She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 368 - Aren’t You from the Smiths?

Chapter 368 - Aren’t You from the Smiths?

Chapter 368: Aren’t You from the Smiths?

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At this moment, Lisa was pinching Louis’s face while Louis was pushing Lisa’s neck to prevent her from getting too close to him. Louis did not dare to make a move. After all, the other party was a girl and he was still merciful.

The two of them were stunned when they heard each other.

Lisa’s grip loosened. “What did you say?”

Louis was stunned too. “What did you say? The Blacks? Aren’t you the Smiths from California?”

Lisa: “?”

Louis thought for a moment and coughed. “I think we misunderstood. Let go and talk things out.”

Lisa was furious. “No, let go of me first.”

Louis: “…Why don’t I call out ‘one, two, three’ and we’ll let go together?”


“One, two, three…”

Even after he finished counting, they were still intertwined.

Louis said, “Let go!”

Lisa: “Let go of me first!”

Lily was speechless.

The two of them were already 20 years old. Together, they were already 40! Yet, they were still so childish!

The corners of her lips twitched. She took a step forward and said, “Louis, Lisa, you’ve misunderstood! You’re both Nora’s best relatives! Let go of each other quickly!”

Louis asked hesitantly, “What are you talking about? Didn’t you say that the Smiths in California treated her badly?”

“…It’s the Smiths’ fault. Lisa is the daughter of Nora’s aunt. If it weren’t for Nora’s aunt, she might have starved to death when she was young!”

Louis let go of her immediately when he heard that. “It’s a misunderstanding. Why aren’t you letting go? It hurts!”

Lisa looked at Lily. “Who are you? Are you treating Nora badly like the Smiths?”

Lily: “…I’m Lily! Anti’s assistant! Lisa, please let go. The Smiths have never treated Nora badly!”

As medical students, Anti was a God to them. And Anti’s assistant, Lily, was also a legend. After all, those who could be Anti’s assistants definitely had good medical skills!

Even Lily was an outstanding surgeon!

Lisa felt a sense of respect for her and hurriedly let go of Louis. Her face was red with embarrassment. “Miss Lily! I’m, I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

She lowered her head and stammered sheepishly.

Louis pointed at her angrily. “Why are you acting weak here? I think you did it on purpose!”

Lisa immediately lost her earlier cautiousness and raised her chin like a fighting chicken. “You were the one who started talking bad about me the moment you entered!”

“You even beat me up! I’ll tell Nora later how savage this little cousin of hers is! What a yellow-haired brat!”

Lisa: “!!”

She was furious. “You, you’re the real yellow-haired brat!”

Louis: “??”

He touched his blond hair and was furious. He hated it when people pointed out his yellow hair. He looked at Lisa and roared, “Say that again if you dare!”

Lisa: “You’re already a yellow-haired brat. Why can’t you let others say it?”

Louis took a step forward and was about to scare her when he tripped and suddenly pounced at Lisa.

Lisa was not as agile and was immediately pinned under him.

Fortunately, there was a big lawn beneath them. It did not hurt much, but coincidentally, Louis’s lips were on Lisa’s.


Everyone: “!!”

After 10 seconds of silence, Louis stood up with his hands on the grass in a daze.

Lisa’s eyes widened as she wiped her mouth with all her might. “Ah, you pervert!”

Seeing her look of disdain, Louis pouted. “I don’t have an infectious disease. Aren’t you overreacting?”


He touched his lips, and for some reason, he suddenly recalled that soft feeling from earlier. His face turned a little red. At this moment, he saw Lisa turn to look at the ground. Her eyes immediately turned red, and large tears rolled down her face.

Louis was shocked. “Hey, what are you doing? Isn’t it just a kiss? Is it worth crying and making a scene?”

Lisa cried, “Of course you don’t feel anything! But… I can’t afford to pay for these lawns!”

Louis: “!!”

It turned out that this was the reason!

He scratched his head and coughed. “Don’t cry. These lawns are not expensive.”

Another tear fell from Lisa’s eye. “Didn’t you just say that a single orchid cost hundreds of thousands?”

Louis: “…I lied to you.”


Lisa wiped her tears and was so angry that her heart hurt. What kind of family did Nora live in?! The people here were all too perverted!

She followed Lily into the living room angrily.

Louis followed her in and sat on the sofa. He had his hands behind his head and glanced at Lisa from time to time.

At this moment, Yvonne walked down from upstairs and smiled. “There’s another guest at home?”

Her behavior was still magnanimous and appropriate. She looked like someone from a noble family, and Lisa immediately sat up straight and felt restrained.

Lucy replied, “Miss Yvonne, she’s Miss Nora’s cousin.”

Yvonne smiled. “Nora really has a lot of friends and relatives!”

Her words were filled with mockery.

Lisa bit her lip. She had always been a sensitive and suspicious girl. It was obvious that she could sense Yvonne’s hostility.

Especially when Yvonne looked at her from head to toe, her eyes filled with disdain.

Lisa didn’t even know where to put her hands and feet.

At this moment, Louis said, “Tsk, why are you acting as the mistress here? I heard that Joel has taken away all your rights! I should really buy some firecrackers to celebrate!”


Yvonne clenched her fists and smiled. “Louis, there’s a guest here. Speak properly.”

She looked like a good sister.

Louis pouted. “She’s not a guest. She’s Nora’s cousin, which means she’s also my cousin.”

Yvonne smiled. “But isn’t Nora unrelated to the Smiths in California? I heard that she broke off ties with them during the last live broadcast.”

These words made Lisa even more embarrassed. It was as if she was pestering them right now.

She stood up suddenly and was about to say goodbye when she heard Louis laugh.

Yvonne asked, “What are you laughing about?”

Louis touched his hair. “I’m laughing at you.. Anyone else can talk about blood relations, but can you? You’re not related to our family by blood. According to your logic, you’re not a member of the Smiths?”