She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 357 - Old Maddy Is Not Dead!!

Chapter 357 - Old Maddy Is Not Dead!!

Chapter 357: Old Maddy Is Not Dead!!

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Accompanied by the female reporter’s powerful voice, a group of comments floated across the screen.

— Andy, you be careful too!

— Don’t tell me we won’t see this female reporter tomorrow?

— I heard that rich people don’t treat people as humans at all. They treat people like toys. What servants? What kind of society is this? Do they still call them servants? Furthermore, servants are not your family’s private property. They are living people!

— I heard that the one who was used for practice has a mental problem. He can’t defend himself at all and can’t refuse anything. Besides, he’s an orphan. He has no ties or relatives. Even if he dies, no one will pursue it, right?

— It was said that he was adopted a few years ago. It seems like the hearts of the rich are indeed dark. Adoption was just a gimmick! Not only did it give them a good reputation, but they also had people to experiment with.

— Human experiment? Heavens, what kind of society is this? There was still such a dark matter?

— That servant doesn’t have any relatives, but we’re in this world. We can’t let the murderer get away with it!”

The comments were flying across the screen. Each and every one of them was so righteous that it was as if they were going to eliminate them.

The title “Human Experiment” was even more eye-catching. It was obvious that it had been confirmed.

Not only did Morris see it, but there were also assistants and secretaries beside Justin and Joel who had sent their phones over. The two of them had also seen it.

Justin sneered coldly, but he was not anxious.

Joel frowned. Some people on the live comments had dug out that Nora was from the Smiths, so they were all scolding the Smiths right now. Some even scolded Ian.

At this point, the Smiths were already well-known entrepreneurs.

But he still did not speak.

Yvonne narrowed her eyes when she saw this.

Of course, she was the one who had found the reporters.

She was worried that even if Nora’s crime was confirmed, the Smiths would still come forward to suppress this matter, even if Ian would never allow anyone to commit a crime.


However, these brothers of the Smiths looked at their sister like she was the apple of their eyes. How could they be willing to watch Nora go to jail?

She could only use the public’s opinion to pressure them!

Now that Nora was forced to this extent, they couldn’t protect her, right?

As she thought about this, Morris’s phone rang. Yvonne heard Morris pick up the call. His attitude became respectful. “Yes!”

The other party said something. His expression was very ugly as he said, “Yes, don’t worry. I will definitely arrest Nora and give the public an explanation. I will not let this matter rest! I’m at the hospital now. I promise to complete the mission!”

It seemed like his leader was putting pressure on him.

Yvonne felt even more relieved as she suggested, “Joel, how did things end up like this? Nora has escaped from prison, and Old Maddy’s life is still uncertain… I think we should invite the reporters in and wait for Old Maddy’s treatment. Otherwise, the public will definitely not believe us!”

Upon hearing this, Joel’s eyes shot out a fierce look.

She could actually make such a suggestion at such a time?

Seeing that Joel was silent, Yvonne looked directly at Morris. “Captain Ford, I’m sure you don’t want to be looked at as a partner-in-crime, right?”

Morris smiled coldly. “We have a clear conscience. Why should we be afraid of other people’s words? Besides, how can we live-stream the moment we solve a case? Miss Yvonne, your suggestion is too frivolous!”

How could a police officer be allowed to do a live broadcast?

Morris had never been afraid of any comments, just like Justin and Joel.

The two of them did not take what was happening on the Internet seriously at all!

Hearing Morris’s words, Yvonne panicked. “The doctor hasn’t pushed Old Maddy out yet, which means he’s probably dead. Captain Ford, my suggestion is just to prove yours and the Smiths’ innocence! Otherwise, if they say that we’re protecting Nora…”

As soon as she said this, the door to the operating theater was suddenly pushed open.

Nora’s cold and hoarse voice slowly traveled over. “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.. Old Maddy is not dead.”