She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 354 - Who Will Pass the Word?

Chapter 354 - Who Will Pass the Word?

Chapter 354: Who Will Pass the Word?


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At the police station.

“Send someone to guard the hospital. If the fugitive is found, arrest her immediately!”

“Yes, sir.”

“The airport and high-speed rail stations are all under martial law. Send someone to guard the entrance and exit, and send her photo to the system!”

“Yes, sir.”

Even though he was being held hostage by Justin, Morris still gave out orders unhurriedly. Justin did not stop him either until he heard this sentence.

“Let my people look for her all over New York. If she resists…”

Morris paused. “Shoot!”

The word “shoot” made Justin’s pupils shrink. He exerted some force with the gun in his hand and pressed it against Morris’s temple. “Captain Ford, aren’t you going a little overboard?”

Morris lowered his eyes. “Mr. Hunt, do you really know her?”

Justin sneered.

Morris continued, “We found out that she only returned to the country two months ago. You two have two children together, but do you really know who she is?”

Justin narrowed his eyes.

He really did not know.

He only knew that she was Anti, the Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts…

There seemed to be other mysterious identities, but he did not know them.

Morris said slowly, “I believe you’ve investigated her past too, right? Her records were blank during those five years overseas. Do you know what she did during that time?”

Justin held his gun and pulled a chair over to sit opposite Morris. He leaned forward slightly, his tall figure still very oppressive. “Captain Ford, I don’t know, but this doesn’t affect me from trusting her.”

Morris frowned. “Mr. Hunt, you’ve always been a law-abiding citizen. You’re not on the same path as her.”

Justin lowered his eyes. “Even if we’re not on the same path right now, we’ll eventually get there. Life has endless possibilities, right, Captain Ford?”

Seeing that he was unmoved, Morris did not get angry. Instead, he said, “You’ll never know how big the case she’s involved in is. Mr. Hunt, you better pray that she really went to the hospital. Otherwise, you’ve committed an unforgivable mistake this time!”

Justin lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Morris looked at the person beside him. “It has been half an hour. Ask the hospital. Has Miss Nora arrived?”

“Yes, Captain Ford!”

Morris’s subordinate walked to the side and made the call. “Did the suspect go to the hospital?”

The hospital had already set up a defense line. As long as Nora appeared, they would immediately arrest her.

The person guarding the hospital replied, “Report, no suspicious people have entered at the moment!”

The person had turned on the speaker when he made the call, so everyone heard him.

Morris looked at Justin. “Mr. Hunt, did you hear that?”

Justin smiled. “If your people could find her that easily, she won’t be Nora Smith.”

How could the Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts be easily caught?

Unexpectedly, the officer on the other end of the line suddenly said, “Mr. Joel, please cooperate with our investigation!”

Then, Joel’s calm voice said, “I’ll cooperate fully.”

“Okay. May I ask if Miss Nora is at the hospital?”

Joel was puzzled. “Isn’t she at the police station? Your Captain Ford doesn’t allow bail!”

The police officer said, “Mr. Joel, we’ve already received news that she escaped from jail. Her whereabouts are unknown now. Once she appears in the hospital, please contact us immediately!”

Joel immediately said in a deep but firm voice, “I’ll definitely cooperate with the investigation.”


The team leader left and said to his phone, “We’ve confirmed that the suspect hasn’t arrived at the hospital.”

Morris stared at Justin. “Mr. Hunt, do you still not believe me? Why don’t you take your gun away?”

Justin lowered his eyes and looked at the time. “Captain Ford, this place is about an hour away from the hospital. It has only been half an hour. What’s the rush? Why don’t we have a good chat? What was Yvette’s case back then? And what kind of case was my fiancée involved in?”

Morris was speechless.

The feeling of being detained by Justin and not being able to do anything was really infuriating!

In the hospital.

After the team leader finished talking to Joel, he brought a group of people to patrol the surroundings to search for Nora.

After he turned a corner, Joel looked at the storage room behind him.

This was the janitor’s work room. Usually, the broom and other things were kept here.

He looked around and confirmed that no one was around before opening the door.

Nora stood inside, leaning against the wall.

She had just sneaked into the hospital and was secretly avoiding the police when she saw Joel.

When their eyes met, Joel frowned. He was about to ask something when the team leader walked over.

Nora hid in this workroom.

She had originally thought that based on Joel’s personality, he might help the police arrest her. She did not expect him to help her.

From the looks of it, other than Yvonne, the rest of the Smiths didn’t seem to be that bad.

Nora nodded at Joel in thanks and was about to leave.

However, Joel grabbed her arm. “What are you doing here? Are you looking for me to help you arrange an escape route?”

Nora: “…”

Joel looked at the operating theater and said slowly, “Old Maddy can’t take it anymore. Your crime this time will probably be confirmed. Although Uncle Ian doesn’t like the Smiths breaking the law, I believe that he doesn’t want to see you go to jail like this either. Therefore, I will help if I can.”

“…” Nora’s lips twitched. “I’m not leaving.”

Joel was stunned. “Then your escape was…”

Nora looked at the operating theater. “I’m here to treat Old Maddy!”

Joel immediately frowned. “Nonsense! I’ve already gotten someone to send a message to Justin. I told him about the current situation. Only Anti can cure Old Maddy. Why are you here?”

Nora sensed something. “You got someone to send a message to look for Anti?”

“Yes. The Hunts have interacted with Anti, so only Mr. Hunt knows who Anti is.” Joel frowned tightly.

Nora curled her lips. “Who did you ask to send the message?”