She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 367 - Two Actresses

Chapter 367 - Two Actresses

Chapter 367: Two Actresses

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“What nonsense are you talking about?” Bobby interrupted Irene. “When would you need the umbilical cord blood? I hope she won’t need to use it for the rest of her life!”

Cord blood was mainly used to treat blood diseases, such as leukemia. Under normal circumstances, it would definitely not be needed.

Irene immediately snorted. “Yes, Nora definitely won’t need it. But we still have to tell her.”

The disappointing brother at home had already disappeared for a long time. The Blacks in California were living more comfortably than before.

Especially since Bobby had recently been in a few big business deals with the company.

Although Bobby did not know who had helped him, he had a feeling that it might be related to Nora.

He was a good kid who knew how to repay kindness. Back then, he had misunderstood that Nora did not care about his wife’s life. However, when he saw the live broadcast, he finally understood why Nora was so indifferent back then.

It turned out that the doctor she had found for the Blacks was herself!

Bobby was feeling guilty about chasing her out of the hospital back then, so he snatched the phone away and said to Lisa, “When you see Nora, remember to help me bring her home. Ask her to bring the child over to play when she’s free. I’ll make her favorite brown sugar rice cake!”

“…Okay.” Lisa hung up the phone and looked at the luxurious door in front of her again. She thought for a long time before knocking on the door.

The door opened quickly. The guard asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Lisa: “…I’m looking for Nora.”

The guard looked her up and down. “Wait a minute.”


The guard called and entered the hall. The housekeeper, Lucy, had just tidied up the guest room for Lily. After receiving the call, she was about to call Nora to ask if she should come in when she was stopped by Lily. “Let Miss Lisa in first. An… Miss Nora should be sleeping right now. Don’t disturb her.”

Lily knew Nora’s body very well. She had spent the entire day at the police station yesterday and went to treat Old Maddy at night. Even though she had slept for a while, her energy had not recovered yet. She must be sleeping right now!

Lucy listened to Lily and let the guard bring Lisa in.

Upstairs, Yvonne listened to their conversation and bit her lip in anger. She was just a servant, and she would chatter away after saying a few words. However, when Nora’s assistant spoke, she was as obedient as anything. She simply did not take her seriously!

How infuriating!

When Lisa was led into the Smiths’ residence, she was first stunned by the lavish courtyard.

This was New York!

In places where every inch of land was worth money, they actually had such a large manor. Furthermore, she was perceptive to the fact that some places had flowers planted and some places had vegetables. This was the first time Lisa experienced the difference between her and a truly wealthy family!

She was already so terrified. No wonder Nora was being bullied here!

Yes, she was certain that Nora had suffered in the Smiths.

It was just medical malpractice. Even in California, if Henry did not appear, her parents could still bail her out. But in New York, the Smiths actually allowed Nora to be detained for 24 hours!

Wasn’t it just because they were rich?

As Lisa thought about this, she became even more furious.

At this moment, a playful voice was heard. “Hey, who is this?”

Lisa turned around and saw a man around her age with blond hair… To be precise, it was a young man walking over. She frowned when she heard the housekeeper say, “Mr. Louis, this is Miss Nora’s cousin from California.”

Louis immediately sized up Lisa when he heard this.

Was this his cousin’s trash family in California?

Ever since Nora became his idol, he had asked around about her. When he asked around, he was instantly furious. He did not expect his cousin to live like that in California!

Especially that shameless cheap father of hers. He had taken her mother’s money and still treated her so badly!

Therefore, Louis did not have a good impression of the family in California. When he saw Lisa, he immediately sneered. “Tsk, are you here to take advantage of Nora now that she has become a phoenix?”

Taking advantage of Nora?

Lisa felt Louis’s disdain and was instantly infuriated.

She was still a guest, yet he was already being so rude. Wouldn’t the Smiths be even more rude to Nora?

The soft person had also lost her temper. She was so angry that her face was red and her voice was trembling. “What’s so great about you? Do you have to look down on me?”

Louis raised his head and placed his hands on his hips. “The Smiths are very impressive. Country bumpkin, you must have never seen such a big courtyard, right?”

Country bumpkin?

Did they scold Nora like that too?

Lisa kicked the flower bed beside her in anger. “Who are you calling a country bumpkin?”

Louis made a face. “Whoever cares about it is the country bumpkin! What do you think your family is? Tsk, little girl, I advise you to be careful. Do you know how much this jar of flowers costs? Any one of them is worth thousands of dollars! If you broke it, can you afford to pay?”

Lisa: “!!”

Her eyes were red as she glared at the jar of flowers. She walked to the other side and planned to kick the grass, but Louis said proudly, “The grass over there is no ordinary grass. It’s orchid! One stalk is worth tens of thousands! Are you sure you want to kick it?”

Lisa paused again and looked to the side.

Louis clicked his tongue and showed a disdainful expression. “Little girl, the piece of land you’re standing on is worth hundreds of thousands per square meter. Our family is rich, what can you say?”

Lisa: “!!”

She was furious. “Even if you have a lot of money, you can’t buy kinship. Why are you looking down on us?”

Louis didn’t notice this “us” and thought that she was talking about the family in California. Therefore, he stuck out his tongue. “I’m just looking down on you. Hit me if you dare!”

As soon as he said this, Lisa had already raised her little fist and punched him in the face. “I’m so angry! I’ll let you know today that money is not everything. There are some people you can’t afford to offend!”

Louis took a nimble step back and Lisa chased after him.

The two of them immediately started fighting.

This was what Lily saw when she went out.

Both of them had their hands on their hips.

Louis said annoyingly, “Hmph, your family bullied my cousin. Now, it’s my turn to bully you!”

Lisa’s face was also red as she roared angrily, “The Smiths are bullying my cousin. Let me tell you, my cousin and the Blacks are not people who can be bullied easily!”