She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 379 - immediate family!!!

Chapter 379 - immediate family!!!

Chapter 379: immediate family!!!

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Facing everyone’s criticisms, Joel’s attitude remained indifferent.

These people were originally the backbone of Smith Corporation and were Ian’s most capable subordinates. They had all seen Ian’s depressed state because of Yvette.

Everyone hated Yvette to the core.

Therefore, when he first found out that Nora was his cousin, Joel had to ask Ian for permission before he could go and fetch her.

Joel said slowly, “Uncles, it was Uncle Ian who made the decision to bring Nora home. He even went to the Hunts’ banquet personally. I’m sure you all know about this, right? Are you planning to disregard Uncle Ian’s orders?”

His words silenced those people.

Joel knew that they were only there to stand up for Yvonne. These people were actually very reasonable people. He said sincerely, “Think about it. If Uncle Ian was still awake, would he have allowed Yvonne to do such a thing?”

Would he?

Of course not!

Ian was a very charming person. Otherwise, he would not have let so many of them follow him his entire life.

When those people stopped talking, Granduncle said, “Hmph, you’re full of righteousness and morals. In the end, isn’t it all because you’re not Ian’s biological son? I think you’re the one who instigated him to acknowledge her so that he would be angered to death. You completely control the Smiths, right? But don’t go overboard! Joel, your uncle isn’t dead yet!”

Joel couldn’t be bothered with him, but he looked at the core members of the company and said, “I’m indeed not Uncle Ian’s biological son. But don’t forget that I’m still his nephew at the very least. But this woman… is not related to Uncle Ian by blood at all. I’m sure you all know who is closer to Uncle Ian!”

With a few words, Joel shifted the conflict.

They looked at each other and fell silent.

Yes, when they heard that Miss Yvonne had been bullied, they thought about how good Ian used to be and stood up for her. However, Joel’s words were true!