She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 366 - Umbilical Cord Blood!!

Chapter 366 - Umbilical Cord Blood!!

Chapter 366: Umbilical Cord Blood!!

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Lucy was Joel’s caretaker.

It could be said that she was the nanny who had taken care of Joel since he was young. Because she was meticulous and smart, she had always worked for the Smiths.


As Joel grew up, Lucy had also slowly been promoted and given a raise from taking care of him. Before Florence was taken away by the police, her words at home already carried a lot of weight.

Even Florence and Yvonne were polite to her because of Joel.

After all, Florence was already old, and Joel was the new head of the Smiths. Her future status could be imagined.

Lucy had watched Yvonne grow up. She was loyal to Joel, so she naturally disliked Yvonne.

After all… Joel was the one Ian had chosen. Yvonne was Ian’s adopted daughter, but she had a high status at home and always suppressed others.

In the past, when she saw Maureen giving in to Yvonne, she couldn’t help but wonder if Joel would give in to her at home when he got married in the future.

However, Joel’s wife would be the madam of the Smiths! She would also be the future matriarch of the Smiths!

Therefore, Lucy and Yvonne were born to be enemies.

Coupled with the fact that Old Maddy had been poisoned, everyone knew that Florence was either under Yvonne’s orders or had been deceived. Therefore, they felt even more disdain for Yvonne.

Yvonne had lost control of the family, and Lucy was now in charge of the family’s matters.

Lucy did not feel threatened by her words. She only smiled and said, “Miss Yvonne, from what you’re saying, you’re older than Miss Nora. Of course, you’re the eldest daughter of the Smiths! It’s just that I still have a guest here. Furthermore, Mr. Joel has just handed the house to me. I have all kinds of miscellaneous matters to deal with here. I’m a quiet person and I’m cautious in my actions. I don’t dare to make any mistakes or embarrass myself in front of a guest. If news of this gets out, no one will scold me. They will only say that the Smiths’ upbringing is bad. Don’t you think so?”

Yvonne: “!!”

She had long known that Lucy was not a pushover, but she did not expect her to rebut her like this.

Yvonne’s face turned red and white.

The surrounding servants were clearly working, but Yvonne knew that they must have strained their ears to eavesdrop on their conversation.

After Joel fired the housekeeper, Yvonne knew that Lucy would definitely hit her while she was down. When she made things difficult for Lucy earlier, she wanted everyone to see that even if she had done something wrong, she was still the owner of the Smiths!


However, she did not expect to meet a wall with Lucy.

She took a deep breath. She knew that at this moment, she had to turn the situation around. Otherwise, she would really be looked down upon.

She lowered her eyes. “Lucy, I only called you over to tell you how to entertain the guest. Why are you making it sound so grand? Or do you think that I, as the eldest daughter, have no right to give you instructions?”

With that, she sneered. “Dad is indeed in the hospital. Joel is in charge of the family now, but Dad is still around. Do you think he’ll be happy to know that you’re talking to me like this after he wakes up?”

Lucy choked.

Ian was equivalent to the emperor emeritus in the family. Everyone knew that he had the ability to take back control of the family. It was just that Joel was very filial and Ian was very satisfied with him!

Lucy did not dare to say such words. She immediately stood up. “Miss Yvonne, what do you want to say?”

Yvonne glanced at Lily and said, “Since there’s a guest at home, let’s add a few dishes tonight! This lady must have returned from overseas. She must be very interested in the delicacies in New York. We can prepare a sweet and sour fish.”


The list of dishes prepared in the kitchen had long been prepared. If Yvonne suddenly added more dishes, the chef would definitely have to rush out to buy ingredients. This would make things difficult for the kitchen.

However, Lucy still agreed with a smile. “Miss Yvonne is right. I’ll get someone to prepare it right away.”

Yvonne nodded.

When she turned around and walked upstairs, she sensitively saw Lucy purse her lips and make a disdainful expression.

Yvonne forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart.

She was just a servant, yet she dared to be rude to her!

Furthermore, the rest of the family’s attitude toward her had clearly changed. There was coldness in their distance, just like how they treated Nora in the past.

But so what?

Nora was the daughter of the second branch. She was basically from the side family! Now, the Smiths’ direct line of descent was her!

As long as she was still Ian’s legal daughter, then she would have a share of his family fortune! Even if she was an adopted daughter, she was still better than Nora, the legitimate cousin of the Smiths!

After all, how could a niece get an uncle’s inheritance?

In the Smiths, her identity as Yvonne would forever suppress Nora!

At this moment, outside the door.

Lisa stood there and was answering a call. It was Nora’s aunt, Irene. “…I wonder how Nora is now. Go and take a look. Why is she suspected of medical malpractice? This child didn’t say anything either. If I hadn’t seen the news, I wouldn’t have known! Sigh!”

Lisa stood at the door, feeling a little conflicted. “Mom, Nora isn’t Henry’s biological daughter. Isn’t it bad for me to go looking for her like this?”

Ever since she found out that Nora was not Henry’s biological daughter, Lisa did not dare to visit her again.

Now that she knew Nora was her mentor, Anti, she became even more fearful!

However, after watching the live broadcast and the news, she was the same as her mother. She was very worried about Nora’s comfort in the Smiths. Did the Smiths not treat her well enough?

Lisa looked at the imposing door in front of her and became even more hesitant.

She did not expect Nora to be this family’s daughter…

As she was feeling ashamed of herself, Irene’s voice was heard. “What’s wrong with that? I believe Nora isn’t that kind of person! She’ll acknowledge us!”

Lisa nodded and took a deep breath. “Alright.”

At this moment, Lisa’s father, Bobby, said, “Honey, do you remember Lisa’s umbilical cord blood?”

Irene was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

Bobby said, “Back then, when you gave birth to Lisa, we spent about 3,000 dollars to keep her umbilical cord blood for more than twenty years. The hospital called me just now and asked if we wanted to keep it for a while longer.”

Irene immediately said, “Is it expired? Then you can renew the fees.”

With that, she sighed. “Speaking of which, I learned how to store umbilical cord blood from Nora’s mother. When she gave birth to Nora, she had kept her umbilical cord blood for her. Now, it should still be in the hospital’s freezer.. By the way, Lisa, when you see Nora, remember to tell her. She definitely doesn’t know about this yet! If it’s useful in the future…”