She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 352 - Go!

Chapter 352 - Go!

Chapter 352: Go!

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Morris took out a document from his pocket and was about to unfold it for her to see when someone suddenly ran in.

He was wearing casual clothes. After entering, he ran straight to Morris. The man was panting from running. He held a blood report in his hand and said, “Captain Ford, we found abnormalities in Old Maddy’s blood!”

As soon as he said this, Morris’s pupils shrank. He stuffed the arrest warrant back into his pocket and took Old Maddy’s blood report. His gaze instantly became sharp.

He turned to look at Justin and moved the report in his hand before saying, “Mr. Hunt, we’ve detected an unknown component in Old Maddy’s blood. I have enough evidence to suspect that Miss Nora is involved in a deliberate murder. Now, do you have nothing to say?”

Justin narrowed his eyes and said slowly in a magnetic voice, “What right do you have to use unknown components as evidence of murder? Captain Ford’s evidence is too far-fetched!”

Morris said domineeringly, “Indeed, but there are further findings in the case. We can detain Miss Nora for another 24 hours. I believe that in 24 hours, our medical examiner will definitely be able to find out what this unknown component is and whether it’s Miss Nora’s doing. However, Miss Nora cannot be bailed out now!”

After saying this domineeringly, he waved his hand and the surrounding police officers slowly approached.

Justin frowned.

Nora also hesitated. “I didn’t use any medicine on him. You can verify this because every time I treat him, the butler is always at the scene. Now, if there’s an unknown component in his blood, I suspect that Old Maddy was poisoned by someone!”

She realized the seriousness of Old Maddy’s current condition.

When she was arrested in the morning, she thought that Old Maddy was reacting differently to the treatment, so she immediately arranged for Lily to return and take over the treatment.

But if there was an unknown component in his blood… Old Maddy was in danger!

She looked directly at Justin. “What’s the situation with Old Maddy now?”

Ever since she was detained, she had lost contact with the outside world.

When Justin came over, he had already sent the Hunts’ medical team to the hospital to help with the treatment. When he heard this, he called his medical team.

The call was picked up quickly, and the medical team’s nervous voice could be heard on the other end. “Mr. Hunt, we’ve already arrived at the hospital and looked at the patient. But we can’t find out the cause of the patient’s illness at all. Every organ in his body is rapidly failing. If this continues, the patient won’t live for long!”

He did not have much time left!

Justin immediately asked, “How long can you guys keep him alive?”

“Two hours,” the other party said. “We’ve communicated with the Smiths’ medical team. Currently, only Anti can treat this illness. If Anti can’t reach the hospital in half an hour, the patient might not be able to recover.”


Justin grabbed his phone, feeling anxious. Why didn’t the Smiths tell him about Anti when they informed him about this?

If they did, Nora would already be in the hospital now!

When his medical team arrived and discovered the problem, two hours had already been wasted!

Justin was furious. He knew that the Smiths had neglected Nora, but his expression was still terrifyingly calm at this moment. He replied, “I understand.”

After hanging up, Justin looked at Morris. “I’m sure you heard that only Anti can treat the patient now, so I have to take her to the hospital!”

Morris stood in front of him. “She has only been a doctor for five years, yet she already has the ability to solve problems that no one else can? I think this is all part of your plan. As soon as Miss Nora leaves the police station, she will be jointly arranged to leave the country by the Smiths and Hunts, right? Therefore, Miss Nora cannot leave!”

Justin was furious. “Are you going to be responsible if something happens to the patient?”

“I’ll be responsible.” Morris stubbornly widened his eyes.

Nora clenched her hands into fists.

It would probably take half an hour to get to the hospital from here.

Convincing this person in front of her now would probably take even more time.

Old Maddy could not die.

It was not that she could not wash herself clean after he died. After all, the unknown composition in his blood would be discovered sooner or later. Whoever had poisoned him could be found out.

However, Old Maddy knew her mother. She still wanted to treat his illness so that he could tell her what had happened to her mother back then!

Furthermore, if she had not wanted to treat Old Maddy, he would not have suffered such a disaster.

Nora took a deep breath and took a step forward slowly. Her aura changed at this moment. Her eyes were sharp and cold. “Captain Ford, are you letting me go or not?”

Morris frowned. The surrounding police officers also took out their pistols and aimed them at Nora.

Morris narrowed his eyes. “Miss Nora, this is a police station. I advise you not to act recklessly.”

Nora stared at him.

Just as she was about to explode, someone suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Nora was stunned. She turned around and saw Justin shaking his head at her. “This is a police station. You can’t fight your way out.”


Of course, Nora knew that she could not fight her way out, but it was not her style to just sit there and wait for Old Maddy to die!

She took a deep breath and was about to speak when Justin sighed. “Anyway, Captain Ford will be responsible for Old Maddy’s death, so it has nothing to do with you.”

Nora: “?”

She raised her eyebrows and was about to say something when Justin warned, “Don’t mess around.”

Nora: “!”

She was so angry that her head was about to explode.

However, the next moment, Justin suddenly attacked!

His movements were as fast as lightning. While the police had their guard down, he rushed in front of Morris.

Morris’ reaction was fast. He had been trained for many years and was already a top figure.

However, he was not as fast as Irvin School of Martial Arts’ Big Brother.

Irvin School of Martial Arts was famous for its speed! In all of the martial arts world, their disciples were the fastest!!

When he came back to his senses, the gun in his hand had already been snatched away by Justin and was pressed against his head.

“Don’t shoot!”

“Don’t move!”

The entire police station was instantly in chaos. All the police officers took out their guns and aimed them at Justin, while the bodyguards Justin had brought with him stood in front of him.

The bodyguards were unarmed and could only use their bodies to block him.

Morris was being threatened, but he was still calm. His voice was as steady as ever. “Mr. Hunt, what are you doing?”

Justin’s face was still cold. He lowered his eyes slightly. “Captain Ford, a life is at stake. I’m sorry.”

After saying this, he looked at an extremely stunned Nora and said, “Go!”