She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 353 - Ridiculous Family

Chapter 353 - Ridiculous Family

Chapter 353: Ridiculous Family

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The surrounding police officers immediately looked at Nora. Just as they were about to rush over and restrain her, Justin’s calm voice sounded. “Captain Ford, if you dare to stop her, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Morris pursed his lips.

He did not move. His gaze was glued on Nora, still standing at the same spot. His eyes were filled with deep thoughts.

After a moment, he slowly said, “Let her go.”

With that, everyone around moved aside.

Nora clenched her hands into fists.

She never expected Justin to do such a thing for her.

Kidnapping Captain Ford was a serious crime!

In her opinion, her relationship with Justin involved only the two children!

Nora did not think further. She turned her head and walked out decisively.

She took a step and sped up. In the end, she ran out.

Morris stared at her, his eyes filled with anger. He sneered, “Mr. Hunt, do you know what you’re doing?”

Justin replied slowly, “I know.”

“Then do you know that the only way to get to the hospital from here is by driving a sports car?”

Justin continued, “I know.”

Morris smiled coldly. “Mr. JHunt, are you really so sure that she’s not guilty? And she’s going to the hospital? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll make you spend the rest of your life in prison if she escapes?”

Justin raised his eyebrows. “I believe her.”

These words made Morris pause.

After a moment, Morris lowered his eyes. “Do you know? My mother once said the same thing.”

Justin was a little taken aback. “What?”

Morris said calmly, “25 years ago, Yvette Anderson was suspected of murder. She deceived my mother in the name of treating a patient. Guess what happened after my mother let her out?”

Justin frowned.

Morris said slowly, “She ran away, and my mother was held accountable for her actions. Now, she has been disbanded and returned to the fields. What will happen to you, who has attacked a police captain because of Nora?”

Justin lowered his eyes, hiding his emotions. His voice was still calm and without any hesitation or doubt. “I told you, I trust her. Captain Ford, please cooperate for two hours.”

Morris sneered. “Even if I cooperate, do you think there are no other police officers in New York? Do you think she can really reach the hospital safely?”

Nora was escaping on her own.

The moment she left the police station, she would be seen by the other police officers in the special department. Then, she would become a wanted criminal!

At the entrance of the police station.

Four heads popped out from the back of a black car. They were Quentin, Louis, Warren, and Maureen.

The four of them stared nervously at the door.

Warren stammered, “Re-really? We’re breaking her out?”

Louis didn’t care. “That’s all we can do now. What else can we do?”

Warren: “This… this isn’t good, right? I haven’t made such a huge mistake before. Will Uncle Ian let us off?”

Louis sneered. “The three sons of the Smiths are all here. Why won’t he care about us?”

Warren paused and told the truth. “Other than Joel, Uncle Ian only looks at Quentin twice. Do the two of us have any weight in his eyes?”

Louis: “… Warren, can you not speak the truth right now?”


Quentin, who was listening to the two of them, twitched his lips and said coldly, “What are you afraid of?”

He controlled the dark forces and had been in tricky situations many times.

But actually, he was also panicking.

After all, the Smiths were all law-abiding citizens. Back then, when Uncle Ian handed over the underground power to him, he had only instructed him not to break the law.

What they did, what they investigated in secret, and who they protected were all at the edge of the law.

Could they do something so illegal like this?

As he was thinking about this, the police station suddenly became chaotic.

Everyone saw the police officer at the door suddenly take out a gun and enter the police station.

Maureen asked in fear, “What’s wrong?”

Louis hesitated as well. “Did Nora escape?”

Warren instantly patted his head. “Can you use your brain? With your cousin’s frail body, how could she have caused such a huge ruckus escaping from prison?”

Louis touched his head. “You’re right…”

With this sentence, Nora ran out of the police station.

The girl’s figure was thin, and the hair tie had fallen somewhere. At this moment, her beautiful hair was scattered behind her, she looked valiant and beautiful.

As she walked out the door, the police officers behind her followed, all of them pointing their guns at her.

Warren: “…”

Louis: “…”

Maureen: “…”

Nora was very anxious. The people behind her did not dare to chase after her. After all, Justin was still inside. However, if she left the police station and did not have a car, how could she drive to the hospital?

Her gaze suddenly swept across the parking lot.

Before she could see who it was, she suddenly heard Quentin shout, “Why isn’t this car locked? The car keys are inside!”

Nora followed his gaze and saw the familiar car parked there.

She immediately rushed over and opened the car door without a word. She jumped into the driver’s seat and stepped on the accelerator!


The car sped away.

The other police officers followed suit and chased after her in their police cars. The others followed after her as she left the police station.

Louis and Warren were stunned.

The two of them turned their heads again and saw that Quentin had disappeared. There was another car outside the door, blocking the pathway of the policemen and the cars following them.

Quentin was casually leaning against a car. He said, “Officers, why can’t I start my car?”

Louis: “…”

Warren: “…”

The two of them turned back and saw other police officers walking over. “What are you doing here? What’s your relationship with the fugitive?”

Louis and Warren looked at each other.

The two brothers suddenly said, “Officers, we’re here to call the police! That female fugitive was too fierce. She stole our car and ran away!”

The police officer: “…What were you here to report?”

“My brother hit me!”

“My brother hit me!”

The two of them looked at each other after saying that in unison.

“Yes, I hit him!”

“Yes, I hit him!”

After saying that in unison, the two of them were stunned. Then, they suddenly reached out and hit each other.

Maureen was speechless.

She touched her forehead. “Police officer, ignore them. We’re just here to visit someone. We didn’t expect our car to be snatched away the moment we got out of the car.”

The police officers were speechless.