She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 358 - We’re Husband and Wife~

Chapter 358 - We’re Husband and Wife~

Chapter 358: We’re Husband and Wife~

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The entire corridor fell silent.

Everyone looked at the entrance of the operation theater. Nora was standing there wearing a surgical gown. Her face could not be seen clearly, but everyone could still see how calm and composed she was.

As she spoke, she took off her gloves. After taking off her gloves, she casually took off her surgical cap and mask. Her long hair fell down, revealing her beautiful face.

As her mask and hat were relatively tight, there were two red marks on her cheeks. She looked rather comical, but no one could laugh at this moment.

That was because her eyes were cold and indifferent. Even her hair was filled with seriousness when she performed surgery!

Justin stared at her, an inexplicable sense of pride rising in him as he slowly smiled.

There was more admiration in Joel’s fox-like eyes.

Morris’s eyes were still pitch-black. He could not say what emotions he was feeling, but anyone with eyes could tell that he was no longer as nervous as before.

The three men each had their own thoughts, but Yvonne was the one who broke the silence. She cried out in surprise, “You, why are you here?”

Nora walked out slowly and threw the gloves at the person standing at the entrance of the operation theater. That person actually took them subconsciously. When he received them, he realized that he was like an assistant. He wanted to return the gloves to her, but he did not know what to say.

Nora loosened her wrists and moved her stiff neck.

She had been completely focused on the acupuncture treatment she had used to treat Old Maddy earlier and did not dare to let her guard down. It had been a full one and a half hours… Coupled with the eight to nine hours she had been detained, she had not slept for a total of 11 to 12 hours!

At this moment, her temper had already reached the limits. She frowned and her usually obedient, yet vicious eyes swept over Yvonne. Her voice was filled with impatience. “Do you not have a brain? Of course, I’m here to treat Old Maddy.”

These words made Yvonne feel a lump in her chest. She bit her lip angrily and pretended to be weak. “Nora, don’t misunderstand. It was Captain Ford who said that you had escaped from prison. Now that you’re here, I asked you a few questions…”

Before she could finish speaking, Nora ignored her and looked at Morris. She endured the discomfort in her body and said, “I’ve saved him. I’m going back to the police station with you now. As for him…”

She pointed at Justin. “Can we release him first? After all, we were too anxious earlier and were left with no other choice.”

Justin said, “Didn’t we already find out the unknown composition in his blood earlier?”

Had the unknown components been investigated?

Nora looked at Morris.

Joel was stunned. “Unknown composition?”

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Morris said slowly, “Yes, we found some unknown components in Old Maddy’s blood, so we suspected that Miss Nora used Old Maddy to research a new drug. It’s a huge crime to privately develop illegal drugs, so we detained her.”

Everyone was enlightened.

Medical accidents were common, but there had never been a case where a doctor was taken away and could not be bailed out before they could confirm that something had happened to the patient.

If that was the reason, then it made sense.

Only Nora narrowed her eyes.

Research new drugs?

These words made her frown. She wanted to connect everything together, but her mind was too muddled right now. She could not even be bothered to think about the basics.

She decided to put this matter aside and think about it after she had rested enough.

She did not speak, so Justin asked, “Then what is the unknown component we’re investigating now?”

Morris looked at Nora. “It’s the residue of a pesticide. It means that someone had poisoned Old Maddy. Although there was indeed a butler who testified that Miss Nora had never used drugs on Old Maddy, this matter still almost cost him his life. Therefore, Miss Nora, please continue to cooperate with our investigation. Of course, you can be bailed out this time. When we find out who the culprit is, you can be released without charges!”

When Nora heard this, she let out a big yawn and nodded. “Alright.”

With that, she walked to Morris and stretched out her hand. “Captain Ford, do you need to cuff me?”

Morris was speechless.

He felt that there was some mockery in the woman’s words.

He knew that he had misunderstood her previously and was against her.

He turned his head. “Miss Nora, you must be joking. I’m just asking you to make a statement at the police station. There’s no need for handcuffs.”

“Okay.” Nora raised her eyebrows. She had just taken two steps when she realized Justin was following her. She asked, “Where are you going?”

Justin replied honestly, “I just kidnapped Captain Ford. My crime is too big, so I have to go to the police station and be locked up for a few days, right, Captain Ford?”

Morris’s face darkened. “…No need.”

“No, I should be locked up.” Justin held Nora’s arm. “It’s best if you lock us up together.”


Morris: “…As far as I know, you’re not married yet, right?”

Justin’s dark eyes looked at Nora, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. The mole at the corner of his eye became even more obvious. “We’re engaged, we’re husband and wife.”


The corners of Morris’s lips twitched. He didn’t want to bother with him anymore. He felt like this person was showing off his affection.

Joel said, “I’ll take you to the police station. I can pick you up immediately after you finish your statement.”

Morris was speechless.

The group continued to walk out.

Yvonne, who was ignored by the others, stayed at the back of the crowd. She looked at Nora, who was surrounded by the three most powerful young men in New York, and inexplicable jealousy surged into her heart.

She clenched her fists tightly.

After a moment, she suddenly lowered her head, picked up her phone, and sent a message.

Outside the hospital, reporters surrounded them.

After seeing Nora leave, a group of people rushed up like a swarm of bees and surrounded them.

Morris’s expression darkened.

Justin also nodded at the bodyguards.

Joel glanced at Quentin, who had been mixed in the crowd.

Therefore, the plain-clothed police, the Hunts’ security guards, and the Smiths’ security guards came up together and surrounded the reporters outside, forming a walking wall of flesh.

Nora saw that the reporters could not go forward. She yawned again and walked towards the police car.

After taking two steps, a reporter who was stopped outside suddenly shouted, “Captain Ford, why was the suspect in the hospital? Is Old Maddy dead or alive? Shouldn’t you give the public an explanation! Also, we heard that Nora has escaped from prison. Doesn’t this indirectly show that she has a guilty conscience?!”