She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 355 - Saving People!

Chapter 355 - Saving People!

Chapter 355: Saving People!

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Joel said, “I asked Yvonne to call Mr. Hunt…”

At this point, he suddenly understood something. “You mean Mr. Hunt didn’t hear about this? Where is he?”

Although he knew that there was something wrong with Yvonne, she was still Uncle Ian’s adopted daughter. Joel had been extra wary of her, so he did not expect something to happen at this critical juncture!

They were all members of the Smith family. Everyone was protecting the Smiths’ dignity!

Therefore, Joel did not believe Yvonne would do anything to harm them.

Nora sneered. “You don’t believe me. Why don’t you ask Justin?”

Joel took out his phone. “I’ll call Justin and ask him about it.”

However, before she could call him, Nora reached out and stopped him. “He’s at the police station now.”

As expected of the head of the Smiths, Joel instantly understood what she meant. He frowned and asked directly, “Did he help you out?”

“Yes, he restrained Morris.” Nora’s light words made Joel’s pupils shrink again.

Actually, he knew where Louis, Warren, and Quentin were.

Old Maddy could not take it anymore.

If they could not find Anti and could not save him, even if Nora did not involve herself in the major case in Morris’s hands, just this matter alone would confirm the charges of medical malpractice!

Therefore, he did not stop them.

He knew Quentin’s ability.

If he wanted to save someone, he could definitely do so.

Furthermore, the three of them still did not know that he had prepared a follow-up plan to help them. The Smiths’ private plane at the airport had already been prepared and could take off at any time.

However, he never expected that Justin would actually put himself in danger.

“Ridiculous!” Joel reprimanded her. “If he lets you out like this, he won’t be able to clear his name no matter what. There aren’t many ways to save Old Maddy!”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. I want to enter the operation theater now. Can you do that?”

“It’s useless even if you go,” Joel emphasized. “I told you, only Anti…”

At this point, Joel instantly understood something. He looked at Nora in disbelief and asked in shock, “You’re Anti?”


Nora’s firm answer made Joel reveal a complicated expression for a moment.

Who was this cousin of his?

He was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “Wait a minute.”

He left the workroom and returned a minute later with a doctor’s white coat.

Nora wore it directly and then put on her hat and mask. She lowered her head and followed Joel out of the room.

The two of them went straight to the operation theater.

The police officers were standing there, looking around. When they saw the two of them, they asked, “Who is this? Take off your mask. We want to check!”

Nora narrowed her eyes and placed her hand on her mask.

At this moment, Joel took a step forward with an anxious expression. “What are you guys doing? This is Dr. Larson, the head of the Department of Neurology. She was caught in a traffic jam and came late. Quickly let her in to treat Old Maddy! If this continues, he won’t be able to survive!”

While the two police officers were in a daze from being scolded, Joel had already pushed the operation theater doors open and let Nora in.

The two police officers hurriedly chased after her, but before they could enter, they heard a nurse shouting, “Dr. Larson, you’re finally here! Come and take a look! The patient can’t take it anymore!”

It seemed like she was really Dr. Larson?

The two police officers did not go in to stop her.

When Nora heard the nurse’s words, she narrowed her eyes.

It had only been a minute since it happened. It was impossible for the people inside to collude with Joel. That could only mean one thing!

Joel had already prepared someone to receive them.

Initially, she thought that this elder brother would be like Ian and be wary of her. After all, after she returned, the two of them had been cold to her. However, from the looks of it, he could be quite considerate.

Nora retracted her thoughts and focused on saving Old Maddy’s illness.

Two hours later.

In the police station, Justin loosened his grip on the gun and returned it to Morris with both hands. “Captain Ford, I’m sorry for this.”

He held the gun with both hands as a gesture of apology.

After all, he was the one who was in the wrong today.

Morris stood up and reached out with one hand. He grabbed the gun and placed it in the holster at his waist before looking at him. “Mr. Hunt, since you trust her so much, come with me to the hospital!”

Justin followed behind him. “I’d love to.”

At this moment, the police officers on both sides rushed forward. Justin’s bodyguards were about to make a move when he instructed, “Stop.”

The bodyguards stopped and watched as the two police officers walked in front of Justin and took out handcuffs.

Justin extended his hand calmly, but the two policemen did not dare to do anything. They looked at Morris for instructions.

Justin’s dark eyes were filled with coldness as he said faintly, “Captain Ford, dire times call for dire measures. I had no choice but to save her. Please forgive me.”

Morris looked at him coldly. “If I have really wronged Miss Nora, I won’t hold you responsible for this. However, if I don’t see her at the hospital, you should know what you’re going to face next.”

With that, he waved at the two police officers. “There’s no need for the handcuffs. After all, Mr. hunt is admirable for saving his fiancée.”

“Mr. Hunt, please!”

“Captain Ford, please.”

The two of them walked out of the police station side by side and got into the police car at the same time.

Justin’s bodyguards followed behind the police car as a row of cars headed straight for the hospital.

On the way, Morris said slowly, “Old Maddy’s illness is serious, the forensic pathologists and experts have all said that it’s hopeless. Even if her medical skills are really good, once he dies, I will definitely pursue your earlier actions.”

If Old Maddy could not be saved, even if they found out later that Nora had been wronged, there was no reasonable explanation for her breaking out of prison.

Justin lowered his eyes. “I know.”

At this moment, Morris received a call. A voice came through the phone. “Captain Ford, the unknown composition in Old Maddy’s blood has been investigated…”

In the hospital.

Yvonne stared at the operation theater.

Old Maddy had been in there for 10 hours in a row. Beside her, Florence was walking back and forth cursing, “She’s not the old sir’s daughter, so she’s indeed ruthless. She doesn’t treat the lives of the servants as human. She bullied Old Maddy, who is crazy and doesn’t know anything, and… Fortunately, the old sir is still in the ICU and doesn’t know what’s going on outside… Otherwise, he would have been angered to death by her!”

Florence asked worriedly, “Do you think the old sir’s health will be affected if Old Maddy really dies?”

At this moment, the lights in the operation theater suddenly went off. The operation was over!!