She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 351 - Secrets

Chapter 351 - Secrets

Chapter 351: Secrets

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Both the Hunts and the Smiths were powerful families. If one wanted to arrest anyone from the two families, they needed evidence. They weren’t allowed to just use a random excuse to detain them.

Their reason for detaining Nora today was medical malpractice.

However, given how they were still in the midst of trying to save Old Maddy, it was indeed too much to imprison his attending doctor.

Moreover, the doctor in question was even Justin’s fiancée.

The captain of the police station was already pacing back and forth nervously at the door.

He had Morris on one hand and Justin on the other. Neither of them was a person he could mess with. How was he supposed to wrap up the incident?

While he was thinking about it, Morris said aggressively, “My apologies, Mr. Hunt, but you are not allowed to take her with you until Old Maddy’s blood report is out.”

A blood report…

A puzzled Justin cast a glance at Nora. Nevertheless, he remained as aggressive as ever as he said, “I don’t care what you’re investigating, Captain Ford, I’m here to bail my fiancée out. If you can’t produce any evidence that she has committed a crime, then you have to let her go. I should think that my fiancée has the right to be released on bail! Or do you intend to deprive her of her rights as a citizen of the United States?”

His words shut Morris up.

Seeing that he couldn’t say anything anymore, Justin walked toward Nora and grabbed her hand. He said, “Captain Ford, if you have nothing else to say, then we’re leaving.”

However, Morris stopped them as the two reached the door. He looked at Nora firmly and said, “I repeat, Ms. Smith is not allowed to leave the police station until Old Maddy’s blood report is out!”

Justin frowned and took a step forward.

Morris immediately warned him coldly, “Mr. Hunt, you have always been a law-abiding model citizen! I am completely authorized to arrest Nora Smith. Are you planning to assault the police and break her out?”

Assaulting the police and breaking someone out… Both charges, no matter which, were extremely serious ones!

Justin sneered, “Just what exactly is happening—you detaining my fiancée for no reason, or me breaking her out?”

The two went head-to-head with each other! For a while, the interrogation room was filled with pin-drop silence.

Even though they didn’t do anything, everyone could nevertheless feel just how tense the two of them were. It was as if they would draw their guns the very next moment!

The captain of the police station rushed in and stood in between the two men at this point. He said, “Captain Ford, Mr. Hunt, calm down. Let’s calm down and talk it out…”

He looked at Morris and said, “Captain Ford, w-why don’t you show him the arrest warrant…? It would be terrible if Mr. Hunt really misunderstands!”

His words took both Nora and Justin by surprise.

An arrest warrant?

If an arrest warrant really existed, then Morris would be justified in detaining Nora!

But if he had an arrest warrant, then why hadn’t he presented it from the start?

Was he trying to keep the case he was investigating a secret? After all, the warrant would specify why exactly he was arresting Nora!!

While the two of them were musing, Morris let out a ‘hmph’. He stared at them for very long before he finally asked, “Are you sure you want to see the warrant?”

Justin didn’t speak. Instead, he looked at Nora.

Both of them had come to understand at this moment that Nora had indeed become involved in some kind of conspiracy. If they refrained from looking at the warrant, behaved, and waited for Old Maddy’s blood test results to be out and prove her innocence, then perhaps she would be able to extricate herself from the case.

But once they looked at the arrest warrant, they would become caught up in the case.


A case that Morris had set as Class SSS in confidentiality would undoubtedly be an extraordinary one.

Nora kept quiet for a moment before she said, “I’ll look at it.”

Her mother had told her a long time ago that she mustn’t reveal how talented she was because it would bring her trouble.

From the looks of it, this might be the origin of all the unknown danger and trouble she was in.

Morris frowned. After staring at her for a while, he finally put his hand in his pocket. Nora stared at him closely.

She knew that once he took out the arrest warrant, she would come to know all the secrets that her mother had hidden from her for so long.

She was very curious. Just what had made her mother run away from home and hide in California back then?