She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 359 - I’m Anti!

Chapter 359 - I’m Anti!

Chapter 359: I’m Anti!

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Morris’s expression darkened.

The matter of breaking out of prison was serious.

Nora had indeed escaped prison, and it brought a bad reputation on him.

However, he did not agree back then because he felt that this was just Nora’s excuse. After all, there were so many doctors who could not save Old Maddy. How could she possibly save him?

On the way to the hospital, he had studied Old Maddy’s medical records carefully.

There were some things that were unclear, but he also understood that Old Maddy was a hopeless case!

However, just now, Old Maddy’s breathing was even. He was sent to the ICU ward for observation. This meant that he had underestimated and misunderstood Nora previously!

In addition, the unknown composition in his blood was showing that he had misunderstood Nora…

Out of apology and because she had made a prompt decision to break out of prison, Nora had saved a life. He lowered his eyes and decided to cover up this matter.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at the reporter, “Miss Nora didn’t break out of prison. She’s here to treat a patient!”

“Treat a patient?” The reporter sneered. “If she could treat a patient, how could she have caused such serious medical malpractice! Captain Ford, I think you’re colluding with the Smiths and Hunts, right? That’s why you found such a lousy excuse!”

The other reporters immediately asked, “What’s going on? What on earth is going on? Logically speaking, shouldn’t Miss Nora be isolated from the patient if there’s a problem with her treatment? What if the patient is threatened by her?”

The reporter immediately said, “Why would he be threatened? The patient is a lunatic and has an abnormal mind. He’s still lying on the bed in the operation theater and hasn’t woken up. What right does he have to reject and be threatened? It’s just that the police department is too unruly!”

“Other doctor-patient relationships will isolate doctors and patients. Why is Miss Nora allowed to go to the operation theater?”

Morris said slowly, “The other doctors have issued critical notices to the patient, and there was no way to save him. They could only let Miss Nora come back and try. This is out of respect for the patient’s life!”

This made the reporter who asked the question laugh even more. “All the doctors said that it was hopeless, but only Miss Nora can treat him? Officer, who would believe your words? Can she bring people back from the dead?”

Morris frowned.

The reporter continued to lead the conversation. “I think you’re asking her to come over and take credit for it, right? I have an insider in the hospital. I’ve long heard that Old Maddy’s illness is indeed incurable! Currently, there’s only one doctor in the world who can treat him. It’s Anti!”

“The Hunts knows Anti, so they urgently found him to treat Old Maddy. Then, you cooperated with the Hunts and the Smiths and got Nora to come over and enter the operation theater. It was all to snatch credit, right?”

“Someone who was treated badly by Miss Nora can still be treated by her? Ha, in this way, there won’t be any medical malpractice anymore? Your families are really scheming! However, what makes us feel bitterly disappointed is that you all actually colluded with them to resolve this conspiracy! It’s simply laughable!”

“Everyone, come and judge. It’s not illegal for a daughter of a wealthy family to treat someone badly. Is the patient’s life only for the rich to play with?!”

The reporter’s every word was powerful and righteous.

The other reporters and the people who were broadcasting were all influenced by this reporter.

Therefore, everyone started to criticize Nora.

“Can you do whatever you want just because you have money? This is a lawful society!”

“You have to give us an explanation. Give Old Maddy an explanation! We want an explanation!”

“Right, we can’t let this matter rest like this!”

The comments on the live stream were also flying.

— This is too much. I’m so angry! Is the life of an ordinary person so insignificant?

— Yes, rich people are too despicable. They can use any means!

— Rich people like them are the scum of society. They should be severely punished!

— She’s too arrogant. Isn’t this too obvious? I don’t believe in this world anymore!

In the hospital, Yvonne looked at Andy’s live stream. She lowered her eyes and smiled.

Justin and Joel looked down on the power of public opinion, but they did not know that sometimes, the power of public opinion could suppress others!

She had prepared everything that the reporter had said.

Wasn’t Nora’s appearance in the hospital caused by the Hunts and Smiths?

Justin had found Anti and given all the credit to Nora. Yvonne would not allow such a thing to exist!

As she was thinking about this, she saw Morris say in the live stream, “You guys are talking nonsense! I let Miss Nora come over because only she can treat Old Maddy’s illness!”

The reporter sneered. “As far as I know, only Anti can treat it!”

“Yes, only Anti can treat it.”

Nora rubbed her temples. At this moment, she only wanted to sleep. She frowned and looked at the reporter impatiently. “Then do you know who I am?”

“Who are you?” The reporter sneered. “You can’t be better than Anti in terms of medical skills, right? Is that why you dare to snatch Anti’s credit? We want to see Old Maddy’s medical records!”

The others echoed and shouted, “Yes, we want to see Old Maddy’s medical records! We want to see who the attending doctor is!”

Nora said slowly, “The attending doctor is indeed Anti.”

The reporter heaved a sigh of relief. “Then this has nothing to do with you! You’re still the one who treated him badly! You’re still going to be pursued by the law! You can’t be acquitted just because your family invited Anti to save the patient! Anti is Anti, and you’re you!”

Nora’s eyes were cold. She looked at him and said slowly, “But what if I’m Anti?”