, she heard someone ask, “Lucy, are you really helping her pass a message to Mr. Smith?”

Lucy sneered. “Did she say something just now? Why didn’t I hear her?”

The other servants nodded as well. “Yes, we didn’t hear anything.”

Yvonne: “!!”

These unruly servants were bullying their master!

She was about to go over and scold them, but Lucy seemed to have seen her. She waved her hand. “Alright, since Miss Yvonne is here, let’s get going.”

With that, she turned to look upstairs. “Miss Yvonne, we’ll head back first. Oh, right, your bank card has been frozen temporarily as well. But don’t worry. There are ingredients in the fridge. I’ll get someone to regularly send you daily necessities.”

With that, she left without waiting for Yvonne to say anything.

Yvonne did not think much of it at first, but when she saw the people who’d brought her here walking out one by one, she panicked and chased after them. “You two are leaving too?”

The two of them nodded. “Yes, Lucy just said that we’re leaving.”

Yvonne looked around.

This was a villa district in the suburbs. However, because it was too far away, most people came here to stay on vacation. At this moment, there were not many families around.

From afar, the surroundings were filled with greenery.

She was anxious. “What should I do if you guys leave? Who’s going to cook for me tonight?”

The two of them coughed. “About that, we don’t know. Oh, the car is about to leave. Let’s hurry and get out!”

They pushed Yvonne away and left the room.

She was the only one left in the villa!

Yvonne looked around. The sound of a tree branch breaking startled her, and she clutched her chest.

Then, she opened the door to the villa.

The Smiths had bought all the places on both sides, but Joel did not arrange for anyone to stay here. She left the house in a panic and walked to both sides. After walking for 10 minutes, she did not see a single family!

The sky gradually darkened.

Yvonne became more and more afraid. She wanted to take a taxi and leave to stay in a hotel!

However, when she picked up her phone, she suddenly remembered that her bank card had been frozen.

She frowned. She’d asked her good friend in the circle to lend her money on WeChat, but she did not expect the other party to reply so quickly. [I’m sorry, I’m a little tight on money right now.]

Yvonne: “!!”

She bit her lip, her fingers trembling in anger.

Usually, when she went out, she would be the one paying among her best friends. Now, she was borrowing some money from them, but all of them were actually so wishy-washy!

However, no matter how much she looked down on her, she could only send her a humble message: “Just lend me $800. $200 is fine too.”

The other party: “I saw a bag and planned to buy it, so I really don’t have any money. Sorry!”

Yvonne: “!!”

She could only switch to another person and continue trying. However, the other party rejected her as well. She continued to ask a few people until someone reminded her: “You should stop trying to borrow money. No one in the circle will lend you money.”

Yvonne’s pupils shrank. [Why?]

The other party: “This is an information age. We all heard that you were chased out of the Smiths by your brother. The Smiths have a high status in New York. Other than the Hunts, who would dare to lend you money? We’re all afraid of your brother!”

Yvonne: “!!!”

She stared at the message on her phone and realized a terrifying fact.

No matter how powerful her father was… no matter how much Joel respected her father, he was already old!

The Smiths had long belonged to Joel!

This fact made her feel as if she had been severely injured. Her feet went soft and she fell to the ground.

She was done for.

She was really finished for offending her brother this time!

She returned to the villa dejectedly and sat on the sofa.

That night, she turned on all the lights in the room, but still kept trembling in fear in the silent night.

It was not until the next morning, when the sun rose, that she suddenly realized that she could not be locked up in this villa without a neighbor to die alone!

Absolutely not!

She took out her phone and made a call…

At the Smiths, Nora asked Lily, “What was the outcome?”

Lily’s voice did not fluctuate, and one could not tell if she was happy or angry. “It’s an electronic version. I sent it to your email. The paper version is in my hands. I’ll send it to you right now.”

Yesterday, when she returned to California, she took the umbilical cord blood and rushed the test overnight. She had found a testing facility in New York. Personally handling the test to ensure no one could tamper with it, Lily had not slept the entire night.

Although she did not say it, Nora roughly understood the meaning of the outcome.

If she and Ian were not biological father and daughter, there was no need for Lily to send another test report back…


Nora narrowed her eyes and looked out the window.

Although she had already guessed her identity, she still felt an inexplicable and complicated feeling when this moment came.

Her father…

Just as she was deep in thought, her phone suddenly rang. She glanced at it and realized that it was Joel. She hung up on Lily and picked up his call.

Just as she was about to speak, Joel’s serious voice sounded.. “Nora, come to the hospital immediately. Uncle Ian is vomiting blood!”