She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 365 - Who Is the Real Miss?

Chapter 365 - Who Is the Real Miss?

Chapter 365: Who Is the Real Miss?

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Although Nora had been in New York for two to three months, Idealian Pharmaceuticals would send the dividends to her account on time in the past few months.

She just had a lot of money and never cared about it.

However, now that she thought about it, Wayne was the manager her mother had personally chosen. He also managed Idealian Pharmaceuticals and did not let Henry interfere to snatch it away. He definitely had his own means!

She nodded at Lily, picked up her phone, and walked to the side to call Wayne.

As soon as the call connected, Wayne’s excited voice was heard. “Miss Nora, you’ve finally thought it through. Are you coming back to inherit the company?”

Nora: “…”

Why did this fellow seem so enthusiastic?

How unwilling was he to manage the company!

She grimaced and asked, “No, I just want to ask you a question.”

The other party’s voice immediately lowered as he said listlessly, “Okay, ask away.”

Nora asked, “Did my mother leave anything for me at your place?”


Before the other party could speak, Nora interrupted him. “Other than companionship and love, is there anything else?”

“…About that!” Wayne dragged out his words and sighed. “What specifically do you want?”

Nora asked tentatively, “For example, fetal hair? Or a blood sample?”

Wayne: “Of course not. Miss Nora, why would your mom leave your fetal hair for me? I’m not a pervert. I don’t have a fetish for collecting hair!”

Nora: “…”

Wayne asked, “Miss Nora, are you busy?”

Nora: “No, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the company?”

“Not really. After all, our small company relied on the formula your mother left behind. It’s not a problem for us to prescribe some medicine. It can also ensure that you have no financial worries in your life.” Wayne began to nag. “I just want to say, when are you coming back to manage the company? I’m really too busy alone! You don’t even know that there are many miscellaneous matters in the company. As the chairman of Idealian Pharmaceuticals, you have to be responsible. You can’t leave everything to me alone. I’m already old… blah, blah…”

Nora listened for a full minute. When she saw that he was still not stopping, she said, “By the way, what did you ask me just now?”

Wayne: “… If you were busy?”

Nora immediately said, “I’m very busy. I’m hanging up… Beep, beep, beep…”

Wayne was speechless.

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Nora pouted. She really couldn’t listen to a naggy person.

She looked at Lily. “I might be busy for a while. Stay in the country for now.”


As her first assistant, Lily was very competent. “Where do I stay?”

Nora thought for a moment. “Stay with me in the Smiths.”

After her identity was exposed, there would definitely be many people looking for her. It was very troublesome. This would require Lily to handle it. If there were problems that other doctors could resolve, Lily would help recommend them. If Nora had to do it, Lily would arrange a schedule for her.

At the thought of this, Nora felt a headache coming on.

She rubbed her temples and walked with Lily to Justin’s car.

Justin stood at the side. When he saw the two of them walk over, he opened the back door, and Nora got into the car. Lily wanted to follow them, but she realized that Justin was blocking the door.

Lily was stunned. She looked up and saw Justin glance at the front passenger seat.

Lily immediately understood and stuck out her tongue. “I’ll be in the front passenger seat! I’m not an insensitive person, Anti’s boyfriend.”

Anti’s boyfriend?

Justin was a little stunned when he heard this title.

Usually, when he was outside, people would call him Mr. Hunt or Justin. This was the first time he was called Nora’s boyfriend.

He suddenly liked this nickname.


He lowered his head slightly and got into the car. He entered the backseat and sat with Nora.

The journey was silent. After Justin took the two of them to the Smiths, he did not stay any longer. After all, he had not slept the entire night. He wanted to go back and recuperate.

Besides, Cherry was still waiting for him at the Hunts.

Nora brought Lily into the house. Just as they entered, the butler welcomed them. “Miss Nora, you’re back!”

His attitude became much more respectful.

Nora was taken aback for a moment.

The butler bowed deeply to her. “Miss Nora, I was wrong to have misunderstood that you were trying to harm Old Maddy. I didn’t expect you to be the famous Anti. I was blind!”

“Miss Nora, we misunderstood you!”

When the other servants heard that she was back, they immediately walked out and bowed to her.


Those who could work in wealthy families were not fools.

Initially, they thought that Nora was going to use Old Maddy to make a name for herself. They did not expect that she was really going to treat him!

On the other hand, Florence had stolen poison from Miss Yvonne’s study and almost killed Old Maddy!

It was obvious at a glance which young lady did not care about their lives!

Initially, when Nora had come to live with the Smiths, everyone still felt some disdain for her. They felt that she was just a wild chicken who had become a phoenix thanks to her background. However, at this moment, everyone admired her from the bottom of their hearts.

On the way back to her room, all the servants who saw her stood at a distance and bowed to her to express their apologies.

The servants in the entire manor had a 180-degree change in attitude toward her!

Nora entered the living room. The housekeeper, Lucy, who had just been promoted by Joel, hurried over. “Miss Nora, you’re finally back! Do you have any orders for me?”

Nora glanced at him.

Lucy was in her thirties. She looked very young and energetic. Her attitude toward her was very respectful.

Nora pointed at Lily. “This is my assistant. She will be staying here for a period of time. Please arrange a guest room for her.”

“No problem!”

Lucy immediately said, “Miss Lily, you can wait in the living room and tell me the style of the room you like. I’ll choose a guest room that you like.”

Nora was going upstairs to take a shower, so she went up first.

Lily sat in the living room. After choosing a guest room, Lucy arranged for someone to tidy it up and accompany her.

At this moment, Yvonne suddenly walked down and casually instructed, “Lucy, come over. I have something to tell you.”

Lucy was stunned and looked at Lily. “Miss Yvonne, there’s… a guest here.”

Yvonne’s gaze instantly turned sharp as she stared at Lucy. “Lucy, since you’re in this family, you should understand who the real daughter of this family is! The entire Smiths belong to my father!”