She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 356 - Light of Justice?

Chapter 356 - Light of Justice?

Chapter 356: Light of Justice?

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The moment the lights in the operation theater went off, everyone outside stood up.

Everyone looked at the door.

It was not because they had a deep relationship with Old Maddy. It was because Old Maddy’s life and death determined whether Nora was guilty or not!


Yvonne clenched her fists and prayed in her heart.

If he died, everything would be fine! If he died, nothing could be found out from him…


While she was praying, Joel held his chin up.

Only he knew that Nora was in the operation theater. However, she went in too late. Even if she was Anti, could she really save Old Maddy who was determined to be almost dead?

He took a deep breath.

If Old Maddy died, Nora would not be able to clear her name as a suspect. Now that the police were guarding outside, Nora definitely could not leave.

It was unknown if Morris had heard some news, but he had already found the police and surrounded the hospital.

Nora would not be able to escape even if she grew wings this time!

As everyone waited nervously, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from the end of the corridor.

The sound was very loud and orderly. It sounded like an army had arrived.

Joel turned around and saw Morris and Justin striding over. Behind them were Morris’s plain-clothed subordinates.

Not far behind that group of people, another row of 12 bodyguards in black suits followed closely behind. They seemed to be protecting Justin.

The large group of people naturally attracted everyone’s attention. Even Yvonne became nervous.

Why was Captain Ford here?

Did they find out something and come to arrest her?

Just as she thought of this, she heard Joel walk over slowly and ask, “Captain Ford, why did you mobilize so many people to come to the hospital?”

Morris’s voice was very deep. “I’m sure you’ve already heard about Nora’s prison break. Currently, the entire New York is on lockdown. I brought Mr. Justin here to see if she has escaped here.”


Yvonne heard this and asked in surprise, “Nora broke out of prison?”

How dare she?

Moreover, wouldn’t breaking out of prison confirm her crimes?!

Her eyes lit up.

When Nora said that she wanted to treat Old Maddy, she was full of confidence.

It was her attitude that made Yvonne panic and lure Florence to poison him.

She could be the only eldest daughter of the Smiths. As Nora was Justin’s fiancée, she was already in the limelight. Lately, whenever she went out, there were always people coming to curry favor with her. However, the one who they asked for was Nora!

She could not let Nora snatch away the glory that belonged to her!

However, she did not expect Nora to be so uncertain about herself too.

However, it made sense. After all, Old Maddy was hopeless. Even if she had mouths all over her body, she probably could not explain it clearly!

Thinking about this, Yvonne frowned with worry. “How could she break out of prison? Even if there was medical malpractice, as long as she admits her mistake, there will be a chance to correct it!”

She then looked at Joel. “Joel, did Nora contact you? Where is she?”

Joel narrowed his fox-like eyes.

Sensing his gaze, Yvonne realized that she was too anxious and sighed. “She’s just a girl. I don’t know where she can live after breaking out of prison. She probably doesn’t have much money on her, right? I’m just worried that she’ll be deceived outside!”

With that, Yvonne frowned again. “Also, did she look for Cherry? If she wants to escape, she wouldn’t leave her daughter behind, right?”


Was she indirectly reminding Morris?

Joel’s gaze turned even colder. He glanced at Yvonne and scolded softly, “Shut up.”

Yvonne immediately covered her mouth as her eyes turned red. “Joel, I’m sorry. I… I’ve let it slip. I was just worried about Nora’s safety.”

Joel did not say anything else.

Instead, it was Morris who added, “We’ve already confirmed that she didn’t look for her daughter.”

With that, Morris looked at Joel. “Mr. Joel, do you know that covering up a crime is equivalent to a crime itself?”

Joel lowered his eyes. “Captain Ford, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Morris looked at Justin and then at Joel.

Either of these two people could shake New York with a stomp of their feet, but at this moment, these two people were actually acting confused in front of him.

Morris looked at the operation theater and was about to continue when someone barged in from the door. “Captain Ford, the matter has blown up. Some reporters have sneaked in.”

Morris’s gaze darkened.

The person braced himself and said slowly, “When we were investigating the fugitive, we realized that there were reporters blocking the way outside. Now, they’re clamoring for the Smiths to give an explanation. They say that the Smiths treat human lives like grass and are capitalist! They said that they can’t tolerate crimes just because the Smiths have money!”

Morris said coldly, “You still need me to teach you how to handle this?”

That person wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and looked at Justin and Joel. He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Now, it’s not just the reporters from one company. There are dozens of reporters. They have already blocked the entrance of the hospital. Our people stopped them, but they are shouting outside, saying that we are colluding with the Smiths and are preparing to hide this matter from the public. They said we must give them an explanation…”

Morris frowned.

It was much more complicated when dozens of reporters blew the matter up.

They could not ignore the voices of the public.

When the person saw that Morris did not pursue his negligence, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he took out his phone and handed it to Morris. “Also, look… there are reporters live-streaming. There are already hundreds of thousands of people in the live stream, and the number of people is still rising…”

Morris looked over and saw a female reporter standing in front of the camera, talking.

“Yes, I’m in the hospital. I heard that the servant is being treated in this hospital. I don’t understand why there are so many police officers around. Isn’t this just ordinary medical malpractice?”

“The charges are so strict. They even stopped us from going in for an interview and didn’t let us follow up on the investigation. Is it because there’s something going on behind the scenes?”

“This is the segment team that Andy helped out with. Everyone, don’t worry.. We will definitely pursue this case. If the servant is dead, the truth will definitely be revealed! We can’t let the murderer get away with it! Even more so, even if the suspect is from a wealthy family, we can’t curry favor with them and hide the truth from others! Of course, our principle is not to malign a good person and not to let a bad person off! Therefore, we will wait here for the police to give us an explanation! I believe the Light of Justice will spread to every corner of this world!”