She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 364 - DNA Sample from Back Then?

Chapter 364 - DNA Sample from Back Then?

Chapter 364: DNA Sample from Back Then?

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Justin stood there and watched helplessly as Morris took her into the secret room. He frowned.

The confidentiality room was a room used for important cases in the country. No conversations inside would be recorded.

Therefore, be it discussing the case or presenting the case, it would be inside.

Back when Morris took Nora away forcefully and did not allow her to be bailed out, he knew that Nora might have been involved in a case.

Now, the mystery was finally going to be solved, right?

He lowered his eyes. His eyes were dark, and the mole at the corner of his eye seemed to be flickering. From his appearance, it seemed like he already knew what that secret was.

Nora originally thought that the soundproofing in the interrogation room was good enough, but when she entered the room and Morris closed the door, her heart skipped a beat.

All the sounds outside were blocked by a door, making her feel as if she was isolated from the entire world.

When she looked at Morris again, he was still as cold as ever. He pointed at the chair and motioned for her to sit down before sitting opposite her.

The two chairs were the same. He did not look like he was interrogating a criminal and it was like they were talking fairly.

While Morris was still struggling with his choice of words, Nora asked, “Is it about illegal drugs and human trials?”

Morris paused. “I didn’t expect Miss Nora to be so perceptive.”

Nora rolled her eyes.

How could she still not understand at this point!

After Old Maddy’s incident, Morris had kept asking her if she had given Old Maddy any drugs. Then, he had detected some unknown components in Old Maddy’s blood. He immediately became nervous and his attitude became worse.

At that time, Morris was certain that she had fed Old Maddy something.

Later on, when he realized that Old Maddy’s blood contained drugs commonly used to poison rats and mosquitoes, Morris relaxed. He did not even participate in the arrest of Florence.

If she still could not detect anything, she was too slow.

Nora thought about this and asked, “Captain Ford, should we talk about this properly now?”

Morris nodded and crossed his arms on the table. His posture seemed more like he was testing and wary. “Miss Nora, do you know that there is a mysterious organization in this world that outsiders don’t know about?”

A mysterious organization?

Nora’s first reaction was Imperial League.

She lowered her eyes and looked calm, but her heart felt as if it had been scalded.

Imperial League was indeed a dangerous existence to be able to control the global economy. But according to what she knew, it didn’t do human experiments or illegal drugs.

So it wasn’t Imperial League.

She looked up at Morris and did not answer his question. “Please elaborate.”

Morris observed the girl in front of him.

She had just woken up. Perhaps it was because she had slept for too long, but her almond-shaped eyes were a little swollen. Although she had eaten, her voice was still a little hoarse.

No one could guess what she was thinking.

Actually, Morris had been observing her for a long time, but he felt like this girl was covered in a veil. Every time he felt that she was just an ordinary person, she would do something that surprised him.

For example, her identity as Anti…

At the thought of this, Morris lowered his eyes. “We still don’t know what that mysterious organization is called. We only know that they’re doing human experiments and illegal pharmaceuticals. Moreover, the drugs they create are very dangerous and will cause a destructive blow to the entire human race!”

When Nora heard this, she slowly sat up straight. Her eyes became more serious. “A destructive blow?”

“Yes,” Morris said slowly. “We’ve always guessed that they’re creating a virus and they’ve already started human trials more than twenty years ago!”

20 years ago?

Nora frowned. “Is my mother related to this organization?”

Morris was silent for a long time before he said slowly, “We suspect that your mother was from this organization, so we secretly arrested her back then.”

At this point, he lowered his eyes. “At that time, my mother was the leader of the operation team. After her arrest, your mother said that she had a patient waiting for her to treat. Otherwise, that patient would die. She even said that only she could treat that illness.”

Nora suddenly understood. “Your mother let my mother go and my mother ran away. That’s why you refused to let me go this time. You didn’t believe what I said?”

Morris was speechless.

What did she mean by refusing to let her go…

He grimaced, ignoring her choice of words, and nodded. “Yes.”

Nora suddenly understood his neurotic way of doing things. If it involved such a high-level case, forcing her to stay was understandable.

After saying everything, Morris stood up and extended his hand to her. “So, please understand my actions again.”


Nora did not shake his hand and just waved it casually.

As they walked out, Morris took the opportunity to say, “Florence’s poison was stolen from Yvonne’s room, but if Florence doesn’t say anything, we won’t be able to hold Yvonne responsible. If Miss Nora wants to bring the real criminal to justice, you’d better think of a way to convince Florence.”

Nora stretched lazily. When she thought of Florence’s complaints about her, she lowered her eyes and said, “Unless I’m Ian’s biological daughter, it’s impossible to convince her!”

Morris was speechless.

Nora dragged her feet and lazily walked out the door. After meeting up with Justin, the two of them left the police station.

As soon as she went out, Lily appeared in front of her. She wanted to say something, but she glanced at Justin and pulled Nora to the side. She asked nervously, “Anti, are you okay?”

Nora nodded. “I’m fine.”

Lily said indignantly, “What’s wrong with the Smiths? Is this how they treat you? It’s too much! Moreover, your DNA mutated a little in the later stages. No one can say for sure if you’re really Ryan’s daughter. I think your father is Ian!”

Nora patted her shoulder. “If you don’t have evidence, don’t talk nonsense.”

Whether she was Ryan’s daughter or Ian’s, there was no accurate news for now. Unless they got real evidence, Nora would not say anything to the Smiths.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be awkward if she was really Ryan’s daughter?

Lily was so angry that she blew raspberries. “Evidence? How can we get evidence now? Unless we go back more than twenty years ago and save some DNA samples from your birth, where else can we find evidence?”

20 years ago… DNA samples?

Nora suddenly thought of the manager who was protecting Idealian Pharmaceuticals for her mother.. Her eyes lit up.